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Snow City Bangalore entry fees

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by PriKap, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. PriKap

    PriKap New Member

    I am trying to find out the cost for the entry fee for Snow City in Bangalore, and have come across different costs.
    I would like to know what the exact and correct details are for Snow City entry fees.

    If there are extra costs involved for gear please also mention those details too.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    Snowfall isn't a rare occurence in North India especially in hilly areas close to the Himalayan foothills. But did you know that you can also experience snowfall in South India? Yes, aptly named the Himalayas in Bangalore is the Snow City, a part of the Fun World Complex. The best part is that you won't have to wait for winter to experience snow here. At any time of the year, whether it's summer or monsoon, artificial snow and snowfall can be enjoyed at the Snow City. It's a perfectly safe and unique destination at the heart of the city, that's sure to make for a fun activity, for families, friends or couples. In this guide, we would highlight the entry fees for Snow City along with other important information about the theme snow park.

    What is Snow City?

    A 12,500 square feet indoor hall filled with artificial snow, that's Snow City. With almost ankle-deep snow for adults and knee-deep snow for children, it's a surreal experience. The sub-zero degree temperature would let you feel the chill even if it's beyond 35°C outside. Housed in a pure white structure, the exterior seems to be a prelude to your snow-filled adventure inside. Enjoy the structures made from snow, like the castle, the slides and a disco area. Pure white snow made from water and air, perfectly safe if ever children accidentally consumed it. The Snow City lets you experience snow and snowfall right at the heart of city, there's no other place like it in Bangalore.

    Where is Snow City Located?

    Snow City is located in the Jayamahal Main Road, just nearby to the Kempegowda Tower Park. It is located at the city centre of Bangalore, close to the Bangalore Palace, which is under four kilometres away. As a part of the Fun World Complex, Snow City is located close by the Fun World, Water World and Wow World as well. The nearest railway station to the theme park is the Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station, which is merely two kilometres away. The JC Nagar Bus Stop is also just a walking distance from the theme park. If you're coming from another city and would rather stay for a few nights in Bangalore, nearest hotels to the Snow City are the Tulip Inn and Jayamahal Palace Hotel.

    What Activities Can You Do in Snow City?

    The first and foremost activity here is playing with snow. Embark on a fun-filled day outing, with your feet buried deep in snow. The central snow castle is the best place for photo opportunities. Children would love climbing on the snow stairs, getting under the igloo or maybe having their photo taken with the penguin statue. For the girls, there's a fairy statue that's sure to pique their interest. In one session, there's a few minutes of snowfall experience too, almost like the real snowfall in the hilly regions of North India.

    For the adults or the older children of the family, there's snow climbing. It's in the form of a mock snow hill and there is ice climbing equipment on the premises as well. For the little ones, they can enjoy sliding, as there are two slides in the premises. One is apt for snow rafting and the other is apt for sliding using a floater. There's also a small snow dance area where you can enjoy grooving to the latest hits while in snow. There are also many more structures made from ice that one can have fun in while in Snow City.

    What are the Entry Fees for Snow City?

    Entry fees vary depending on the day of the week of your visit. Weekends have different rates as compared to the weekdays. These entry fees include access to the aforementioned activities above. These entry fees also already include the gears that you need for the theme park, which are gum boots, gloves and a jacket. It's best to bring your own socks though as they cost an extra in the theme park (Rs. 30).

    Entry Fees for Snow City

    Category (Days)TimingsTicket ChargeConvenience ChargeTotal ChargeInclusions
    Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays)10:00 to 20:00Rs. 500Rs. 20Rs. 5201 Session + Gear (Gum Boots, Gloves & Jacket)
    Weekends (Saturdays to Sundays)10:00 to 20:00Rs. 600Rs. 20Rs. 6201 Session + Gear (Gum Boots, Gloves & Jacket)
    If you're visiting during a weekday, any day from Mondays to Fridays, the entry fee is at Rs. 520 per person. This charge can be broken down into the ticket charge of Rs. 500 and the convenience charge of Rs. 20. If you're visiting during a weekend, any day from Saturdays to Sundays, the entry fee is at Rs. 620. This charge can be broken down into the ticket charge of Rs. 600 and the convenience charge of Rs. 20. These entry fees allow for 1 session in the Snow City, which lasts for a maximum of 45 minutes.

    What are the Chargeable Activities in Snow City?

    Outside the Snow City proper, there are facilities for activities located on the first and second floor of the building. However, they are chargeable activities so you need to pay other fees to enjoy them. The 9D Cinema takes you through a wild 15-minute movie ride. The movie itself is in 3D while the addition of special effects like rain, fog, snow, wind and many more takes the experience to another level. There are other chargeable activities like Laser Tag, Laser Maze, Interactive Shooting, Ice Bumping Car, Congo Bongo, Mach Storm, Pacman Smash, Big Buck HD, Aliens Armageddon 1, Aliens Armageddon 2, Around the Road, Super Alipine Racer, Dead Heat Rider, Frost Island, Ducky Splash, Pirate's Hook and After Dark.

    Chargeable Activities in Snow City

    9D Cinema15 Minutes10:30 to 18:30Rs. 100
    Ten-Game ComboMaximum of Ten Games10:30 to 18:30Rs. 250
    For the 9D Cinema, it costs Rs. 100 for a 15-minute movie session. For the other activities, it's at Rs. 250 for a maximum of 10 games. These other activities are open daily, from 10:30 in the morning to 18:30 in the evening. You can also avail of the other activities on a per game charge basis. But you can save more money if you just avail of the Ten-Game Combo package.

    Any Other Must-Knows Before Visiting the Snow City?

    Although the management does not restrict entry to any type of visitor, those with delicate health conditions must consult with their physician prior to visiting the Snow City. Seniors and young children must also have proper physician consultation prior to reaching the theme park. Women who are pregnant might also find the lower temperatures unbearable and so it's best for them to avoid going, especially if they're at a risky stage in their pregnancy. For those with children below 10 years old, it's a must to accompany your little ones at all times to avert any accidents while inside the Snow City.

    Mobile phones are not allowed in the premises though you can bring your camera for a fixed charge. You cannot bring outside food and beverages inside the Snow City. But there's a small tea stall within the area that you can buy some hot chai from. You can buy socks from the theme park but it's best to bring your own thick socks especially if you're not used to the cold. Further, if you have small children with you, the gum boots from the theme park might not fit them well. There has been instances of snow going inside the gum boots worn by smaller children as it doesn't fit them accurately.

    If you have many items with you, there are lockers within the premises that you can rent. They are rented out on an hourly basis after the first two hours. Other facilities for skiing or snow boarding are not available on Snow City.

    Chargeable Facilities in Snow City

    CameraPer SessionRs. 100 Per Session
    SocksBuying Basis OnlyRs. 30 Per Pair
    LockerPer Two Hours and AboveRs. 100 Per 2 Hours and Rs. 50 Per Succeeding Hour
    It costs Rs. 100 per camera if you want to bring your own inside the theme park. If you forget to bring your own socks, you need to pay Rs. 30 per pair for it. And if you intend to use the locker facilities, it costs Rs. 100 for the first 2 hours and Rs. 50 per succeeding hour.


    This completes our guide for the Snow City in Bangalore. Aside from the entry fees, the location, overall vibe and timings of the theme park were also highlighted. This guide also includes what are the activities you can do in Snow City. Chargeable activities like the 9D Cinema and Laser tag were also included in this guide, along with their rates. For the facilities within the theme park, you are also given an overview about them in the guide. Good luck and I hope this helps you!