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How To Calculate Taxi Fare In Kolkata?

Discussion in 'West Bengal' started by Krug, Nov 1, 2023.

  1. Krug

    Krug New Member

    How can one calculate the taxi fare in Kolkata, including details on the fare structure, factors that influence the final fare, and any additional charges that may apply when using taxi services in the city?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    To calculate taxi fare in Kolkata, you can follow these guidelines:

    1. Metered Taxis: In Kolkata, metered taxis are the most common mode of transportation. They have a fare meter installed, and the fare is calculated based on the distance traveled and the waiting time (if applicable).

    2. Initial Fare: The taxi meter starts with an initial fare, which covers the first kilometer or a fraction of it. This initial fare varies slightly depending on the type of taxi (e.g., white taxis, yellow taxis, or radio cabs).

    3. Distance Fare: After the initial fare, the meter calculates the fare based on the distance traveled. The rate per kilometer may differ for different types of taxis and may also vary during the day and night.

    4. Waiting Time: If the taxi is stuck in traffic or waiting for you, there may be an additional charge for waiting time. This charge is typically calculated on a per-minute basis.

    5. Additional Charges: In Kolkata, there might be extra charges for services like luggage handling or using toll roads. These charges are usually specified on the taxi's rate card.

    6. Night Charges: Some taxis have a higher fare during the night, generally applicable from around 10 PM to 6 AM. The night fare is typically higher than the daytime fare.

    7. Rounding Up: Taxi fare is usually rounded up to the nearest rupee. For example, if the meter shows INR 72.60, it may be rounded up to INR 73.

    8. Tips: While tipping is not mandatory, it's customary to tip the taxi driver if you are satisfied with the service. Typically, rounding up the fare or offering a small amount as a tip is appreciated.

    9. Rate Cards: Most taxis in Kolkata are required to have rate cards displayed in the vehicle. These rate cards provide information on the fare structure and any additional charges.
    It's essential to pay the fare as indicated on the taxi's meter. Make sure the driver resets the meter at the beginning of your journey. If you have any concerns about the fare or the meter reading, you can note the taxi's license number and report it to the local authorities.

    Keep in mind that the fares may vary among different taxi operators and types of taxis. It's advisable to check the rate card and confirm the fare with the driver before starting your journey.