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Delhi Rides Amusement Park entry fees

Discussion in 'North India' started by PankajK, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. PankajK

    PankajK New Member

    Hello everyone, I have joined this forum today to find out more about the Delhi Rides Amusement Park. There is no official site for the park, so I considering asking my queries on the forum.

    The main question I have is what the Delhi Rides Amusement Park entry fees are?

    Is it a pay per ride system or a one payment entry and unlimited usage of rides?

    Does the park have a water park aswell?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    What is the Delhi Rides?

    The Delhi Rides is a theme park within the city limits of Delhi. It is home to the highest ferris wheel in India which is also counted amongst the highest ferris wheels of the world. Delhi Rides has both dry rides and water rides in its premises. Its location makes it easily accessible for locals of the Delhi NRC area, including localities of Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad. In itself, Delhi Rides is not a huge theme park but has the features to make it an enjoyable getaway for mainly families and friends. For foreigners, Delhi Rides is an amazing place to unwind and relax after a busy day or two of touring the city. With complete facilities and a scenic view to boast of, Delhi Rides won't disappoint the city dwellers who just want to find a place of a different atmosphere from the usual.

    Where is the Delhi Rides Located in Delhi?

    Delhi Rides is located at the southeastern side of Delhi, on the banks of the Yamuna River. Specifically, it can be found in Okhla, just next to the Kalindi Kunj Park. It is in fact an extension of this park so you can combine a day trip for the two attractions. If you're coming from Delhi with your own vehicle, just take the National Highway 44 or Mahatma Gandhi Road. It is directly connected to the Mathura Road and from there, take the Road Number 13A, where you can find the Delhi Rides just off the Kalindi Kunj Road. The nearest metro station is the Jasola Apollo Metro Station, under four kilometres from the theme park. It is a part of the Violet Line of the Delhi Metro and is connected to various parts of the city via train. The Kalindi Kunj Bus Stop is just 10 minutes of walking away as well from the property. DTC Bus No. 454 from New Delhi Railway Station directly reaches this bus stop. There are many more buses from various points in the city that reach this bus stop so transportation won't be an issue at all.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Delhi Rides?

    Delhi Rides stands next to the Kalindi Kunj which means you can breathe some fresh air while in here. The picturesque Yamuna River is at the backdrop of any ride here as well. Trees and shrubs are abundant all around the theme park. The contrasting colours of the rides, very vibrant and vivid, are pleasing to the eyes, especially to the little ones. The small water rides section is neatly maintained, with well-paved paths and clear water. In a way, the Delhi Rides has a soothing vibe, more so on quiet weekdays. It's as if you are not on a part of the city, with the scenic river backdrop and the nearby garden. The only way to see the surrounding skyscrapers is to ride the ferris wheel here, yet another stunning attraction of the theme park.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park of Delhi Rides?


    The attractions in the Amusement Park are more appropriate for children and families. They are not adrenaline-pumping or thrilling but delightful enough to keep the little ones occupied for a short while. A favourite here is the Family Train, which is not just an attraction, it's a convenient way of getting around the park. It can accommodate both the young and the old that's why it's popular amongst all guests. Also not missing is the classic Bumper Cars, where you can drive past rules and all regulations. The Dragon Ride is a good spinning ride amidst a friendly-looking dragon cabin while the Swing Chair lets you feel the breeze amidst higher surroundings.

    If you have teens in your family, don't fret, there are some more exciting rides that they can enjoy here. The Ranger is their version of the pendulum ride though instead of just one cabin attached upon a central axis, this attraction has two cabins attached upon a central axis. This is your dose of thrill as the ride takes various angles just like a pendulum, even inverting the riders at a time. The Frisbee is another thrilling attraction where riders are placed into a disc-like platform and swung back and forth, just like a pendulum, while the disc keeps on rotating. We can also classify the height-defying Delhi Eye here, which is India's highest ferris wheel. Even at the peak of summer you won't feel the heat here as the cabins all have air conditioning. The ride lasts for about 30 minutes as you traverse the almost 18-storey high ferris wheel that can give you a panoramic view of Delhi.

    There's also a designated Kids Zone with a few smaller rides and coin-operated games that the little ones can enjoy. For the youngsters, Game Zone is the place for them, with an assortment of video games to keep them busy. Enjoy the very futuristic 6D Theatre, where not only your eyesight would be treated to a visually captivating film but all your senses would also be involved enough to keep you wanting more. Still craving for more? There's the Mirror House, where you have to find your way amidst confusing mirrors, Bull Ride, a classic bull riding game turned into a mechanised attraction, and Horror House, where you have to brave the scary characters to find the exit of the attraction.

    What are the Attractions in the Water Park of Delhi Rides?


    As compared to the Amusement Park, the Water Park is just small and has one main swimming pool. This swimming pool has several sections which has different features. One section is the Kids Pool which has very shallow water, just knee deep, and there's a central play area where the slides and climbing stairs can be found. There are sprinkling water and tilting buckets in this central play area. Slides vary, from open straight ones, open spiral ones and even a funky cone-shaped one. On the other section, just behind the central play area, you would find the Adults Pool. While it also has shallow water, the slides here are steeper and higher. There's a long and narrow open slide, plus two tube slides that have curves and spirals. The last section is devoid of any slides, further to the northern side of the swimming pool. A separate Rain Dance area can also be found here where guests can dance and enjoy the sprinkling water at the same time.

    What are the Facilities in Delhi Rides?

    There is ample parking space just outside the entrance of Delhi Rides. Various food stalls are installed in different areas of the theme park as well. Lockers can be rented by visitors too for the safekeeping of their valuables. Bathrooms are available near prominent attractions of the theme park. Changing rooms are available in the water rides area, with separate section for males and females. For special events, Delhi Rides has different venues for it. There are indoor halls as well as outdoor lawn areas for conventions or parties. For the seniors, there are ample seating areas spread around both the dry rides and wet rides area.

    What are the Entry Fees for Delhi Rides?

    The entry fees for Delhi Rides include access to both the Amusement Park and the Water Park. However, the Delhi Eye, 6D Theatre and Game Zone are chargeable attractions and are not yet included in the entry fees. Entry fees differ for different types of guests, also whether you visit during weekdays or weekends. Entry fees do not include any meals or beverages yet so you have to add those into your budget planning. You can ride the attractions as much as you'd like with these entry fees.

    Entry Fees for Delhi Rides

    Guest TypeWeekday Entry Fee (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Entry Fee (Saturdays to Sundays)Inclusion/s
    ChildRs. 500Rs. 600Access to Amusement Park (Except Delhi Eye) + Access to Water Park
    AdultRs. 600Rs. 700Access to Amusement Park (Except Delhi Eye) + Access to Water Park
    CoupleRs. 1,000Rs. 1,200Access to Amusement Park (Except Delhi Eye) + Access to Water Park
    SeniorRs. 200Rs. 200Access to Amusement Park (Except Delhi Eye) + Access to Water Park
    How Much Does it Cost to Ride the Delhi Eye in Delhi Rides?

    The prime attraction of Delhi Rides is the Delhi Eye, an 18-storey ferris wheel that provides for a wonderful view of the city. It is not included in the entry fee and you need to pay a set fee of Rs. 250 per person to ride it. So regardless of the age of the guest, if he or she wants to ride the Delhi Eye, then this set fee has to be paid. With it, you can enjoy a 30-minute ride in an air-conditioned cabin in the ferris wheel.

    Charges for Delhi Eye

    Guest TypeDelhi Eye ChargeInclusion/s
    ChildRs. 2501 Session Ride for Delhi Eye
    AdultRs. 2501 Session Ride for Delhi Eye
    CoupleRs. 2501 Session Ride for Delhi Eye
    SeniorRs. 2501 Session Ride for Delhi Eye
    Are There Any Offers or Packages for Delhi Rides?

    There are some packages that the management offers to specific guests. For instance, school students that arrive in groups can avail of the School Package. The entry fee per head would be discounted and they even have the option of adding on meals for additional charges. For families, Delhi Rides offers a Membership Package too. With this package, you can access the theme park at any time of the year, as many times as you'd like, you only need to pay for a yearly fee.

    School Package for Delhi Rides

    Package TypeEntry Fee Per HeadInclusions
    School Package OnlyRs. 250Welcome Drink + Access to Amusement Park + Access to Water Park
    School Package with SnacksRs. 350Welcome Drink + Access to Amusement Park + Access to Water Park + Snacks (Burger, Pastry, Chips Etc.)
    School Package with Lunch 1Rs. 400Welcome Drink + Access to Amusement Park + Access to Water Park + Lunch (Dal, Chole, Roti, Rice, Ice Cream Etc.)
    School Package with Lunch 2Rs. 500Welcome Drink + Access to Amusement Park + Access to Water Park + Lunch (Dal, Paneer, Aloo, Biryani, Paratha, Roti, Salad, Ice Cream Etc.)
    School Package with 6D TheatreRs. 350Welcome Drink + Access to Amusement Park (Including 6D Theatre) + Access to Water Park
    Membership Package for Delhi Rides

    Package TypeDescriptionRate Per YearInclusions
    Membership PackageFamily (2 Adults and 2 Kids)Rs. 5,000Access to Amusement Park + Access to Water Park (All Throughout the Year)
    *Note - Delhi Eye, 6D Theatre and Game Zone are not included in normal entry fees.

    What are the Timings of Delhi Rides?

    Delhi Rides remains operational all-year round, from January to December. It generally opens at around 11:00 in the morning and closes at around 20:00 in the evening daily. Ticket counters close at around 19:00 or an hour before closing time.

    Timings of Delhi Rides

    CategoryDescriptionOpening TimeClosing Time
    WeekdaysMondays to Fridays11:0020:00
    WeekendsSaturdays to Sundays11:0020:00
    What is the Verdict?

    You don't need to travel too far away from the city of Delhi to find a suitable fun destination for your family. Right at the city limits, accessible by Delhi Metro or DTC bus, is the Delhi Rides. It's the best theme park that you can find within short distance from your home. With an assortment of dry rides and fun rides, you can now satisfy your kid's request about getting out of the house even just once in a while. Marvel in the beauty of the city with the tallest ferris wheel ride that India has to offer. There's more and lots that you can do here, rest assured that all would be equal to delight. Enjoy!