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Science City Kolkata entry fees

Discussion in 'West Bengal' started by Shri1980, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Shri1980

    Shri1980 New Member

    I am going to my hometown in Kolkata later this month, and when I get there, my nephews and nieces are waiting for me to take them out somewhere.

    This time they want to go some places different rather than water parks, so I have researched, and Science City seems like a good place to take them.

    The information which I would like to know is the Science City entry fees, please provide details about the entry fees and give an idea how long it would take to explore the place.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    Science City Kolkata.jpg
    (Images from Biswarup and Science City)

    What is Science City in Kolkata?

    Science City is a base for learning more about science in a fun and enjoyable way. It was established in 1997 by the National Council of Science Museums or NCSM. Since its inception, it has become one of the main landmarks of the city. For students, a visit to the Science City can fill in the gaps in school learning that sometimes occurs due to the lack of imaginative teaching. For adults, a visit to the Science City can make them reminisce about their childhood days and at the same time, let them learn more about the vagaries in science and technology nowadays. For the families, it's a unique bonding experience where they can have fun whilst learning a bit more about the past and the future of science. In a way, Science City is an attraction that fits all ages, from the youngest of the family, to the oldest of the family.

    Where is Science City Located in Kolkata?

    Science City is located at the southeastern side of Kolkata, about eight kilometres from its centre. Specifically, it is just off the JBS Haldane Avenue, four minutes of walking away from the Mirania Lake. If you have your own vehicle, just take the Beliaghata Main Road, then the National Highway 12 and then take the exit before JBS Haldane Avenue. The nearest railhead is the Park Circus Railway Station, under four kilometres away from Science City. There are passenger trains from Sealdah Railway Station in Kolkata to this station. You can just hire a taxi or auto rickshaw to reach the Science City from it. The nearest bus stop is the Science City Bus Stop, just a walking distance from Science City. There are direct buses from various points in Kolkata to this bus stop like Bus No. AC-14 from Karunamoyee, Bus No. AC-41 from Kona Highway and Bus No. AC-47 from Tollygunj.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Science City in Kolkata?

    The overall vibe of Science City is informative yet appealing. It has this mixture of the old world charm and the modern world formality. From the outside, it is teeming with unending greenery and the buildings blend well with the surroundings because of the sandstone facade. From the inside, the exhibits are not just educational but also alluring. The principles of science, the illusions and even the animal exhibits make you learn something without getting bored. That's not all, there's a theatre as well as an electric car ride amidst the past that would surely pique the interest of the young explorers. To visit Kolkata without spending some time in Science City is like a missing a big part of the heritage of the city already.

    What are the Attractions in Science City in Kolkata?

    We can divide Science City into three sections: the Science Centre, the Science Park and the Convention Centre. Of the three, the former two are opened for tourism while the latter is usually rented for special events or seminars. The Science Centre occupies its own area, distinct from the Convention Centre. Just outside of it is the outdoor Science Park, which is a newer addition to the complex. Most of the exhibits and shows are displayed in the Science Centre and we can further subdivide it into other sections for convenience purposes.

    There is the Earth Exploration Hall, which is easy to located because of its dome-shaped structure. This hall is a two-storeyed building, with a giant model of the Earth at the middle of it. The upper level of the building is dedicated to the northern side of the hemisphere and the lower level of the building is dedicated to the souther side of the hemisphere. In this hall, you can learn more about the various natural phenomena that wreaks havoc on the world. Also in this section, the geology, landscapes and wildlife living in the Earth are discussed, along with interactive exhibits and more.

    Next is the Space Odyssey, which as the name suggests, is a journey into the universe. Unfortunately, right now, the Space Theatre is in renovation and is closed until further notice. There are other attractions here that you can explore though like the 3D Theatre showcasing the Journey to Space, a documentary film about the future of space exploration, including the possibility of humans living on Mars. The Time Machine is a mini rollercoaster ride that has physical effects which you can also enjoy. Don't forget to find your way across the confusing Mirror Maze which would be a huge accomplishment in itself.

    Then you have the Dynamotion Hall, the structure with the spiral design. This is one of the most interactive sections of Science City where you can be exposed to science concepts via dioramas and hands-on models. Physical Science is where the hands-on exhibits are displayed such as the infinity well, the dark tunnel and the aqua mobile. Illusions showcases various images that somehow tricks the eyes of the viewer, highlighting the principle that motion and positioning can affect one's perception of things. The Powers of Ten is a panel-based exhibit where both micro and macro objects of the Earth are discussed whilst the visitor zooms in or out using technology-based gadgets. Also included in this section is the Science Show, series of interactive experiments on basic science principles, and Nano Lab, a new addition where guests can learn about nano technology or even possibly research on the subject during their free time. Science on a Sphere is another newer addition in Science City. It mainly showcases the various phenomena and geology of the Earth on a projected screen upon a replica of the globe. Also included in this section is the following: Biodiversity, Butterfly Enclave and Aquarium.

    With its ship-like facade, you also can't miss the Maritime Centre. This hall houses the artefacts and information about the maritime field. It also has smaller replicas of famous vessels in history. Last but definitely not the least is the Science Exploration Hall, with various exhibits on the natural history of the world. The Evolution of Life is a dark ride amidst the pre-historic era of the world, where you would be taken through a ride amidst large dinosaurs that once inhabited the Earth. Other exhibits here are the Human Evolution (Digital Panorama), Heritage of India and Emerging Technologies.

    The next section is the Science Park, which is an outdoor hall where guests can enjoy the lush greenery amidst the maze-like shrubs. This area has fun rides for the little ones like the Cable Car and Toy Train. The Mono Rail Cycle is a thrilling sky cycle activity that can give you a panoramic view of the surroundings. Other child-friendly rides are the Caterpillar Ride and Gravity Coaster. Aside from that, there's a Children's Play Area with some slides and climbing ramps where kids can enjoy. There are also science exhibits here that one can learn from plus a Butterfly Nursery which can help you understand the cycle of life of the butterflies.

    The last section is not really for tourism but rather for locals who might need to rent a space for special events or conferences. The Convention Centre has various halls that can be rented. The Main Auditorium has a seating capacity of over 2,000 visitors at the same time. Aside from seminars or meetings, this hall can also be rented for theatrical shows or plays. The Mini Auditorium and Seminar Halls can be rented for small events or meetings, with capacities of below 400 for the former and below 100 for the latter. The Exhibition Ground is an open-air auditorium where trade shows or other shows of the similar kind can be held in.

    What are the Facilities in Science City in Kolkata?

    There's ample parking area just outside the Science City premises which can accommodate over a hundred vehicles at the same time. Near the ticketing centre is a public bathroom as well. In the Science Park area is a food plaza where you can get some snacks and beverages from. There's also a picnic ground in this area where visitors can dine under the skies. During evening time, a musical fountain show can be witnessed near the Science Park area as well.

    What are the Entry Fees for Science City in Kolkata?

    The entry fee for Science City is generally very cheap but not all attractions are included in the ticket yet. Entry fees differ for different types of guests as well so you can refer to the table below for more information. Guest types include the General Guest, the Organised Group Member, the School Group Member and the Below Poverty Line/Underprivileged Guest. The attractions included in the entry fees would also be highlighted in the table below.

    Entry Fees for Science City in Kolkata + Inclusive Attractions

    Guest TypeEntry FeeEarth Exploration HallSpace OdysseyDynamotion HallMaritime CentreScience Exploration HallScience Park
    General GuestRs. 50IncludedMirror Maze OnlyAll Except Science on a SphereIncludedHeritage of India & Emerging Technologies OnlyExhibits, Play Area, Caterpillar Ride & Butterfly Nursery
    Organised Group MemberRs. 40IncludedAll Except 3D TheatreIncludedIncludedIncludedAll Except Cable Car
    School Group MemberRs. 20IncludedAll Except 3D TheatreAll Except Science on a SphereIncludedHeritage of India & Emerging Technologies OnlyAll Except Cable Car
    Below Poverty Line/Underprivileged GuestRs. 5IncludedAll Except 3D TheatreAll Except Science on a SphereIncludedIncludedAll Except Cable Car
    What are the Paid Attractions for Science City in Kolkata?

    For some attractions that were not included in your specific entry fee, you have to pay for them separately to access them. Again, charges differ depending on the guest type. A General Guest has to pay more than the other types of guests which were mentioned above. These attractions are not compulsory though, you can just buy the ticket for those that you are genuinely interested in.

    Paid Attractions for Science City in Kolkata

    AttractionGeneral GuestOrganised Group MemberSchool Group MemberUnderprivileged Guest
    Evolution of LifeRs. 40-Rs. 20-
    Human EvolutionRs. 60-Rs. 30-
    Evolution of Life + Human EvolutionRs. 80-Rs. 40-
    Science on a SphereRs. 20-Rs. 10Rs. 5
    3D TheatreRs. 30Rs. 25Rs. 20Rs. 10
    Time MachineRs. 20---
    Toy TrainRs. 15---
    Cable CarRs. 40Rs. 30Rs. 20Rs. 15
    Mono Rail CycleRs. 15---
    Gravity CoasterRs. 30---
    What are the Timings of Science City in Kolkata?

    Science City remains open all throughout the year, from Mondays to Sundays. It generally opens around 9:00 in the morning and closes at around 20:00 in the evening. There's a huge rush though during weekends and of course, during special holidays. If you want to enjoy your visit, then plan to explore Science City during weekdays, preferably during winter season.

    Timings of Science City in Kolkata

    CategoryDaysOpening TimeClosing Time
    WeekdaysMondays to Fridays9:0020:00
    WeekendsSaturdays to Sundays9:0020:00
    What is the Verdict?

    For an educational weekend getaway, Science City in Kolkata is your best bet for that. This year, the learning centre would be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Over the years, Science City has been a vital part of every local's life from Kolkata. The best feature of Science City is it is constantly evolving, with new exhibits and attractions added every few years. It is not stagnant, it evolves with the very fast-paced technology and science-driven world that we have. So if you want a more fulfilling weekend while on the city, venture into Kolkata's pride, the Science City.