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10 Most Spectacular Waterfalls To Visit In India

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by Debapriya Deb, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Debapriya Deb

    Debapriya Deb Active Member

    India is blessed with incredible natural splendor, and the waterfalls are one of the most spectacular creations of nature that adds to the appeal of India's vivid landscapes. The presence of perennial rivers and mountain ranges in almost every part of the country ensures that there are some incredible waterfalls throughout the length and breadth of India. A few of the gorgeous waterfalls in India can make you forget Niagra - or, at the very least, give it a run for its money!

    Isn't it a breathtaking sight to witness milky white waters cascading down along the rocky terrains? If that seems fascinating to you, then you will surely enjoy going through this exclusive compilation of top 10 most spectacular waterfalls to visit in India.

    10. Athirappilly Waterfalls

    State - Kerala
    Nearest Town - Chalakkudy (35 KM)

    Perched on the edge of Sholayar forest ranges in the Thrissur district of Kerala, the gorgeous Athirappilly waterfalls has a majestic charm. Originating from the Anamudi mountain ranges, the Chalakudy river meanders its way through the Vazhachal Forest and surges around large monolithic rocks before dropping off from an overhanging cliff to give rise to a spectacular sight. With a total height of 25 meters, it may not be in the list of tallest waterfalls in India, but a width of over 100 meters makes it one of the largest falls when it comes to the volume.

    Situated amidst lush greenery, Athirappilly waterfalls provide a tranquil experience and much-needed escape from the stress of busy city life. If you are a nature lover who loves to trek along forested terrains, then Athirappilly will definitely lure you into visiting this charming place. Being a perennial waterfall, Athirappilly can be visited throughout the year, but it remains at its gorgeous best right after the monsoon days.

    9. Shivanasamudra Falls

    State - Karnataka
    Nearest Town - Kollegal (19 KM)

    Shivanasamudra is famous for the spectacular twin waterfalls of Gaganachukki and Bharachukki formed by the Cauvery river. It is situated in the Mandya district of Karnataka, 19 KM away from the Kollegal town. The Cauvery flows through the rocky ravines before branching out into two segments and dropping off from two different points. The Eastern branch of the river results in the formation of Bharachukki falls while the other branch produces the magnificent Gaganachukki falls.

    Gaganachukki, the bigger of the two falls, rises to a height of 98 meters. It creates an unusual sight with the white waters gushing down and hitting the huge granite rocks, producing a misty appearance with its tiny droplets. However, the falls can't be accessed from this point. To access the falls, you need to go all the way to the Dargah viewpoint, which is located at a distance of 3 KM from the Gaganachukki viewpoint. From the dargah, a steep climb down through a rocky ravine can take you to the waters. Be extremely careful while negotiating the slippery rocks as it can be very dangerous - especially during the rainy days.

    Bharachukki, the second one of the twin falls, is an equally spectacular sight. There is a designated stairway that can lead you to the base of the Bharachukki falls. It requires one to climb down around 150 steps to arrive at the base. Here you can go for a boat ride on a round shaped bamboo boat known as the coracle. The boatman can take you extremely close to the falls' point of descent. Lying down on the submerged rocks and cherishing the nature's delightful creations can be a real bliss!

    8. Nohkalikai Falls

    State - Meghalaya
    Nearest Town - Cherrapunji (7 KM)

    The 4th tallest waterfalls in India with a height of 335 meters, the Nohkalikai Falls is situated in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya - just 7 KM away from the Cherrapunji town. It is easily one of the most decorated tourist attractions not only in Meghalaya but also in the cluster of the North-Eastern states.

    Decorated with pristine natural landscapes, this gigantic falls plunging down from such a great height is a photographer's delight. During the monsoon season, the area receives heavy rain, giving rise to a series of adjacent waterfalls. The snowy white waters gurgling down on the backdrop of lush green hills is a sight to behold. The thunderous roar created by the furiously flowing waters, the misty sprays of droplets, the picturesque setup and the vibrant ambiance makes Nohkalikai a must visit creation of nature for all the nature lovers.

    7. Dudhsagar Falls

    State - Goa
    Nearest Town - Madgaon (45 KM)

    Magnificent would be an understatement to describe this majestic waterfalls. Situated in Goa, around 60 KM away from Panaji, this four-tiered waterfall is formed by the Mandovi river. From the distance, it looks like a sea of milk rushing down from the mountain ranges, from which it derived the name of Dudhsagar (Dudh=Milk; Sagar=Sea).


    Dudhsagar waterfalls is set amidst breathtaking scenery on the backdrop of a crescent-shaped mountain peak covered with untouched tropical forest. Measuring a height of 310 meters, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. It requires you to climb down a steep pathway of 1 KM to reach at the bottom of the falls. Waters gushing down from the mountains create a pool at the foot of the falls where you can safely play in the water. It's a great place for spending a day with lots of fun and frolic.

    Goa tourism department (GTDC) and other private operators organize monsoon treks and camping programs to Dudhsagar for people interested in adventure activities. Overnight camping at the base of the falls can be a mindblowing experience. Monsoon is the right season to plan your trip to Dudhsagar.

    6. Chitrakot Waterfalls

    State - Chhattisgarh
    Nearest Town - Jagdalpur (40 KM)

    Chitrakot Waterfalls is located in the Bastar District of Chhattisgarh, around 40 KM away from Jagdalpur town. The spectacular showdown attracts tourists in huge numbers to this remote part of the country, especially during the monsoon season. Formed by the Indravati River, which is a tributary of the Godavari, it is often compared with the world famous Niagara Falls for their resemblance in the way waters plunge down freely from a flat rock spread across a vast area.

    Among the widest and most voluminous waterfalls in India, the Chitrakoot Waterfalls creates a breathtaking sight with streams of waters flowing down across a width of over 300 meters during the monsoon season. Plan your trip in the months of July-August and you can see multiple colorful rainbows getting created by the rays of sun getting reflected on the mist formed by the tiny water droplets. Adventure enthusiasts can take boat rides below the falls in a misty atmosphere and get themselves drenched in the water sprays.

    5. Kuntala Waterfalls

    State - Telengana
    Nearest Town - Nirmal (32 KM)

    Situated in the Adilabad district of Telengana, Kuntala Falls is the tallest waterfalls in the Deccan region. It is located off the Hyderabad-Adilabad national highway, 32 KM away from the Nirmal town.

    It's a breathtaking sight to see the milky white waters plummeting down from a height of over 150 feet. Nestled between the Eastern Ghats Mountain Ranges amidst lush greeneries all around, Kuntala is one of the most impressive weekend getaways for the residents of Hyderabad. The forested hilly terrains also attract quite a decent number of trekking enthusiasts, and it's quite likely that you will find groups of ardent trekkers exploring the verdant surroundings, especially on the weekends.

    4. Langshiang Falls

    State - Meghalaya
    Nearest Town - Nongstoin (24 KM)

    The soaring Langshiang waterfalls is a hidden gem in the North-Eastern region. With a staggering height of 337 meters, it is the third highest waterfalls in India. Situated in the West Khasi district in the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya, the Langshiang falls created by the Kynshi river dancing down through a narrow gorge between the hills. The place is known to offer splendid panoramic views of the lush green Kynshi valley.

    The falls can be accessed on foot after a 30 minutes trek from the Sangriang village. The scenic surroundings are a treat to the eyes, while the twin-cascading flow of foam-white waters are a photographer's delight. Trekking enthusiasts can trek to Nongkhnum Island, the second largest river island in Asia, situated at a distance of just 10 KM from the falls. You will come across another couple of waterfalls during this trek. Wei Spi falls, and Kshaid Chong falls, although much smaller in dimension, are excellent picnic spots to spend a day with fun and frolic. Langshiang Falls is a perfect getaway for those who are looking for spending a peaceful and relaxing holiday away from the busy city life.

    3. Kunchikal Falls

    State - Karnataka
    Nearest Town - Hulikal (6 KM)

    With a whopping 455 meters height, Kunchikal falls takes the coveted numero uno slot as the tallest waterfalls in India. Situated in the Agumbe valley of Shimoga district in the state of Karnataka, this huge spectacle is fed by the mighty Varahi River. Kunchikal falls cascades down rocky boulders and falls into a deep gorge giving rise to misty water sprays. It's a sight to behold, especially during the rainy days, when the flow of water is at its highest. The place also offers fantastic views of the lush green Agumbe valley and the towering peaks of Western Ghats mountain ranges.

    The access to the falls is via Hulikal town - which is famous for the Ghati temple. As it is located in the restricted region of reserve forest area, you need to collect your entry pass from Hosangadi Village (15 KM before the falls) while approaching the Hulikal town.

    2. Hogenakkal Falls

    State - Tamil Nadu
    Nearest Town - Dharmapuri (48 KM)

    Hogenakkal is one of the most well-known waterfalls in India which is often compared with the world-famous Niagra Falls. Having served as the backdrop of many a romantic song in regional and Bollywood movies, this tiny little village in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu has become a preferred weekend retreat for the techies working in Bangalore and Chennai.

    The majestic dive, the massive roar, the crystal-esque waters and the misty atmosphere, Hogenakkal is truly exceptional. Hogenakkal in true sense is a series of many continuous waterfalls, with their heights ranging between 50 to 150 feet. The massive spectacle covers an area of around 1 KM.

    For reaching the main waterfalls, one has to take a bamboo boat ride. Riding these circular-shaped basket boats can be a unique experience. Ayurvedic oil massage, beach volleyball, and delicious fish fries are a few of the must-try activities while at Hogenakkal. Trekking along the river bed to the Melagiri Hills is another good prospect. You can catch nice hawk-eye views of the Hogenakkal waterfalls from top of the Melagiri Hills. The place can also serve as an excellent outdoor camping site.

    1. Jog Falls

    State - Karnataka
    Nearest Town - Sagar (30 KM)

    One of the most well-known waterfalls in the country, the mesmerizing Jog Falls is formed by the mighty Sharavati river. It is situated near the Shimoga town in the southern state of Karnataka. The Sharavati river jumps down an overhanging cliff from a height of 253 meters to form this spectacular phenomenon. Jog is the second highest single tier waterfalls in the country, after the Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya. The sheer volume of water that plummets down with vigorous force makes it one of the must visit waterfalls in India. For the statistically inclined souls, waterfall discharges 3 million liters of water a second during the monsoon time - making it the most voluminous waterfalls in India.


    The roar, the spray and the massive flow of water create an unmatched ambiance which can't be described in words. Located in one of the highest rainfall regions in the world, Jog is at its glorious best during the monsoon days. It is possible to hike down to the base and take a plunge into the river. It has been declared as a UNESCO Ecological Hotspot due to the lush green grasslands and tropical forests that cover the surrounding areas. Jog and its surrounding areas also attract a huge number of trekking enthusiasts.

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  2. Thank you for this extensive list of waterfalls in India. It is really beautiful to see the water gushing through the slopes and if it is the monsoon season it becomes even better with the greenery around. I would like to visit some these places in my future trips.

  3. Rayne

    Rayne New Member

    These are all incredibly beautiful. Jog Falls reminds me a lot of Niagara Falls here in the States. Do any of the planned tours include some of these falls? The pictures would be awesome.
  4. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    That is really one of the bigger things that I regret not seeing when I visited India was a lot of the natural sights. I saw a lot of the historical ad cultural sites, which were great and all, but things like waterfalls and rivers and the plains I really missed out on. I think if I am ever to return, which I am hoping I am, I think that I will make this more of a priority that time around.
  5. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Member

    Jog Falls is beautiful and magnificent. I visited it in 2009 with my wife and some friends. The sheer natural beauty of not only the waterfall, but the surrounding area is truly breathtaking. The picture above cannot really do justice to the incredible size and power of this magical place. I would advise anyone to visit it if possible, but don't go just before the monsoon season, Linganmakki dam is containing such a small amount of water by then that the Jog Falls are a pair of feeble streams trickling down the cliff, after the monsoon season has started it becomes much more impressive. Accommodation in the area wasn't that impressive back in 2009 but there were a few options available, although there were no 4-5 star hotels. Try to arrange your accommodation in the area before you go, the trekking opportunities there are second to none, and a few days spent there will leave you overjoyed by the majestic beauty of the place.
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  6. tabby

    tabby Member

    wow! Wow! WOW!

    I come from a country that boast of natural wonders, too. We do have a lot of waterfalls from different parts of the archipelago, but I have to give it to India. These are fantastic waterfalls! I don't think I've seen something similar to what we have here in the country. The Dudhsagar Falls - WOW! You're right, magnificent would not even cut it. Jog Falls just give a tug to the heart. It's amazing, not to mention the volume of water it spouts! I could just imagine the mighty roar of the water. Simply spectacular!!!
  7. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    This is an excellent list. I plan to visit Dudhsagar falls on my next trip, but I was not aware of all these other locations. An excellent list that really puts them into perspective. I would be interested to other waterfalls, as well. Also, can any of them can be approached closely from the ground?