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Things to do in Coorg

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by GunjanMittya, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. GunjanMittya

    GunjanMittya New Member

    I am going to Coorg with my family which will include six adults and about seven kids. We have the whole trip well planned with a list of places to see, but I would also like to know what things to do in Coorg.

    I would like to know about things to do in Coorg ideal for adults and kids and kids only, so that us adults would be able to enjoy with the kids and have some fun.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    Coorg marvels the traveller because of its uncanny resemblance to the landscapes of the Scotland. As such, it has often been designated as the Scotland of the South. Its location, at the eastern range of the Western Ghats, means that it is a hotspot for biodiversity as well. In fact, it's not uncommon to find wild elephants, or even various species of birds, in the lush jungles of the hill station. That's not all, Coorg is known for its coffee plantations, plus a few cardamom and pepper plantations, which just delights the true nature lover. Adventure, you say? Well, there's a myriad of fun, thrilling and adventurous activities one can indulge in when in Coorg. This guide would help you plan your trip to Coorg more easily, taking into account the various things that one can do while on a trip to India's very own Scotland.

    Things To Do in Coorg

    1. Nature Trailing in the Laps of Virgin Beauty - Did you know that around 75% of the geographical area of Coorg is covered with dense forests? It's not unusual to find lush jungles in most areas of Coorg. This is especially true if you would choose to stay in the more rural areas of the hill station. Most home stays and even hotels provide for guided nature trails for the enjoyment of guests. But if you want to explore the lush forests of Coorg on your own, there are some popular forest areas for nature trailing. One of which is the Nisargadhama Forest, which is mainly an island formed in the middle of the Cauvery River. To reach the island forest, you have to cross a hanging bridge over the river. The island itself has lush bamboo forests, some play areas and a deer park. You can indulge in easy nature trails around the small forest area and after, enjoy a relaxing boat ride in the river. On the other hand, if you want something a bit more challenging, there's Kopatty, located to the west of Coorg, en route to the Talacauvery. A hide and seek trail of coffee plantations, forests and grasslands, the Kopatty Forests would surely thrill you. The trail is not difficult though it's easy to get lost in the beauty of the surrounding. If done during the monsoon season, you would even find small streams all along your trail.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Nisargadhama Forest and Kopatty Forests
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    2. Easy Treks - A suitable activity for both adults and kids is indulging in easy treks around Coorg. Being a hilly region, there are many treks around Coorg that one can take but not all of them are suitable for the little ones. Perhaps one of the easier treks around Coorg is the Kote Betta Trek, located in
    Sirangalli, to the north of the hill station. Kote Betta is the third highest peak in Coorg but the trek is labelled as easy and appropriate for children aged 5 years old and above. The trek is just short and if you have a jeep or a four-wheeler with you, the distance can be cut short. In total, from the base, the journey is around 5 to 6 kilometres. For physically fit individuals, the trek can be completed within 2 to 3 hours. At the peak, there's an old Shiva temple and pond that you can also visit. Another easy trek that one can indulge in Coorg is the Abylu Trek. Abylu is a little known trekker's paradise, with mostly open grasslands that makes the trek a bit easier. Abylu is located amidst the dense forests of the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, hence it's not unusual to find wild animals along your trek.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Kote Betta and Abylu
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    Kote Betta (Image from My Travel Kingdom)

    3. Moderate Treks - Now we go to moderate treks, which generally means treks that require a bit of higher physical stamina. Children can still indulge in moderate treks but they have to aged 7 and above. Usually, moderate treks last for around 6 hours, more or less, for the one-way journey. The Tadiandamol Peak, the highest peak in Coorg, is categorised in this trek. Reaching the peak of Tadiandamol can take around 3 hours but the trek isn't that daunting. The trek takes you around coffee plantations, streams and open grasslands. The steepest part of the trek is the last 500 metres which requires some effort to finally reach the peak. At the top, the mist covered peak would mesmerise you and is definitely worth all the hardship. There's also the Nishani Motte, located to the south of the Talacauvery. This trek is notorious for the presence of leeches amidst its terrains. But past that downside, this trek would take you through some of the most virgin shola forests of Coorg. The trek can be completed in around 6 hours, for just the one-way journey. From the peak, enjoy being one with foggy clouds and just the wonderful views of the Brahmagiri range. You can also opt to stay the night in the wild, with the Nishani Forest Anti-Poaching Centre Lodge, located at the core of the forests.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Tadiandamol and Nishani Motte
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    4. Difficult Treks - For the true blue adventure seekers, then try out some of the most thrilling treks in Coorg. Suitability of these treks vary but they're mostly best indulged in by adults. One of the most difficult treks of Karnataka is the Pushpagiri Trek, also known as the Kumara Parvatha Trek. This is the third highest peak in Coorg and is a test of the endurance of the trekker. The trek is around 16 kilometres long, from the Coorg side, and can take around 2 days to complete. The trek takes you around lush dense forests, particularly at the first part of the journey, and rocky terrains, at the intermediate to the last paces of the journey. No matter what time of the year you indulge in the trek, one thing's certain, the forests of Pushpagiri won't disappoint. Another difficult trek that adventure seekers can try is the Galibeedu Peak Trek. The trek is around 30 kilometres long and takes you through thick forests with ravishing streams. From the peak, you can enjoy the view of the whole Coorg and nearby hilly regions.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Pushpagiri and Galibeedu Peak
    • Suitability - Adults
    5. A Tour of Coffee Plantations - Your trip to Coorg won't be complete without touring at least one of its numerous coffee plantations. Some home stays and resorts are located within coffee estates and sometimes, there are guided tours of the surrounding plantations. The most popular plantation cum resort is the Plantation Trails, located in Pollibetta. Plantation Trails is owned by Tata Coffee, a subdivision of the Tata Group of Companies. The property in Coorg has various bungalows that one can stay in. These bungalows are surrounded by the lush coffee estates of the company. They provide for nature trails around the plantations and also guided tours of the processing of the coffee beans, from the plantations, right to the factory. A smaller company owned by Yogesh Krishnaswamy, the Silver Brook Estate, is perfect for those who want a less commercialised coffee estate to explore. Aside from coffee beans, cardamoms, peppers and cinnamon are also grown in their plantation. Five-star properties like The Windflower Resorts & Spa and The Tamara also provide for guided tours of their plantations. Even home stays such as Java Hill Estate and Kaveri Estate Stay can give guests a guided tour of their surrounding plantations.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Plantation Trails, Silver Brook Estate, The Windflower Resorts & Spa, The Tamara, Java Hill Estate and Kaveri Estate Stay
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    Plantation Trails (Image from Deepali)

    6. Camping Under the Stars - Want to be actually closer to nature, meaning, less comforts, just you, your tent and the stars at night? If this seems like your cup of tea, then you're in for a treat, as there are many camping grounds in Coorg. You can do it rustic style, bring your own tent and meals, find the perfect camping site for you and done! The best spot for rustic camping is none other than the banks of the Cauvery River. With the gushing of the river, the possibility of wild animals finding your hidden trail and the nature all around, you're bound to be closer to nature than ever with this experience. But if camping in such areas still scares you a bit, don't worry, there are prefixed campsites around Coorg that you can also try camping in. There's the Civet Creek Camp in Bettigeri, where you would find tented accommodations already setup. The campsite is surrounded by coffee plantations and jungles as well, with amenities for dining and indoor games as well. There's also the Votecad Camp in Srimangala, although it is relatively smaller than the former. The campsite is also located amidst coffee plantations owned by the camp manager. There are amenities for toilets, bonfires and drinking water in the campsite as well.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Cauvery River Banks, Bettigeri and Srimangala
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    7. Into the Skies with Microlight Flying - A thrilling activity that doesn't require much training is microlight flying. Microlight flying involves spanning the skies of Coorg using a two-seater glider aircraft. It doesn't require any previous experience or rigorous training since you would be flying with a skilled and licensed microlight aircraft pilot. You can choose the duration of your activity, from 10 minutes, to 30 minutes and even up to 60 minutes. Price varies depending on the duration of the activity but it's from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 8,000 per person. Usually though, there are only two trips in a day that a microlight aircraft does, one during early morning and another during the early afternoon. Plus, the activity is subject to the weather conditions of the day as extreme winds can affect the aircraft as well. This activity is usually done in Ponnampet in the southern part of Coorg.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Ponnampet
    • Suitability - Adults
    8. Something for the Adventure Enthusiasts: Paragliding - For the expert paraglider, Coorg, with its misty mountains and stunning plantations, is a good base and landing point for paragliding. However, paragliding is a little known activity yet in the region. In fact, it is rare to find companies offering this activity. The only known company cum hotel offering this activity is Humming Bird’s Rio Restotel, located in Gonikoppal. The preferred site for paragliding is the Tadiandamol Peak, which means that you need to trek for a few hours prior to indulging in paragliding. For the thrill-seekers though, nothing beats being able to boast about your paragliding adventure in a place that isn't that known yet to paragliding enthusiasts. If you have your gear with you, paragliding would be a lot easier though it's only recommended for adults.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Tadiandamol Peak
    • Suitability - Adults
    9. Rapids of the River - If you are craving for the wild rapids of the river but don't have much time to reach Rishikesh, Coorg is a suitable alternative. The best location for river rafting in the hill station is the Barapole River. The nearest village to the rafting site is T. Shettigiri which you can easily reach by boarding a bus reaching Srimangala. The river is also known as the Kithu Kakkatu River, and the ideal spot for rafting is on its upper stretch. The river has rapids ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 5, which means it's suitable for beginners and experts alike. Post monsoon, the rapids get even higher and more ferocious which can make your adventure more thrilling. The rapid sections have fun names like Morning Coffee, Grasshopper and the last and most fearsome section, the Big Bang. For the non-experts, you can try your hand at rafting in the Cauvery River, located in the Dubare Elephant Camp. with rapids ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 4.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Barapole River and Cauvery River
    • Suitability - Adults
    Barapole River Rafting (Image from Jivan Shaili)

    10. Waterfall Trekking and Rappelling - Just a short distance from the Nalknad Palace is the Chelavara Waterfalls, a little known natural attraction in Coorg. The best part is that it offers two adventure activities, which are trekking and rappelling. The waterfalls can be accessed by a high clearance vehicle but you need to trek for the last kilometre stretch. The trek is a bit of a climb and the paths are slippery so you would need shoes with good grips. You would reach the top of the waterfall after a climb of about 30 minutes. Now, from this point, you have two choices, either reach the bottom of the waterfalls by walking or by rappelling. Home stays and travel agencies conduct rappelling activities for this waterfall so you would need to contact them prior to reaching it. Both Jungle Mount and Thrillophillia have packages for this activity that you can avail.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Chelavara Waterfalls
    • Suitability - Adults
    11. An Alternative to Rafting: Kayaking - A bit more laidback but still fun is the water sport of kayaking. If you have older kids with you, aged 15 and above, they can also indulge in this fun activity. Kayaking requires no prior experience and participants are fitted with life vests for their safety. The water of the Kakkabe River is considered as the most suitable for this activity. The Coorg Escapade, an annual sports festival in the hill station, conducts yearly kayaking races in the Kakkabe River. If you are a kayaking expert, or even for beginners, this can be a fun event to join in. Jungle Mount and Ace Paddlers also have equipments for kayaking that you can rent during normal days.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Kakkabe River
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    12. Wild Wildlife Safari - A biodiversity hotspot, Coorg has no dearth of wildlife trails that you can follow. Spread over the districts of Coorg and Mysore is the Nagarhole National Park. It is located to the south of Coorg, to its border with Kerala. The forests of the national park are comprised of moist deciduous ones of the teak and sandalwood types. With the freely flowing Kabini River, the wild animals have plenty of reservoir for water as well. The main stars of the national park are the royal Bengal tigers, Indian leopards and Indian wild dogs. Wild elephants, chitals, sambars, gaurs, hyenas and sloth bears are also plentiful in the national park. You can indulge in a jeep safari, which can take you through the tough terrains of the premises. Or you can also opt for a unique boat safari, wherein you might spot mugger crocodiles and otters bathing the river's water.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Nagarhole National Park
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    Elephant in Nagarhole National Park (Image from Sankara Subramanian)

    13. Closer to the Elephants - The Dubare Elephant Camp is one of the few places in India where you can get closer to the majestic elephant creatures. It is located across the Cauvery River, close to the village of Kushalnagar. During summer, when the water is low, you need to walk through the river water to reach the camp. During monsoons and winter, you can be transported to the other side of the river by boat. In the camp, you would find various elephant enclosures that house these large creatures. Back then, elephants were used for transporting logs from one place to the other. Fortunately, these hazardous and dangerous work load was banned and the elephants are now free from such activities. Nowadays, the camp provides for a home for these wild elephants. There's even a separate area for taming these wild elephants here. For tourists though, feeding and bathing the elephants are the preferred activities.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Dubare Elephant Camp
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    14. Like Superman - Zip lining is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. You literally feel like Superman, flying without wings, amidst the lush forests of Coorg. There are many venues for zip lining in Coorg but a favourite amongst adventure seekers is across the Barapole River. Feel the soft winds and the listen to the gushing of river water below you with this activity. Wandertrails, a Bangalore-based adventure operator, offers this activity for tourists. Even properties like Coorg Adventure Club and Taj Madikeri have this activity in place for their guests. Finally, the previously mentioned Dubare Elephant Camp can also provide for facilities for this fun activity.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Barapole River, Hotels and Dubare Elephant Camp
    • Suitability - Adults and Kids
    15. Rock Climbing Adventure - Last on this guide is rock climbing, which is a suitable activity for adults. Rock climbing requires a bit of experience or at least some upper body and lower body strength. The best venue for rock climbing is the cliffs around Honnamana Kere. The lake is just six kilometres away from Somwarpet. There are peaks surrounding the lake, Gavi Betta and Mori Betta, which are the locations for rock climbing. Some of the agencies providing for training and equipment for rock climbing here are Yatra and Coorg Safari. This activity is not for the faint-hearted though because it involves some stamina and physical fitness. In the end though, you'd be rewarded by amazing views of the distant mountains and the lake below.
    • Best Regions in Coorg - Honnamana Kere
    • Suitability - Adults

    This ends our guide of the best activities to do when in Coorg. These activities only highlight the beauty of the hill station more. They get you closer to nature but at the same time, test your endurance and patience. There are an assortment of activities, ranging from easy ones to difficult ones. Take your pick and enjoy your trip to Coorg!