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Current Weather Conditions in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by AkashGulatli, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. AkashGulatli

    AkashGulatli New Member

    I had booked tickets for Mumbai about two weeks ago, so I could go and see the place and visit some of the famous beaches, but from the current weather conditions it has continuously been raining and the tides are quite high. Could someone please give me an update to what the current weather is like and whether it is safe to go to the beach?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    Currently Mumbai is pouring down with rain, it is continuously raining, and a couple of days ago roads very blocked because of the high water levels, although the roads are all clear now, the rain is still there, so chances of visiting the beach are low. If I was you I would wait until the monsoons are over as there would be better chances of visiting the beach and the weather would be better for you to see the other tourist spots.

  3. InduKumari

    InduKumari New Member

    It is not a good idea to visit Mumbai during monsoons, as the weather gets very humid and it is always raining, which means travelling and sightseeing would not be enjoyable. Even visiting the beach would not be a good idea. The only option is going to near by places near Mumbai or just travel in the humid weather if you dont mind that.
  4. Off the cuff

    Off the cuff New Member

    Are there regular monsoon seasons in the Mumbai area, or is there a chance of heavy rain at any time of year? I am not used to humidity but think I could manage getting around in the heat more than in the rain.
  5. Aja

    Aja Member

    I am not very familiar with they way seasons run in Mumbai, but a quick check of the Mumbai weather online just now shows warm and sunny for the next several weeks. Today it is a nice 88F. No chance of a white Christmas there!
  6. Rye

    Rye New Member

    I believe the weather goes from hot and humid summer to monsoon season then warm fall. Seems to me the best time to visit is December to February, when the weather is moderate but still summer like to us Americans.
  7. RBean

    RBean New Member

    If the weather is hot and humid then the beaches would be the best place. I think for traveling and touring you'd be better off in November and December. Right now it is hot and humid 70 degrees.
  8. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Although this reply is a year late, I figured this can help other guests and members who might have the same query. Anyway, right now, the weather in Mumbai is quite rainy. It is considered as monsoon season as it's the month of July. Temperatures range from 27°C to 29°C.

    So let us start with the monsoon season, which is from June until late September. Although it rains a lot, humidity also rises in the region. The main issue with the monsoon season is that Mumbai gets flooded, a lot. The lush greenery during this season is quite amazing though. But generally, tourists are advised to avoid the region in the rainy season.

    Now, let us go to the winter season, which is from October to February. Temperatures range as well but it can go as low as 17°C. The climate during this time is pleasant for sightseeing as compared to other seasons. Humidity lessens as well which is always a good thing. This is the peak tourist season as well.

    The last season is the summer season, which is from March to May. Temperatures are the highest at this time sometimes even exceeding 40°C. Unless you're from a tropical country and used to such harsh and hot climates, it's not advisable to visit Mumbai during the summer season.

    Generally speaking, Mumbai experiences a humid climate all-year round. It experiences moderate temperatures due to the proximity to the coastal areas, but it also has a humid climate because of the same reason. That's why the winter season is the best time to visit Mumbai when temperatures are a bit colder and humidity isn't as strong.

    I hope this helps!