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Agra - Places And Attractions To See

Discussion in 'North India' started by ChaiNashta, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    As we all know, Agra is the world famous city due to TajMahal. There are so many places to visit in and around Agra besides TajMahal. The whole Agra will give you an amazing picture of the bygone Mughal era. You will see congested bazaars of the Old City and they will give you a new experience. I would suggest you to experience the village life as well. You can go on a day trip to Agra from Delhi as there are many private tours available. Hiring a taxi for the duration does not work out too costly either. If you ask me you would need atleast two full days to cover most of the attractions but if you want to cover Bharatpur bird sanctuary and Fatehpur Sikri then add another day and make it three full days.Let’s take a look at the places and attractions to see in Agra.

    • TajMahal

    TajMahal doesn’t need an introduction as it is one of the wonders of the world. You can feel the fairy-tale vibe when you look at it from the banks of Yamuna River. It boasts of a rich history dating back to 1630 AD. As you know, it is a tomb of MumtazMahal, the wife of famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He built this tomb as a symbol of his love. Fully made of marble, it took 22 years to completion. Approximately 20,000 workers worked on it.

    • Agra Fort

    This fort is one of the finest forts built by Mughals in India. It belonged to a Rajput clan initially and it was a brick fort back then. Mughals captured it later and Emperor Akbar rebuilt it. And in 1558, he shifted his capital there. You can find many building inside including palaces, courtyards, mosques, audience halls, etc. You will also be mesmerized by the evening sound and light show depicting the history of the Fort.

    • Memtabh Bagh

    If you are looking for an alternative view of the TajMahal, then you should head to the MemtabhBagh, “The Moonlight Garden”. It was built before TajMahal. This garden is on 25 acres and it is situated opposite to the TajMahal. Emperor Babur built this garden, who is also the founder of the Mughal Empire. It has been reconstructed after it fell into ruins. It is open till sunset. If you are a foreigner, you will have to pay 100 rupees entry cost.

    • Old City

    If you want to experience the real Agra then you should go to the old city. The old city still has the charm of old world. Situated behind Jama Masjid, you will find narrow lanes with many small shops selling clothes, spices, sarees, Jewellery, shows etc. You will also find many snack stalls there. The traditional arts and crafts are alive in this area if you take a look around. This market is called Kinari Bazaar and it is easy to get lost inside the market. I would suggest you to explore it on a guided tour.

    • Mughal Heritage Walk

    The Mughal Heritage Walk is a tourism initiative by Uttar Pradesh Government. This was implemented keeping the villagers in mind as they will be able to have an income from tourism activities. This 1km walk takes place on the banks of the river next to TajMahal and you will be going through the Kachhpura village. Also, you will be able to visit many lesser-known Mughal Era monuments in the village. You can also interact with the villagers during your walk. You will have to pay 1250 rupees for adults and 750 rupees for children.

    • Taj Nature Walk

    If you want to enjoy the nature then you should go for a Taj nature walk. You will find a reserve forest close to Fatehabad Road, 500 meters from the east gate of TajMahal. To enjoy the monument in a different light, this nature walk will be very helpful. You will find four main photo points here. You can also find 20 foot high watch towers on the way. There is total 9 kilometers walking trail and you can enjoy different views of TajMahal on the way. Also, the forested area is rich in terms of flora and fauna.

    • Wildlife SOS

    Agra Bear Rescue Centre is the perfect destination for all the animal lovers out there. It was set by Wildlife SOS. It is situated on 160 acres government land given by Uttar Pradesh Government. You can see hundreds of rescued sloth bears inside the rescue center. It is located on the Delhi-Agra road and it is open to visitors during the day. As far as the entry cost is concerned, if you are a foreigner, you will have to pay 500 rupees and if you are an Indian you need to pay 50 rupees. They also have an Elephant Conservation center nearby. You can spend time with rescued elephants there.

    • Korai Village

    Not so long ago Government introduced this rural tourism initiative. It is on the way to FatehpurSikri near Agra. It is not that far from the highway. And it is approximately 10 kilometers before FatepurSikri. This is actually a tribal village. The dancing sloth bears were the keepers of the inhabitants here. Ever since the bears were taken away, they have been struggling to meet ends as government didn’t pay compensation.

    • FatehpurSikri

    It is on the west side of Agra and you can reach there after 1 hour travel. This is a popular tourist destination. It was the Mughal capital in 16th century. Buland darwaza is one of its kind which is one of the gates of this fort. Fatehpur Sikri fort also has a beautiful palace and courtyard where the legendary singer Tan Sen used to sing on a platform in the middle of a water body. Akbar's Hindu queen's palace is also built beautifully along with a temple where she used to worship.

    • Itmad-Ud-Daulah

    This is the first Indian tomb to be made completely in marble. It reveals the new shift in Mughal architecture. It was constructed during Jahangir’s rule. It was constructed in the memory of MirzaGhiyas.

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    It is the first time I have heard of Mughal Heritage Walk, is there more detail on this as I have seen the ticket price it's Rs1250 which is quite costly?

  3. kk sharma

    kk sharma New Member

    Good post you shared about beautiful agra. taj mahal is one of the best things to see here. Its marble work is increasing its beauty.
  4. M Sen

    M Sen New Member

    Please can some more information about this Mughal Heritage Walk be posted. Thanks.