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On arrival visa for Indian passport

Discussion in 'Visa and Passport' started by MansiMalhotra, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. MansiMalhotra

    MansiMalhotra New Member

    I would like to find out what countries provide an on arrival visa for Indian passport holders. I wish to go on holiday somewhere with my parents and I wanted to see what countries this is available, if any seem good enough I would start making some travel plans.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

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    Travelling usually means planning everything, from the itinerary, hotels and up to the transportation options. Of course, prior to all of this planning, the most important part is knowing whether the country you're visiting requires visitors to obtain a visa before entering their territory. The tricky part is that some countries have very strict visa policies. Fortunately though, there are many countries who have lenient visa policies for Indians. Some only require your passport, a return ticket and proof of hotel bookings, then you're good to go. With such requirements, you have the designated visa on arrival policy, which means you can enter their country easily without any hassles. Some countries even have friendly relations with India, enough to allow a visa-free entry. In this guide, we would highlight these countries that allow a visa on arrival and a visa-free entry for Indians.

    Countries with Visa on Arrival and Visa-Free Entry for Indian Passport Holders

    CountryVisa PolicyDays (Maximum)Other Information
    BhutanVisa Free7 Days (Can be Extended up to 3 Weeks)Entry Permit can be Obtained in Phuentsholing or Thimpu (Required Passport or Voter's ID)
    BoliviaVisa on Arrival90 DaysEntry must be at La Paz Santa Cruz Airport with Fee of 55 USD (Land Entry Requires Prior Visa Application)
    CambodiaVisa on Arrival30 DaysEntry by Air (Siem Reap or Phnom Penh) or by Land (Border Points) with Passport, Photograph and Fee of 30 USD
    Cape VerdeVisa on Arrival90 DaysCan be Obtained on Sal, Bao Vista, Sao Vicente or Santiago for Fee of 43 USD
    ComorosVisa on Arrival45 Days (Can be Extended)Fees of 50 USD for Short Stay and 255 USD for Long Stay
    DominicaVisa Free6 MonthsRequired Passport and Return Ticket
    East TimorVisa on Arrival30 DaysCan be Obtained by Air (Comoro Airport) or by Sea (Dili Sea Port) for Fee of 30 USD
    EcuadorVisa Free90 DaysRequired Passport, Return Ticket and Proof of Funds
    El SalvadorVisa Free90 DaysMust Obtain a Tourist Card Upon Arrival on El Salvador with Fee of 10 USD
    EthiopiaVisa on Arrival30 Days to 3 MonthsMust Pay Fee at Addis Ababa Bole Airport (50 USD for 30 Day-Stay and 70 USD for 3-Month Stay)
    FijiVisa Free4 to 6 MonthsVisitor Permit on Arrival with Stay of up to 4 Months but can be Extended for 6 Months
    GrenadaVisa Free3 MonthsCan be Extended in Immigration Office at Grenada
    Guinea BissauVisa on Arrival90 DaysFee of 66 USD (Yellow Fever Vaccination Required)
    GuyanaVisa on Arrival30 DaysInvitation Letter from Sponsor Required or Proof of Funds (Fee of 25 USD Upon Arrival)
    HaitiVisa Free3 MonthsMust Pay Fee of 10 USD Upon Arrival
    IndonesiaVisa Free30 DaysCan Enter by Land or By Sea But Selected Entry Areas Only
    JamaicaVisa Free6 MonthsRequired Passport, Proof of Funds and Return Ticket
    JordanVisa on Arrival (With Conditions)7 to 14 DaysStay of at Least 3 Days with Jordan Pass (99 USD) or Stay Within 14 Days with at Least 1,000 USD/Day Plus Fee of 46 USD
    LaosVisa on Arrival30 DaysFee of 40 USD on Arrival
    MadagascarVisa on Arrival30 DaysFee of 33 USD for 30-Day Stay and 41 USD for 60-Day Stay
    MalawiVisa on Arrival90 DaysFee of 75 USD on Arrival
    MaldivesVisa Free90 DaysRequired Passport, Return Ticket, Confirmed Hotel Booking and at Least 150 USD per Person per Day
    Marshall IslandsVisa on Arrival90 DaysMay Require Health Clearance Along with Valid Passport (Fee of 100 USD)
    MauritaniaVisa on Arrival30 to 90 DaysMust Arrive at Nouakchott Airport (Fee of 120 USD for 30-Day Stay and 160 USD for 90-Day Stay)
    MauritiusVisa Free60 DaysRequired Passport, Confirmed Hotel Booking or Sponsor, Return Ticket and Proof of Funds
    MicronesiaVisa Free30 DaysEntry Permit Required for Visitors Staying More than 30 Days
    NepalVisa FreeNo LimitIndian Citizens can Stay as Long as They Like in Nepal Because of the Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship
    PalauVisa on Arrival30 DaysCan be Extended for 60 Days for 50 USD or for 90 Days for Another 50 USD
    Saint Kitts and NevisVisa Free3 MonthsRequired Passport and Proof of Funds
    Saint LuciaVisa on Arrival6 WeeksRequired Fee of 37 USD on Arrival
    Saint Vincent and The GrenadinesVisa Free1 MonthRequired Fee of 13 USD on Arrival
    SamoaEntry Permit on Arrival60 DaysCan be Extended at Immigration Office
    SenegalVisa Free90 DaysNo Fees Required
    SeychellesEntry Permit on Arrival3 MonthsNo Fees Required
    Sri LankaElectronic Travel Authorisation30 DaysMust be Applied Online but ETA on Arrival is Also Possible (More Expensive at 35 USD)
    SurinameTourist Card on Arrival90 DaysArrival Either at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for Fee of 32 USD or Johan Adolf Pengel Airport for Fee of 35 USD
    TanzaniaVisa on Arrival3 MonthsRequired Fee of 50 USD (Yellow Fever Vaccination Might be Handy)
    ThailandVisa on Arrival15 DaysEntry by Land or Air (Fee of 1,000 Thai Baht)
    TogoVisa on Arrival7 DaysExtension of up to 90 Days Possible
    Trinidad and TobagoVisa Free90 DaysFees Might be Required
    TuvaluVisa on Arrival1 MonthRequired Visa Fee of 100 USD
    UgandaVisa on Arrival3 MonthsRequired Visa Fee of 50 USD
    VanuatuVisa Free30 DaysRequired Passport and Return Tickets
    A total of 43 countries have visa on arrival and visa-free policies for Indian passport holders. Some require a fee though so make sure you check out the list carefully and also find out from the immigration website proper of the country what might be the other requirements. Further, certain countries have designated land or airport areas from which you can obtain visa-free or visa on arrival entry. Always bring your passport with you, though countries like Bhutan and Nepal also allow other identification proofs aside from passport.


    On the other hand, there are also some territories that require different visa policies for Indian passport holders. These territories might be disputed ones or those islands off isolated regions in the vast ocean. Other islands are territories of the British that are off the Indian ocean. Other territories are part of larger countries like South Korea or China, but has different visa policies because they can be accessed directly. In this next guide, we would highlight which of these territories have visa on arrival and visa-free entry for Indian passport holders.

    Territories with Visa on Arrival and Visa-Free Entry for Indian Passport Holders

    Territory (Region)Visa PolicyDays (Maximum)Other Information
    Saint Helena (Africa)Visitor's Pass Required183 DaysRequired Fee of 18 USD or 17 Euros
    Reunion (Africa)Visa Free (With Condition)15 DaysMust have Tour with a Government-Approved Travel Agency
    Macau (Asia)Visa Free30 DaysRequired Return Ticket, Passport, Proof of Funds and Foreign Currency or International Card
    Palestine (Asia)Visa Free (With Condition)90 DaysIf Reached via Border Point with Jordan
    Jeju Island (Asia)Visa Free30 DaysProvided Visitor Arrives Directly at Jeju Island
    British Virgin Islands (Caribbean)Visa Free30 DaysCan be Extended for Another Month with Permission from Immigration
    Montserrat (Caribbean)Visa Free6 MonthsMultiple Entry Electronic Visa Can be Obtained Online
    Turks and Caicos Islands (North Atlantic)Visa Free90 DaysSubject to the Discretion of Immigration Officer
    Cook Islands (Oceania)Visa Free31 DaysCan be Extended for up to 6 Months
    Niue (Oceania)Visa on Arrival30 DaysCan be Extended Through Local Immigration
    Pitcairn Islands (Oceania)Visa Free14 DaysLonger Stays Need Visa
    AntarcticaVisa FreeFew Hours by Sea or Air OnlyThough Visa is not Required for Antarctica, Other Countries En Route or From Boarding Point Require a Visa
    These are all the other territories that have visa on arrival or visa-free entry for Indian passport holders. There are caveats though so make sure you read accordingly. For instance, entry to Reunion is visa free, an island nation off the Indian Ocean, to the southwestern side of Mauritius. However, you need to have connections with a valid government-approved tour agency prior to reaching the island. Or for instance, Antarctica, though it doesn't have any visa policies, you need to apply for visa for the boarding point you would be reaching to access the remote continent. In some territories, you also cannot exceed the maximum days of visit or else you would need to pay penalty fees or be subjected to their laws.


    These are all the countries and territories that you can visit without a visa and with your Indian passport on hand. Make sure though that you bring the required documents, usually your itinerary, confirmed hotel booking, return ticket and proof of sufficient funds. Aside from that, make sure you know the maximum days that you can stay in the country or territory you're visiting. Also a must is to know which border points or airport areas allow for visa-free or visa on arrival entry, as this usually varies by country. Some countries also require for medical health clearance or vaccination certificates as part of the visa-free or visa on arrival facility.

    I hope this helps you!:)