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Barapani Lake Meghalaya

Discussion in 'Meghalaya' started by Sakhib, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Sakhib

    Sakhib New Member

    I have a holiday planned to Shillong with a few friends, the holiday was not really thought about properly before we booked the tickets and now we are researching about the places to see in Shillong and things to do. The first tourist spot I want to find out about is Barapani Lake in Meghalaya.

    1. How far is Barapani lake from Shillong city?

    2. Is Barapani Lake also known as Umiam Lake?

    3. How big is the lake?

    4. Can we do boating in the lake, or is it something just to see?


  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Sakhib! Welcome to the forum!

    The Barapani Lake
    A Brief Overview of the Barapani Lake

    On your way to Shillong, you would pass by the the Barapani Lake. It is about 17 kilometres away from the city centre of Shillong. Barapani Lake can be literally translated to big water, as the lake covers an area of over 220 square kilometres. Yet another name for the beautiful lake is Umiam Lake and this name was taken from a local legend about it. Umiam Lake literally translates to water of tears and the name can be attributed to the local folklore about two sisters descending from the heavens into Meghalaya, but one of them got lost. This lead to the crying of the sister who reached Meghalaya and her tears formed the lake.

    Whichever name you choose to call the lake, one thing is for sure, its beauty is mesmerising. With the backdrop of the mountains, along with the lush greenery and of course the pristine lake itself, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Shillong. It's hard to imagine that this lake is actually a manmade one, as it was created after the damming of the Umiam River. It is also the main water source of the city and nearby, you can find the Umiam Dam, the source of the water for the lake, which generates electricity for the locals.

    The Barapani Lake is an idyllic getaway, a place where you can leave all your worries behind and just enjoy nature. The clear waters of the lake reflects the surrounding colours, from the blue skies, to the green forests around and to the brown hills from a distant. And no matter what you do, this memory would remain etched in your mind and heart forever.

    What can you do around the Barapani Lake?

    Most tourists enjoy boating around the Barapani Lake. There's a small water sports facility, located just on the banks of the lake. You can indulge in different kinds of boating activities like pedal boating, kayaking and water cycling. This laid-back activity is perfect for couples, families and even solo travellers. The tranquility of the lake and the beautiful views around you would leave you speechless. There's also the Lumpongdeng Island, located in the middle of the lake, that you can visit on your boat ride. There's a privately owned floating house in the island, which you can stay in as well, if you'd like.

    You can also reach the view point for the lake, which is about three to four kilometres away from Shillong's city centre. This place is better for those who are in a rush and cannot make a visit to the lake itself. It is also a great place for photographers as they can get a commanding view of the lake from it. The downside is that this view point can get pretty crowded especially during peak tourist season. It's easily accessible as well from Shillong and you can just stay a few minutes here before reaching the lake itself.

    Nearby the lake is the Lum Nehru Park, the best place for viewing the sunset along with views of the Barapani Lake. The park has spacious grounds perfect for having a picnic or for children who enjoy running around. The entire park is covered with lush greenery, with pine trees and lots of grass around the grounds. The chirping of the birds add to the serenity of the place and occasionally, you might spot some birds flocking nearby the lake or the trees.

    Are there any accommodation options near the Barapani Lake?

    There are two resorts located just close to the lake, giving you unending views of the surrounding beauty, all day long and all night long. These are the following resorts:

    1. Orchid Lake Resort - Out of the two accommodation options, this is the more affordable one yet it delivers when it comes to scenic views and amenities. The Barapani Lake can be easily seen from the resort, especially from its outdoor swimming pool. The rooms are very simple though, with their white-washed walls and basic amenities. Some rooms have a balcony though for better viewing of the lake. The resort has an in-house restaurant too but their menu is not that extensive nor is the food worth remarking on. For a budget traveller though, this resort would do and will be good enough for a short stay just to be near the Barapani Lake.
    • Room Rates - Regular Single Room at Rs. 1,850 per night and Regular Double Room at Rs. 2,400 per night.
    • Room Amenities - Heating, television with cable, safety deposit locker and attached bathroom.
    • Resort Facilities - Room service, power back-up, restaurant, laundry and health club.
    • Address - Umiam Ri-Bhoi, Near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong, Meghalaya, 793001, India.
    • Contact Number/s - +91 81919 00057 or +91 82660 12340.
    2. Ri Kynjai Resort - The higher end resort out of the two options, the Ri Kynjai Resort is set upon a hillock, overlooking the Barapani Lake. Its architectural style is derived from that of the traditional thatched huts of the Khasis. Yet it is a bit more modern, combining elements of tradition and technology. As such, your stay in the resort would prove to be comfortable and at the same time, takes you closer to nature. Rooms are spacious with wooden furnitures along with a balcony offering a view of the lake and forests. Their in-house restaurant serves local cuisine to guests, with their very own twists. And yes, even while eating, you can enjoy the view of the lake from the restaurant.
    • Room Rates - Supreme Room at Rs. 8,000 per night and Superior Room at Rs. 9,000 per night.
    • Room Amenities - Heating, television with cable, safety deposit locker, ceiling fan and attached bathroom.
    • Resort Facilities - Room service, power back-up, restaurant, laundry, spa, conference hall and travel desk.
    • Address - Umniuh Khwan, UCC Road, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya, India.
    • Contact Number/s - +91 98624 20300.
    Ry Kynjai Resort near Barapani Lake

    I hope this helps you! Enjoy your trip.:)