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Best Basmati rice in India

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by ImogenL85, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. ImogenL85

    ImogenL85 New Member

    I am currently in India, and I am here for another two weeks. A friend back home has asked me to bring her back some basmati rice which is popular in India.
    I went to the market the other day and had seen there are many varieties. I would like to know which basmati rice would be good to buy for someone to take back as a gift?

    It's a strange gift to give, but it's something which is wanted by my friend.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!



    Basmati rice, with its aromatic smell and flavourful taste, has been a favourite of Indians even before the pre-colonial times. Did you know that basmati rice is mainly grown and produced in India? Even though other countries have started producing locally-grown basmati rice, no other variety can beat the taste of the original basmati rice grown in the northern states of India. Specifically, Haryana and Punjab account for the most number of basmati rice grown in the country. The neighbouring country of Pakistan also produces good quality basmati rice. Inevitably, there are lots of brands of basmati rice that one can choose from when in India. Though they produce the same basmati rice, the differences in ageing of the grains can also affect the taste of the long-grained, aromatic rice variety.

    Best Basmati Rice in India

    1. Lal Qilla - The Lal Qilla brand of basmati rice was first established in the early 19th century. It was Mr. Amar Singh Chawal Wala who started it all and now, the company is a fully grown global brand when it comes to basmati rice. Until now, the descendants of Mr. Amar Singh Chawal Wala still handles the management of the company. Lal Qilla is available in European countries like France, Italy, Germany, Norway and many more. It is also exported in other continents like the United States of America, Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Their basmati rice is primarily processed in their main factory branch in Amritsar in Punjab. They have a wide variety of basmati rice but the Traditional Basmati Rice is a best seller. It is the classic version of the basmati rice, with long, slender grains and that nutty aromatic smell. It is available in different sizes, namely, 1 kilogram, 5 kilograms and 20 kilograms. The Qilla Excel Basmati Rice is also a must try, it also has long grains and a premium taste to it. Or if you're on a budget, you can try out their President Basmati Rice, which is heaps cheaper but doesn't compromise on the taste.
    • Variants - Traditional Basmati Rice, Qilla Excel Basmati Rice, President Basmati Rice and many more
    • Average Price - Rs. 700 to Rs. 1,020 for 5-Kilogram Traditional Basmati Rice
    2. Daawat - The Daawat brand of basmati rice is produced and manufactured by LT Foods. The company began in 1990, in just a small farm, established by Mr. Vijay Kumar Arora. Fast forward to today, Daawat is one of the leading companies exporting basmati rice outside of the Indian subcontinent. They have earned numerous awards, only assuring that the quality of their products is top of the line. They are well known for their Traditional Basmati Rice variant. This variant is available in both 1-kilogram and 5-kilogram packets. The long grains and aromatic smell of their variant makes it perfect for biryani dishes. They also have the Pulav Basmati Rice, very slender and long grains perfect for mimicking Persian dishes. For the health-conscious individuals, try out their Brown Basmati Rice, which tastes succulent despite the lesser carbohydrate content. Daawat is widely available in the Indian market and also in continents like Asia, America and Africa.
    • Variants - Traditional Basmati Rice, Pulav Basmati Rice and Brown Basmati Rice
    • Average Price - Rs. 875 to Rs. 1,150 for 5-Kilogram Traditional Basmati Rice

    3. Hanuman Basmati - Mainly a local distributor and manufacturer of basmati rice, Hanuman Basmati is another good option when choosing a brand for your long-grain rice cravings. The Hanuman Rice Mills, the company under which the Hanuman Basmati is managed, was established in the late 19th century in the state of Haryana. Though Hanuman Basmati isn't as extensive as the other previously mentioned companies, it has earned quite a good reputation locally. It has even expanded in some Middle Eastern countries like the United Arab of Emirates and Dubai already. They produce different kinds of long-grain rice, but their Long Grain Basmati Rice is a sure winner. This variant is incredibly pure and white, aromatic when cooked and flavourful when tasted. They can also provide for bulk orders of basmati rice for customers.
    • Variant - Long Grain Basmati Rice
    • Average Price - Available on Inquiry
    4. India Gate - The India Gate brand of basmati rice is manufactured by the KRBL Limited. This is one of the oldest rice milling companies in the country, having been established in 1889. Interestingly, the company started out in Faisalabad, located in Pakistan before being moved to its present headquarters in Noida. KRBL Limited is not just well known, but also globally accepted by award-giving bodies. In the year 2009, KRBL Limited has been awarded as the largest exported of basmati rice by APEDA Award. Just this 2016, it acquired a place in the Guinness Book of World Records too, for having the heaviest bag of rice in the world. It has won several more awards, being a favourite basmati rice brand by Indian locals. Try out their India Gate Basmati Rice Classic variant. It has slender grains, that expands quite nicely when cooked and doesn't stick together. The taste is authentically basmati too, nutty, flavourful and not the commonly processed flavour that artificially grown basmati tastes like. They also have the India Gate Organic Basmati Rice variant, perfect for the environmentally and health conscious individuals.
    • Variants - India Gate Basmati Rice Classic and India Gate Organic Basmati Rice
    • Average Price - Rs. 999 to Rs. 1,045 for 5-Kilogram India Gate Basmati Rice Classic

    5. Amira Basmati Rice - What began as a family business has now turned into a full global enterprise, handled by the fourth generation of the Chanana family. The company was founded in 1915 by Mr. BD Chanana and is now being handled by descendants of the late founder. The company has ensured that over the years, the taste, the quality, the hygiene and the tradition of the classic basmati rice was preserved. The brand Amira for basmati rice was just established in 2008 and has already expanded into many different countries. Their Premium Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice is a best seller, it has the right amount of fluffiness when cooked, not sticky at all. Their variant also seems to be very easy to prepare, unlike other basmati rice brands that need overnight soaking or preparation prior to cooking. You can also try their Basmati Brown Rice, which is a bit healthier because of its higher fibre content.
    • Variants - Premium Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice and Basmati Brown Rice
    • Average Price - Rs. 865 to Rs. 1,035 for 5-Kilogram Premium Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice
    6. Aeroplane Basmati - The Aeroplane Basmati brand was established under the management of Jagdish Kumar Suri. Though not as globally known as Lal Qilla or India Gate, Aeroplane Basmati is very popular is Asian countries like Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. Aside from that, the brand is also exported in middle eastern countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They have lots of variants for basmati rice that you can choose from. One of their best sellers is the La Taste Basmati Rice variant. The age of the grains shows because of the rich taste and aroma that it has. Plus, it is incredibly cheaper as compared to the previous brands. Their Classic Basmati Rice is another must try, it has the same long grains and flavour of a traditional basmati rice. Aeroplane Basmati has its head plants in Haryana, Punjab and also in Delhi. This brand is widely available in local supermarkets in India so you can easily find it.
    • Variants - La Taste Basmati Rice and Classic Basmati Rice
    • Average Price - Rs. 560 to Rs. 750 for 5-Kilogram La Taste Basmati Rice
    7. Mezban Basmati Rice - Next we have Mezban Basmati Rice, produced under the company of Masp Impex, under the management of Mr. Rastogi. The Mezban Basmati Rice appeals to masses because of its unique four-fold elements of affordability, hygiene, quality and taste. You can choose from a wide variety of basmati rice variants as well. Of course, nothing beats their Traditional Basmati Rice, with its pearly white colour, slender grains and rich aroma when cooked. It doesn't stick together too, expanding almost twice its size when cooked. Only the purest basmati grains are included in each packet too, no additions of short grains or other starches. Also worth buying is the Extra Long Grain (XXL) Basmati Rice, which is the longest basmati rice variant that you can find under the brand name. When cooked, it expands to about 30% more than the other basmati rice variants in the market. You can also enjoy the Gold Basmati Rice variant, with its smooth, buttery texture when cooked, it's sure to capture the foodie's heart.
    • Variants - Traditional Basmati Rice, Extra Long Grain (XXL) Basmati Rice and Gold Basmati Rice
    • Average Price - Rs. 780 to Rs. 950 for 5-Kilogram Extra Long Grain (XXL) Basmati Rice
    8. Zafarani Basmati Rice - Zafarani is a Texas-based basmati rice company but the grains from the brand are originally still from the foothills of the Himalayas. Aside from numerous stores in the US, Zafarani can also be found in major supermarkets in India and the Middle East. While the brand has several basmati rice variants, it is worth discussing the best variant which is the Zafarani Reserve Basmati. Though pricier than most local variants, this variant has the longest grains that you can find in the market. It expands as well when cooked so you can enjoy the fluffy goodness of the rice even more. If ever you can't find this variant is a local market near you, fret not, as it's also available in most US markets and also online.
    • Variant - Zafarani Reserve Basmati
    • Average Price - Rs. 980 to Rs. 1,550 for 5-Kilogram Zafarani Reserve Basmati

    9. Markfed Punjab - Markfed Punjab is a company specialising in producing various food and food-related products. It was established in 1954 as a small corporation in the field of agriculture. It is now one of the largest agriculture and marketing companies in the country. While they specialises in long-grain basmati rice production, they also export spices, teas, ready to eat meals and bottled products. One of the best-tasting basmati rice variants that they have is the Sohna Supreme Basmati Rice. What gives this variant its distinct taste is that it has been aged to perfection for over two years before being packaged. The Sohna Superior Basmati Rice is also a must try, with its premium taste, owing to the finest grains picked from the bunch, there's no turning back once you tasted the rich flavour of it. You would also find that the Sohna Markfed Punjab basmati rice variants are priced slightly lower than other brands.
    • Variants - Sohna Supreme Basmati Rice and Sohna Superior Basmati Rice
    • Average Price - Rs. 650 to Rs. 850 for 5-Kilogram Sohna Supreme Basmati Rice
    10. Neesa - Neesa is handled by global company Bush Foods Overseas Private Limited, which is based in Haryana but has offices in Delhi and New York as well. The company also exports to other regions like the UK, Kuwait, Switzerland and Mauritius. The best feature of this company is its high regard for hygiene and sanitation. They have different varieties of basmati rice that you can also choose from. Do try their Neesa Premium Gold Pure and Traditional Indian Basmati Rice though. This variant has grains aged to perfection, to give that aroma and taste that only an aged basmati rice has. There's also the Neesa Select Basmati Rice, which is one of the most affordable variants in the Indian market. Despite its affordability, this basmati rice variant delivers in terms of taste and quantity.
    • Variants - Neesa Premium Gold Pure and Traditional Indian Basmati Rice and Neesa Select Basmati Rice
    • Average Price - Rs. 350 to Rs. 550 for 5-Kilogram Neesa Select Basmati Rice

    This list highlights some of the best basmati rice brands in India. However, keep in mind that actual tastes vary from individual to individual. Some people prefer one basmati rice brand over the other so it's still a case to case basis. Fortunately, these basmati rice brands are widely available in India and also around the world, through Indian stores. Plus, you can also order them through online stores that are partnered with the companies that export these brands of basmati rice.

    I hope this helps!:)