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Cheapest Taxi In Delhi?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by nemanjanp, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. nemanjanp

    nemanjanp New Member

    Since almost everywhere there are so called private taxi drivers who usually prey on tourists and price 3x times than the average taxi price, im wondering what's a reliable taxi company/number in Delhi?
    Also, im wondering how common the example above is in India? And how should the tourists avoid those type of taxi drivers?

    Little bit off-topic, but: How common are pocket thievies in India on the streets and public transport? Do people need to be really careful in some specific places? For an example, pocket thieves are really common and dangerous on Charles Bridge in Prague.

  2. Delirium

    Delirium Member

    Personally I would really suggest to not aim for the 'cheapest taxi'. I feel like they're extremely shady and if it was to me I would avoid them at all cost. The reason would be pickpockets and robbery in general, which would bring me to your next question. I believe pickpockets is quite the problem in India, especially in public transports. In buses (and other forms of public transportation you can stand in), they bump into you and steal from you. You won't even notice because it's usually very crowded and you'd just think that it was another person bumping into you. Keep your guard up at all times. In taxis though, I've heard stories where the drivers bring you into shady alleys and then pull a knife or a gun on you. Once you give them your money, they throw you out and drive away. Pretty sure they like natives more than us foreigners since we generally carry more money in our pocket.

    I like to play safe and to be honest I can be quite paranoid, so I'd much prefer getting the hotel to call the taxi and pay a little bit more. That's the only way I can trust taxis in Asia (with the exception of very rich and developed countries like Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc).
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  3. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Member

    I would also avoid the cheaper services, they can be risky. I always take a good look at my driver, and the condition of his vehicle before I enter a taxi, they can both be good indicators of how reliable the service is. Always get someone whos local at your hotel or place of business to call your ride for you, they will know the best option and it should never be a problem. As for pick-pockets, they are in India in the same way that they are everywhere. Never leave your wallet in a back pocket and don't wave cash about in public. Ladies need to keep a tight grip on bags when in crowded places too and everyone needs to be alert when in a big city, no matter where it is, theives are everywhere, and tourists with no knowledge of the local area will always be an easy target.
  4. sillyllucy

    sillyllucy Member

    To address the second half of your post, I think it is pretty common for pick pockets. Most people can spot that you are new to town and they will definitely target you.
  5. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Usually before I travel to a new place, I try and search online for reputable taxi companies in whatever city I'll be in. Often, when I do a search for reputable companies, I also find lists of companies to avoid because of shady/unsafe practices. In this day and age with information sharing done so freely, and with information being so accessible online, there's usually a wealth of stuff to guide you in the right direction.
  6. traveltipsindia

    traveltipsindia New Member

    Hi Nemanjanp,
    As you mentioned that taxi drivers are charging 3x in Delhi. Why you are hiring from local place. Now in Delhi lots of online Cab provider who charged near about 10 INR to 15 INR depend on vehicle class per kilometre only. Some are Meru Cab, Ola Cab, Quick Cab you can book these cabs online or on phone.A

    This website also provide Road Map, Travel Time, Driving Direction, Road Distance and many more at free of cost. i hope this will help you when you will in India.