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Alleppey Travel Guide

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by ChaiNashta, Sep 5, 2015.

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    India is known for thousands of languages. It is considered that there are so many states where different societies are present from the long times. There are concepts that Kerala is one of the most popular states present in country. This state is also called the Gate way to India for numerous European countries and nations.

    The city of Alleppey also known as Alappuzha is very famous for the tourism. This city has been developed by numerous nations. The glance of Europe is very prominent in the streets and mainland of this city. Today, the Alleppey is a Headquarters of District Alappuzha, Kerala. This city is among the most populated areas in South India. With a population of 177,029 it is the sixth biggest city in Kerala state. From the South Kochi, this city is 62 miles in South and 96 miles from the North Trivandrum.

    The city of Alleppey is famous for the best administration and architect. There are so many backwaters, canals, beaches and lagoons in this city. It is believed that this city has passed a long time under the different governments. Current civilization is a clear reflection of local and European style. The people who are interested to visit this city should learn about the brief history of this area.

    Alleppey and European invaders:

    In the start of 15th century, numerous nations from Europe attacked this city. In fact, it has a proper gateway towards the Southern India for them. In start, the Portuguese got the control of this city. It was a golden time for this city. Portuguese were interested towards the development and spread of Christianity in the area. The developed numerous buildings including the convents, Churches and Bishop Houses. The basic purpose of this development was to attract the local people towards the Christianity.

    After the 16th century, the Dutch invaders came to Alleppey and got high control. They were little interested in development because most of the capital was invested in the Fort Kochi. In fact, it was first victory for the Dutch army in India that’s why they were interested to move forward. This is a big reason why Dutch army did not developed things except some churches.

    British government is known as a most powerful administration in the Alleppey. Before the independence of India, British government took special interest to develop this area. In fact, this land was used for the tourism as well as trade with rest of the world. Before the development of Mumbai Port, Alleppey was the resting point for the European and African ships moving towards the china and Japan.

    Things to Do:

    Alleppey is more popular for the festivals. It is called a city of festivals. As a matter of fact, this city is a place where different religions are present. Presence of numerous religions and their followers make the city busier in the matter of festivals. Hundreds of famous festivals are organized by different communities. It is important for the tourists to focus on the major festivals whenever planning to visit the Alleppey. In order to get some ideas about the major festivals and events, it is important to focus on the given points.

    • Ambalapuzha Temple Festival:
    This is one of the most popular festivals in Alleppey. As a matter of fact, this festival becomes more attractive for the foreigners because of the distanced walk and elephants. According to the basic Hindu traditions, 14 elephants are necessary for this festival. These elephants are used to carry the idol of Krishna. A special music is played in order to create spiritual environment. Thousands of Hindu scholars and followers attend this festival every year. The idol of Krishna is taken to the Alleppey temple. It is 14 kilometers from the main city. The management of temple prepares a special sweet by using boiled milk.

    • Snake boat race:
    It is another important event in this city. Normally, the local people celebrate it as a festival. According to the historical facts, this event was started by the Chinese travelers. However, this was accepted as a local festival in 1952. The Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated the festival for the first time. This step made it a national game. It is organized every Saturday of August. It is the only festival in which foreigners can participate by renting the boats. Remember, it is a game rather than a religious ceremony.

    • House boat riding:
    Backwater tourism is one of the most important options for the travelers. The local administration has planned numerous sports activities for the tourists. People coming from different parts of India as well as the world are given an opportunity to ride a house boat. House boat ride is one of the most interesting activities giving huge pleasure to the users. This facility is available in any part of the season or year. You would find this thread about cruises which features Kerala backwaters cruise offered by Oberoi group called M V Vrinda.

    • Simple boat ride:
    There are so many water channels and backwater ports. People can rent a boat for fun. On the other hand, trained boat drivers are available for the families. Hire a boat in order to have more fun with your kids. This boat tour takes almost 2 hours to complete. This tour enables the tourists to see major locations and places in Alleppey.

    • Ayurveda centers:
    Don’t forget to visit the special Ayurveda centers. These centers have been approved by the local administration and tourism board. All the workers or experts present in these centers are certified. The tourists can find special treatments and cures for different health problems by visiting the Ayurveda centers.

    • Massage centers:
    Visit the massage centers if you feel tired. Most of the massage centers are working under the supervision of European experts. Enjoy the comfortable massage in order to feel the depths of pleasure and sensation. Specialized male and female massage experts are present to provide the services.

    Things/Places to See:

    The city of Alleppey is known for the ancient civilization. This place is still like an ancient society. No doubt, modern buildings, houses and societies are present in Alleppey but it has numerous destinations where people can enjoy a comfortable living zone. In order to visit the best destinations in Alleppey, you must consider the given names.

    Sree Nagaraja Temple:

    This temple is among the oldest architects in Alleppey. This temple was developed in the early era of Hindu religion. According to the Hindu culture, this temple is dedicated by the Gods to Brahman society. It is 32 km far from the South Alleppey. It is also called Snake Temple. The development of this temple is really impressive because of the stones, snake sculptures and women statues. People visiting this temple should request the special Turmeric Paste. This paste is famous to cure numerous infections.

    Padanilam Parabrahma Temple:

    Parabrahma temple is 14 km far from the Mavelikkara. The temple hosts an annual festival known as Sivarathri Festival. Ox is especially prepared from wood in order to celebrate this festival. It has been noticed that majority of the followers visiting this festival are from the Brahman families. However, people from other castes are also allowed to attend the festival. It becomes an amazing opportunity for the foreigners to view the special rites and activities by attending this festival.

    Citrus Retreats:

    Don’t forget to see the Citrus Retreats. No doubt, this place is no connected with any religious or historical event but it is famous for the modern designing. The citrus retreat has been developed for the people who want to enjoy a great time with the kids and family members. There is no need to be worried about the accommodation and dining. All types of basic necessities and facilities are present for everyone.

    Alleppey church:

    This church was developed in 16th century by the British army. The church is considered a famous place for the people who like to see the ancient British constructions. It would be a great pleasure to visit this church on 25 December for the Christmas ceremony.

    Alleppey museum:

    This museum was established by the Indian Government and local tourism authority. Things related to history of this city have been kept for display.

    Krishnapuram palace:

    This is a memorable palace in Alleppey. This palace is dedicated to the Lord Krishna. An amazing architect makes it attractive for the tourists.

    Places to Eat and Drink:


    It is one of the most popular food sources in the Alleppey. This group is operating two chains in the city. The first branch is present on Mullackal Road while second is present on Cullan Road. It offers ice cream products. This restaurant is a favorite place for the Indian families. Recently, the structure and building of this restaurant has been improved for the foreigners. Today, it is a hot place for the Europeans and Americans visiting the Alleppey. Try the local as well as continental ice cream dishes by visiting this famous restaurant.

    Chakara restaurant:

    It is another local restaurant with amazing services. The restaurant offers special food and drink options. Remember, it is the most expensive dining place in Alleppey. However, it offers traditional as well as modern dining facilities and services to foreigners and local tourists.

    Arcadia regency:

    Are you finding an affordable hotel? Don’t forget to see the name of Arcadia regency. In fact, it is a new group in the city. This group is looking forward to launch special meal deals in order to attract the customers. Prices have been kept lower in order to have more customers in less time. This hotel is a perfect destination for the people who don’t have a big budget.

    Vembanad restaurant:

    Visiting the Vambanad restaurant will provide you an amazing opportunity to find the low prices. This restaurant has become more popular for the huge variety. The restaurant offers great dining as well as accommodation services.

    Halai’s Fried Chicken:

    People who love to eat chicken products should visit this restaurant. This restaurant is providing all types of dishes containing fried chicken. This place is suitable for the local travelers. Those who love Biryani should consider this restaurant. It is present close to South Police Station.

    Himalaya bakery:

    It is present on Mullackal Road. It provides high quality bakeryproducts. Tasty Samosas, Chili Pakora, Halwa Puri and other sweets are present. The travelers will definitely like the vegetable filled products. It is recommended to try the walnut cake as well as banana fruit cake. Coffee and tea is also present.

    Harbor restaurant:

    This restaurant is a favorite place for the people who are interested to try the local fish products. Special dishes are prepared with the fish meat. This is a perfect place to enjoy the Multi Cuisine dishes. The users who are interested to taste the tasty Kerala Fish Curry should visit the Harbor restaurant as soon as possible. Remember, the fish is captured in front of the tourists in order to enhance the dining pleasure.

    If you have specific queries then please post then in the thread about about food choices in Alleppey.

    Best time to Visit and Weather:

    Alleppey is a city with a moderate climate. It is never too hot or too cold. The highest temperature recorded for this city is 32 centigrade. This makes it ideal for the international tourists. Alleppey is open for 12 months. People visit this city in every month of the year. It is believed that Monsoon is the best season to visit this city. However, it is recommended to consider the pre-monsoon season for the trip with kids and family.

    Blooming monsoon season:

    Local government is looking forward to encourage the people to visit in the monsoon season. However, special arrangements have been made in order to avoid the trouble. Local tourism board is providing almost all types of facilities to the incoming travelers.


    There is no need to be worried about the accommodation. Expensive to affordable rooms are easily available in this city. People who are interested to rent a house or apartment should contact with the travel agencies before planning the tour. Some popular accommodation options are given below.

    1. Hotel Picasso Castle.

    2. Erathra Homestay.

    3. Orient Venice Inn.

    4. Malayalam resort.

    5. Arcadia regency.