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Attractive Sea Beaches Of Karnataka

Discussion in 'By The Sea' started by moondebi, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. moondebi

    moondebi New Member

    The western part of Karnataka is the coastal side of the state. Though not very popular for its beaches, Karnataka has quite a number of them. Here, one can enjoy the serenity of a sea beach, apart from that populated overfill.

    The top ten attractive sea beaches of the state are as follows:

    1. Panambur Beach

    2. Om Beach

    3. Gokarna Beach

    4. Murudeshwar Beach

    5. Sasihitlu Beach

    6. Surathkal Beach

    7. Tannirbavi Beach

    8. St. Mary’s Island

    9. Maravanthe Beach

    10. Kaup Beach

  2. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Of these beaches, can you tell me which is the most populated / active beach in Karnataka. I heard that Kaup beach is a busy beach especially during October and December. There is also a 100ft high light house and ruined fort which are worthwhile to see I believe.

    I have visited only Gokarna beach. Mahabaleshwar temple located at this beach is really beautiful. I also visited a number of ancient temples nearby. But I am very keen to visit Kaup beach too.
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  3. moondebi

    moondebi New Member

    Kaup Beach is situated in Udupi district, around 400 kilometers from Bangalore.

    Kaup Beach is likely to be the most crowed and active beach of the state. I went there during summer vacation, which is not the peak time for the tourists. The last three months of a year sees the maximum rush of visitors.

    As you mentioned, more than the attraction of the beach, the lighthouse and the ruined fort are the biggest draw for the people. Kaup also has two famous temples of Goddess Mariamma.
  4. kokosflocken

    kokosflocken New Member

    Let me add Trasi beach to the list. There's a river on one side of the highway, and the sea on the other. It is spectacular indeed. The only problem is that the sea is a bit too wild (read: dangerous) , and so you're not allowed to swim, but its great for long walks, seashell-picking, or just hanging out after a good meal of fried fish at a nearby restaurant. Preferably with ice cream.
  5. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Here are my top three from your list:

    Panambur Beach looks lovely! I think one of the main attractions in it, aside from the water, is the kite flying event. Where else is kite flying done nowadays? That is one new adventure you can try at Panambur Beach. There are also lots of food stalls to try unlike some other beach spots where the food variation is very limited. Watching the sunset from the beach is also very beautiful and calming.

    Om beach is named so because of its unusual shape. It depicts the "Om" symbol hence the name. What makes it attractive to visitors is the laid back feel of the site. It's best to visit it at off peak seasons to truly appreciate its beauty.

    Kaup beach! The view is amazing, especially from the light house. The only downside is that there are no lifeguards and the water can be extremely rough. So be cautious when you go here. Swimming is not advisable as the water is dangerous so really, you only go here for the view.