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Multiple entry Indian tourist visa for American citizen

Discussion in 'Visa and Passport' started by sean442, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. sean442

    sean442 New Member

    Is it difficult for an American to get multiple entry Indian tourist visa? Here is my plan: fly to India and stay for 2 weeks, then fly to Pakistan on a tourist visa for 1 week, and then return to India and fly back to US. What are the conditions or terms of multiple entry Indian visa and how much does that cost? And how difficult it is to get approval on same?

    I know there is some tension between India and Pakistan so if it is not a practical plan then, please advise what can be done

  2. Aadi

    Aadi Member

    It's not at all difficult for an American to get multiple entry Indian visa but if you are visiting Pakistan then you might face some tough or extended security checks because we do not have very good relations and history with Pakistan. Why do you want to visit Pakistan, something really urgent or just like that? If it is not very important then I will suggest you to skip it this time and do it when you plan Afghanistan.