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Arnala beach resort entry fees

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by DarpanMittal, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. DarpanMittal

    DarpanMittal New Member

    I would like to take my children to the Arnala beach resort and need to find out what their entry fees are and what all is included in the ticket.

    I would like to stay near by the resort and be there for two days, does Arnala beach resort provide any packages as well?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    Arnala beach resort.jpg


    The Arnala Beach Resort is merely 400 metres away from the Arnala Public Beach. It is located close to other famous resorts in Virar West like Sagar Resort, Swagat Resort and Anand Resort. The Arnala Beach Resort is mainly a water park, with various fun swimming pools, slides and rides that families can enjoy. The resort has also partnered with Martin's Inn Hotel, to provide for accommodation options for guests who'd like to stay a night or two within the premises. Below, we would highlight the different entry fees and room rates of both the resort and the hotel for guests.

    The Arnala Beach Resort - Entry Fees

    Guest TypeRateInclusions
    Adult (Above 4.6 Feet)Rs. 555Entry + Access to Water Park + Buffet Lunch
    Child (Above 3.3 Feet)Rs. 444Entry + Access to Water Park + Buffet Lunch
    The table above highlights the entry fees for the Arnala Beach Resort. An adult, with a height above 4.6 feet, has to pay about Rs. 555 to enter the resort. On the other hand, a child, with height above 3.3 feet but not more than 4.6 feet, has to pay about Rs. 444 to enter the resort. The entry fees include entrance, access to the water park and a complimentary buffet lunch. The buffet is comprised of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

    The Arnala Beach Resort - Facilities

    Enjoy the lush greenery enveloping the resort, with many coconut trees that add to the beach vibe. The water park proper has an adult swimming pool and a separate children's swimming pool. The adult swimming pool has two long slides that can be enjoyed by the young at heart. The children's swimming pool has one wide slide and shallow waters for the safety of the little ones. There's also a rain dance area where you can enjoy the sprinkle of water along with the music playing.

    If ever the little ones get tired of swimming, there's a small children's play area. There are fun slides, swings and merry go rounds that they can ride. Adjacent to the children's play area is a bouncy play area where they can jump and run to their heart's content. It's the best place to unwind too for the adults because of the surrounding greenery in the play areas.

    The resort also has a dining hall slash restaurant where the buffet lunch is held. Other important facilities such as bathrooms, changing rooms, safety deposit lockers and car parking are also available. There's also a doctor on call in case emergencies occur that would need to expertise of a physician.

    The Arnala Beach Resort - Accommodation

    If you intend to stay for a night or two, there's the Martin's Inn Hotel, merely a minute of walking away from the resort. This hotel is also under the management of the Arnala Beach Resort. Though they don't have packages, they do have room rates and once you book a room, you can access the Arnala Beach Resort as well. Plus, Martin's Inn Hotel has their own swimming pool too which is a bit more private and secluded than the ones in the Arnala Beach Resort.

    Martin's Inn Hotel Tariffs

    Room TypeTariffMaximum Persons Per RoomInclusions
    Superior Double RoomRs. 3,0002Room + Access to Hotel Facilities + Access to Arnala Beach Resort (Water Park) + Breakfast
    Executive Double RoomRs. 3,5002Room + Access to Hotel Facilities + Access to Arnala Beach Resort (Water Park) + Breakfast
    SuiteRs. 4,5002Room + Access to Hotel Facilities + Access to Arnala Beach Resort (Water Park) + Breakfast
    These are the room tariffs of the Martin's Inn Hotel in Arnala Beach Resort. You can choose from three types of rooms, namely, Superior Double Room, Executive Double Room and Suite. Rates are very affordable, especially since the hotel has very modern facilities and has well-maintained rooms plus surroundings. The tariffs already include access to the water park, access to the facilities of the hotel and a buffet breakfast. All rooms also have a balcony facing either the sea or the garden, so you can enjoy the views while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. Modern amenities like air-conditioning, television, telephone and mini-bar are also included in the rooms.


    The Arnala Beach Resort is one of the oldest resorts close to the Arnala Beach. Their very affordable rates, warm hospitality, variety of facilities and location make them a prime choice for tourists who want to visit the Arnala Beach. Aside from their entry fees, they also have room options, in the name of the Martin's Inn Hotel, that one can choose from. I hope this helps you!