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Best Museum's to visit in Goa

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Rammit, Aug 31, 2023.

  1. Rammit

    Rammit New Member

    Hello again, I would like someone to provide me with a small list of the museums one can visit while in Goa. Please also specify if it is known what kind of museum it is, and its location.

  2. AA99

    AA99 New Member

    Surprisingly Goa has a lot of museums from history museums to navel history, so you won't run out of museums there. I will give a list of museums that I had, unfortunately, due to the shortage of time I wasn't able to visit all of them, but hope you get time to see the ones you desire.

    Goa State Museum (Museum of Christian Art):
    Location: Patto Centre, Panaji, Goa
    The Goa State Museum offers a comprehensive insight into the history and culture of Goa. It houses artifacts, sculptures, and art pieces dating back to ancient and colonial times.

    Museum of Goa (MOG):
    Location: Pilerne Industrial Estate, Bardez, Goa
    MOG is a contemporary art museum that showcases the work of local and international artists. It's a great place to explore modern and contemporary art in Goa.

    Naval Aviation Museum:
    Location: Bogmalo, Goa
    This unique museum provides a fascinating look into the history of naval aviation in India. It features aircraft, equipment, and memorabilia related to the Indian Navy's aviation wing.

    Houses of Goa Museum:
    Location: Torda, Salvador do Mundo, Goa
    This museum is dedicated to the architecture and design of traditional Goan houses. It provides insights into the unique blend of Portuguese and Indian architectural styles.

    Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery (Old Goa):
    Location: Old Goa
    Situated in the historic Old Goa area, this museum houses a collection of sculptures, artifacts, and portraits that reflect the state's rich heritage.

    Big Foot Cross Museum:
    Location: Loutolim, Goa
    This museum is known for its collection of crosses from various regions of Goa. It also offers a glimpse into Goan rural life through its exhibits.

    Mario Miranda Gallery:
    Location: Calangute, Goa
    This gallery pays homage to the renowned Goan cartoonist and artist, Mario Miranda. It showcases his humorous and iconic artwork.

    Ancestral Goa (Big Foot):
    Location: Loutolim, Goa
    While not a traditional museum, Ancestral Goa offers a unique experience by showcasing Goan rural life and customs through life-sized art installations.

  3. Tripti

    Tripti New Member

    I would like to add one more to this list which is Ashvek’s Vintage World. The museum opened in 2004 in Nuvem. Ashvek's Vintage World exhibits vintage-class cars and bikes. The cost to enter the museum is Rs100, and well worth a visit for vintage lovers.