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Branded Clothes

Discussion in 'South India' started by Delilah, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Delilah

    Delilah New Member

    I heard that in Bangalore there are places where you can get branded clothes for a huge discount. Is that true? If it is, do you know where I could find them?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    I recommend going to Hosur Road in Wilson Garden Area. There you will find the Brand Factory outlet store. They offer branded items at a discounted price. Sometimes, there's a sale going on like a "Buy one, take one" deal.

    Then in Gandhibazaar Road, there's the MegaMart Mall. Same concept as above, but it offers more brands. Some people prefer this store and it's actually quite a popular one to visit in Bangalore.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Sheba

    Sheba New Member

    This is excellent. I would also like to do a little shopping when I'm in India. I was thinking of buying some clothes for work. This would be a great place to shop. I'm sure I could find what I was looking for there.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    I hope my wife doesn't see this post. She will be after me to spend the day shopping. She has way too many clothes as it is. I don't want to travel around with heavy suitcases. I know the prices are reasonable and she will over spend for sure. I have to keep her focused on other things during our trip.
  5. George

    George Member

    If my wife knows about this she will be after me to go shopping. Maybe we can make a trade off. I am not one to spend my day shopping. I could leave her shopping and maybe take some tour or even go fishing for the day. Think that would be a good trade off.
  6. Laeticia

    Laeticia New Member

    Andrew and George you are so funny :D But yes, I can imagine what paradise this would be for a shopping lover. Thankfully, I am not really into that!
  7. Aurora

    Aurora New Member

    I definitely need to see these places too. I am a huge shopping fan and I am always looking for good deals and discounts on my trips.
  8. Neve

    Neve New Member

    I have never been to Kerala. Are they really branded? How much discount do you get on average compared to Europe for example? An ideas?
  9. Kyle

    Kyle New Member

    My girlfriend will really be happy to read this as she is planning to visit Bangalore in June this year. Good thing that she is going with her friends and not me :D
  10. Rita P

    Rita P New Member

    There are some great sales that take place almost every month in the retail stores.If you go through the classifieds in the local newspapers you will be able to find out where a sale is on. You can be assured to find good quality stuff in the retail stores, something that may not hold true in flash sales being held elsewhere.
  11. Dina

    Dina New Member

    I would love to pick up some clothes while I am in India. After all, the major brand companies source their clothes from this region and hence it is bound to be cheaper than in the West. I will be carrying an extra case with me to fit in all my new clothes!
  12. Arianne

    Arianne Member

    I love a sale, especially if it involves clothing. Do they have sales all year round like an outlet store or is it just during certain times of the year? I'll be sure to stop there on my visits if that's the case. I'll have to bring extra luggage to put it in.
  13. Travguy

    Travguy Member

    It will certainly be a good idea to buy clothes that are cheap, In the city where I live clothes are very expensive and a sale is on only when there are defective clothes that need to be disposed. I will keep it in mind when I am in India.