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Beaches in Mumbai

Discussion in 'By The Sea' started by Lalit, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Lalit

    Lalit New Member

    I am going Mumbai for 3 days and during my stay would like to go to the beach. I know there are quite a few beaches in Mumbai but but some are overcrowded which I would like to avoid. I would like to know which other beaches there are in Mumbai and what they are like crowd wise. I would preferably like the beach to be a place to relax and sit during the early mornings and late evenings.

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Mumbai as you probably know is a crowded city and so are the beaches. There is no beach in Mumbai where you wont see too many people. You should really get out of Mumbai or check into a hotel which has their own little private area.

  3. amitsharma1424

    amitsharma1424 New Member

    If you want less crowdy beach, then try to go Juhu beach at night. Its nice place at night with less crowd and police keeps petroling that area throughout the night. So its safer place too...But police will not allow you there after 2am.
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  4. Lalit

    Lalit New Member

    Thanks Amit. What is Juhu beach like during the day time?

    Can you give me some thoughts on Versova beach as well.
  5. amitsharma1424

    amitsharma1424 New Member

    Juhu beach during day time is very crowdy but it is better to visit at evening. You will enjoy all food there and they opens till 2am. Versova beach is little lone beach with less crowd but is not recommended because there are chances of sticking poisonous stings of dead animals in your foot.. Be careful at versova beach if you go there and try not to go there without foot wears
  6. Lalit

    Lalit New Member

    Just thought I would give feedback from my trip, with the forum member suggestions I decided to go to Juhu beach and yes it was good, and tons of variety for snacks on the beach but I avoided these in case I got sick!
  7. Neel

    Neel New Member

    Did you spot any celebs while in Mumbai?
  8. Lalit

    Lalit New Member

    No I didn't spot any celebs, although I was thinking it would be good if I did. I went on one of the tour buses and it also goes past the actors residence, and the amount of people who wait outside to see them is amazing I don't know how these actors even live in privacy.
  9. mochaisis

    mochaisis New Member

    Well thank you for this warning, definitely! I would definitely like to avoid any heath detriments on our trip. I was just looking for hotels off this beach, but maybe it would be better to look closer to Juhu. Is anyone here familiar with the Novotel there? It seems to have some pretty good reviews online.
  10. turtledove

    turtledove Member

    Juhu beach is absolutely wonderful, but as people have previously mentioned, it is often very crowded. Evenings or even nights are the best times to visit the area, but it's definitely worth a visit. It's also a lot safer, since there are police patrols covering the area. Versova beach is also pretty good, I would recommend it for short holidays, I really enjoyed my last trip to Mumbai - I hope you do too!
  11. TravelinMan

    TravelinMan New Member

    Just out of curiosity :p What sort of dead animals are a danger to feet at Versova beach? Is this a common issue at beaches throughout India, or just this one..?
  12. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    I have never heard of anything poisonous about Versova Beach. In India most of the beaches are safe, except a few secluded beaches because there will be no rescue measures available in case of an accident. It is always advisable to visit secluded beaches in groups than alone. Otherwise all beaches are safe.

    In most of the beaches crabs are common but as you know they are not poisonous. May be what he is referring to is crabs and their bite is really painful. You can't even imagine how intense it would be.
  13. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there!

    Generally, the beaches in Mumbai are on the noisier and crowded side. However, you can still find a few beaches that are quite secluded and away from the noise. Here they are:

    Less Crowded Beaches in Mumbai
    • Marve Beach - You can find this in the Western part of Malad in the city of Mumbai. It can be reached through bus ride from the Malad Railway Station. From there, you can ride autos going to the beach. The beach itself is very narrow and has strong undercurrents, hence swimming isn't really advised. But it's a great place to enjoy walking along the shores or enjoying the views. Since it's not a popular tourist destination, it isn't as crowded as the other beaches in Mumbai. This is also the training ground for the INS officers.
    • Aksa Beach - This can be found in the Aksa Village of Malad in Mumbai. You can reach it via bus or via private vehicles. Swimming here isn't permitted because of this shifting sands and the strong undercurrents. There are a few restaurants and shacks nearby the beach. It's a great place to enjoy some quiet and serenity as it's not overly populated compared to other beaches in Mumbai.
    • Versova Beach - This is an extension of the Juhu Beach but isn't overly crowded like this one. You can reach it by going to the Andheri Bus Station and riding an auto to the Versova Beach. Mumbai's fishing community, the kolis, reside in one part of the beach. It's quite stunning to watch them live their everyday life and see how they board their boats to fish. You can also try some water sports conducted here.
    • Kalamb Beach - This is in the Nalasopara Village of Than District. It is in the far North of Mumbai City. You can reach it via the Virar Station and from there, ride an auto to the Kalamb Beach. Currently, it only has one resort and a few street stalls. The sands here are quite fine and has a wide variety of sea shells. The water is very clean as well and suitable for swimming.
    • Dana Pani Beach - This is a bit further away from the Aksa Beach in Malad. It's very secluded and there's not many stalls around. The beach and water is very clean. It also offers the view of the pagoda or Gorai. It's best to bring your own packed food when visiting the place. The views around sunset are stunning too.
    • Manori Beach - You can reach this beach via ferry from the Marve and Gorai Beaches. You can also ride a bus from the Malad Station to the Manori Beach. It is just a tiny beach, away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of the city. The shores are a bit rocky though and swimming isn't advised as the currents can be strong. However, for just enjoying the view and walking along the shores, Manori Beach would be perfect for these.
    • Erangal Beach - This is also located in Malad. From the Malad Railway Station, you can board a bus going to the Erangal Beach. Swimming is permitted here as the water is very safe. Aside from that, you can enjoy the clean, blue waters and shores as this isn't as popular as the other beaches in the general Mumbai area. There are also a lot of accommodation options around the beach, from five-star hotels to guest houses, so you can stay the night here.

    I hope this helps!

  14. Indianexplorer

    Indianexplorer New Member

    If you do not mind a 1 hour boat ride, then do visit Alibaug, it would have very quite beaches.

    Also, you have plenty of resorts to stay there as well and thus you can spend a couple of nights there and enjoy the atmosphere at the resort as well and explore some of the lesser known beaches.

    You would be able to easily get a speed boat from gateway of India which would take you to alibaug within an hour and it is affordable as well.