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Cost Of Clothing In India

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Prakiti, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Prakiti

    Prakiti New Member

    I am Prakiti from London and I will be traveling to India to visit some of my relatives who I have not met before. While on this trip I also plan to do some shopping and I wanted to know what is the cost of clothing in India, would you say its more expensive than it is in London or cheaper?

    I would like views on Indian clothes and western clothes.

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    When it comes to tradition or you can say Indian clothing for sure it is much cheaper in India. The Indian clothing which is sold abroad is mostly exported from India and then charged at double or more the rate in other countries. So when it comes to shopping for your Indian clothing make sure you shop from India, you will get more choice and also save money.

    Western wear of popular international brands like Levis, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger etc is near about the same price in India because they are international brands and costs are the same across the globe. The non-branded or Indian branded western wear is cheaper than what you may find abroad.
    Some markets in India sell surplus branded products, which are sold at very cheap rates, so they are definitely a bargain.

  3. Londoner

    Londoner New Member


    From my personal experience, I find it hard to shop for clothes in India(specially menswear). Most western clothes are actually cheaper in London, and we have an amazing choice here in London, surprisingly for like to like, an amazing price too. When it come to western Brands in India, clothes are fair few seasons old. It's same with shoes.

    When it comes to traditional Indian clothes, you will of course find a better value. But even here, if you are looking for high fashion Indian clothes, these are just as expensive, but a better choice. If you are after hand made costume jewellery, you will definitely find bargain in India.

    I am always surprised to see how good we have in London.
  4. Prits

    Prits Member

    This was the case many years ago. India has developed at lot and now the fashion abroad and in India are kind of neck and neck you can say, so you cant really fall behind in fashion when it comes to western clothes in India.
  5. JJ

    JJ New Member

    You will find a lot of brands have their own factory outlets, who sell the branded products at a discount rate from 40% - 70%. So it's a good idea to find out which factory outlets are near you when you visit India. Some of the brands which have factory outlets are Levis, Adidas, Woodland, and many others.