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Anyone going to Yoga School, Rishikesh during September?

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by H.C., Jun 27, 2017.

  1. H.C.

    H.C. New Member

    I'm going to a 2oo hour teacher training course for yoga in Rishikesh, during September all the way through to October. I'm attending the school with two other relatives - but I'm flying in on my own. Does anyone have any tips on navigating Delhi airport? I'm landing at Delhi on an international flight, and catching a connecting domestic flight to Dehradun. I have never been to Delhi. I have roughly two hours to catch the connecting flight.
    Will my baggage be booked straight through to Dehradun from the international flight? Or do I have to pick up my baggage at Delhi and have it checked onto the domestic flight? Is two hours enough to get from the international terminal to the domestic terminal?
    I've arranged for the school to send me a private taxi pickup, straight to the school. Is this safe? If it isn't, what are some alternative ways for me to get there? If I choose to wait for my relatives in Delhi airport, where can I wait? Any safety tips? Overall, is Rishikesh a safe area? What's it been like in Rishikesh in recent times?
    I'm an amateur traveller, and I'd appreciate all the helpful responses!

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    It takes aboput 10-15mins in a taxi. If you mean you only have two hours between your landing at T3 and take off from the domestic terminal that would mean you will clear immigration, collect your baggage and then get a taxi to the domestic terminal and thats going to be tight if you ask me.

    Dehradun is not an international airport so my understanding is that you will have to clear immigration at New Delhi international airport and collect your baggage then go to domestic airport. For through checkin from an international destination the last airport needs to have immigration control and Dehradun doesn't have that.

    Get a prepaid taxi from the international airport. When you come out of the arrival halls there is a prepaid taxi booth where you pay upfront and get a receipt which you hand over to the taxi driver at the end of your journey and you don't have to pay the driver as you've already paid to the police booth. That prepaid booth is run by Delhi police and the taxi number is noted down when the taxi leaves the airport and the driver gets paid when he hands over the receipt back to the police. Its a very safe way to travel if you ask me. There are private operators as well which cost a little bit extra but their cars are in better shape so its worth the extra money.

    If you dont want the taxi, there's shuttle buses that are free of cost and will drop you at the domestic terminal but you may have to wait 5-10 mins or more for one of them.

    My personal view is that a pick up arranged by the school would be your best option. I haven't been to Dehradun airport myself so not sure what its like. If there is prepaid taxi booth run by the police I would say that's fine aswell. Just don't fall for cheaper prices by touts which may come asking where you going and stuff.

    When you come out there's a massive area with a few shops lined up like WH Smith and a coffee shop as well and there's some seats too. You can wait there for as long as you want. Dont come out of the airport though because they wont let you back in. If you do come all the way out of the building that's still not the end of the world because there's a few benches outside as well and its a lively place with a coffee shop and a few vending machines and plenty of people waiting for their passengers to arrive.

    Rishikesh is as safe as you want it to be. Just don't be stupid that's all it takes to have a safe trip. Do not trust strangers. People see tourists every day as Rishikesh gets a lot of foreign tourists so they are used to of seeing different people. I personally find Rishikesh to be a very safe place but being cautious doesn't cost anything and pays really well ;)

    I hope this helps

  3. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    How long for? If it is just a few hours, you could wait at the airport as Admin suggested above. If you mean waiting until the next day or longer then you could get a room at one of the airport hotels in aero city. Have a look at this thread if you want to get a room for the night : Hotels near New Delhi airport . Prices mentioned in that thread may change depending on when you book your room. Android app OYO Rooms is the way to go if you want a budget room that has a half decent bathroom.

    Rishikesh is a very touristy place and is generally pretty safe.
  4. H.C.

    H.C. New Member

    Thanks so much for the detailed answers! Hopefully I will be able to catch my connecting flight on time. I've gotten in touch with said relatives; I will not be waiting for them; they will be arriving far too late for me to catch my connecting flight on time, and I cannot wait for them until the next day. I hope this isn't a dumb question, but is it easy to get lost at the airport? I believe I will be going for the prepaid taxi to get me to the domestic terminal.
  5. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    There's heavy police presence at New Delhi airport and they all speak English so no, you wont get lost even if you tried. Asking a police man for directions is common so do not hesitate to ask as they are used to that and don't mind it atall.

    Make a note of the Airline you will be flying from Domestic airport as there's more than one terminals at the domestic airport and you will need to tell the taxi driver which airline you are flying for him to drop you at the right one. I am sure the terminal will be mentioned on the New Delhi -Dehradun ticket.
  6. H.C.

    H.C. New Member

    I've done some reading up online about which terminals certain airlines use; I'm flying Jet Airways for all of my flights - international and domestic. The Jet airways website says it operates from Terminal 3 at the Delhi airport, and another site says Arrivals and Departures for Jet Airways all happen from Terminal 3. Does this mean I don't have to switch terminals to catch my domestic flight to Dehradun after landing at Delhi; especially since it's the same airline? Can anyone confirm this for me?
    Thanks for all the answers so far!
  7. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    If you have the flight number you could search it on Google like this : Google and it will give you the terminal. I searched for 2829 and it says T3. If your flight number says T3, you will be landing and flying from the same terminal. I am not sure how immigration clearance works in that case. As far as I know you will have to clear immigration at Delhi before taking the Dehradun flight unless something has changed very recently.
  8. H.C.

    H.C. New Member

    I searched my flight number and it also says I will be departing for Dehradun from T3. Along with the Jet Airways website and a few others, I'm quite convinced that I don't have to switch terminals and that would save me both time and money. If this happens to be the case, I'm happy. If it isn't, I'm just going to have move as fast as I can.
    I actually have a question regarding clothing. Would it be a good idea for me to wear a salwar kameez tunic while I'm there? Or would that be strange?
  9. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    If your departure for Dehradun flight shows Terminal 3, it is the same terminal where you would land.

    For clothing anything goes as long as you are not showing too much legs or cleavage. I normally had a T-shirt with jeans when I was in India. I won't spend money on clothes just for the trip, wear what you have.
  10. H.C.

    H.C. New Member

    Alright, seems good. I won't bother wasting money on extra clothing if jeans and t-shirts are good; got lots of those.
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