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Best North Indian Dishes Worth Eating.

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Sharath S, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Sharath S

    Sharath S Member

    We have planned a trip to North India. We have not yet finalised the actual spots. But I am just curious over the dishes and desserts that are worth looking out for when you visit North India. I don't mind if it is a bit too spicy, but we only do vegetarian food. Any food recommendation is welcome. I am a foody and love to try out new food. I am hopeful that this guide will help me with that.

  2. PaulGarner

    PaulGarner New Member

    If you are into sweets then here is a list of the sweets you should try in North India:
    - Gajrela which is made from carrots
    - Gulab Jamun which is like deep fried dumpling dipped in sugar syrup
    - Ras Malai which is a cold dish made from milk
    - Daulat ki chaat is something only available in Chandni Chowk and is a must try.

    From the dry sweets try besan which is made from gram flour and moti choor ladoos which I can not remember what they are made from.