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Delhi - leh, search for a suitable bike

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Ritesh.sri, Sep 27, 2016.


Karizma ZMR or Classic 350- which one to opt for leh laddakh trip for a 6'3"

  1. karizma zmr,

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  2. classic 350

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  1. Ritesh.sri

    Ritesh.sri New Member

    halo travellers !

    this is my first post on this group.

    Was planning to visit leh laddakh by Bike from delhi.
    I stand 6'3" tall.
    This height is giving me tough time choosing a bike to ride.

    Have short listed Karizma zmr/classic 350 so far.

    please advise if these 2 wud suit my height in terms of ride comfort & posture.

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    My first choice would be Royal Enfield provided the motor bike is in very good condition and not a 20 years old refurbished beat up model.

  3. Wonderer

    Wonderer New Member

    Hey there! Welcome to the group! Here's some info on how your height might affect those bikes for your Leh Ladakh trip:

    Royal Enfield Classic 350:
    • Possible fit: Reviews tend to be positive for riders up to 6'3" for the Classic 350. They mention a comfortable, upright riding position.
    • Considerations: Some reviewers say the handlebars could be a bit higher for extra comfort on longer rides. This might be manageable though, since you can adjust your posture and handlebar position later with aftermarket parts if needed.

    Karizma ZMR:
    • Possible fit: This might be a bit of a stretch for your height. The ZMR has a sportier riding position that can feel cramped for taller riders.
    Here's some additional advice for choosing a bike for your height:
    • Test ride both bikes: This is the best way to see how they feel for you. Pay attention to legroom, knee bend, and how much reach you have to the handlebars.
    • Consider a different option: There are other adventures touring motorcycles that might be a better fit for your height, like the Royal Enfield Himalayan or the KTM 390 Adventure.
    Ultimately, the best bike for you is the one that feels comfortable and gives you good control. Leh Ladakh is an amazing ride, so you want to be sure you're on a bike that will make the journey enjoyable.