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Do indians have an interest of traveling to Scandinavia?

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by JoakimW, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. JoakimW

    JoakimW New Member


    I have traveled multiple times in India with great memories for the rest of my life. This country has become a second home to me and an ever growing interest. I will actually start studying hindi at a swedish university in one months time.

    The area of the world where I'm from is quite the different place to India you could say. Definitely magical and enchanting aswell but in a very different way.
    I have a couple of quite simple and direct questions. Please feel free to answer as much and many of them as you want.

    Is there an interest for indians to travel to Scandinavia?

    If so, what would be of special interest? What have you heard about Scandinavia?

    If a tour would be presented to you as an opportunity for you to travel there, what would you expect it to include?

    What would you want it to include?

    How long would you like that trip/guided tour to be?

    A five star hotel in Stockholm or a night in the open under the midnight sun of Lappland? Or maybe both?

    Or maybe a wintertime trip to see the northern lights?

    A cruise through the majestic fjords of Norway or hiking in the mountains? Or maybe both?

    Would you want your guide to be an Hindi speaker or would english do?

    You may wonder of the reason i ask so many questions and the answer is this. With my growing interest for India, its culture, history and language I'm starting to wonder if it may also be the other way around.
    I have a close family member of mine with many years experience of arranging and guiding tours.
    Im in the first stages in the planning of arranging such a tour exclusively for indians with a interest of traveling to Scandinavia. This thread is my first attempt to collect information on the subject. To see if there actually is an interest.

    Thank you


  2. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    I had worked on a plan to visit this area through a travel agent but at that time they did not get a sufficient number of oganise the tour.

    I have no plans to travel now due to personal reasons but the following would be my choice if I decided on taking up your offer.

    - I would prefer my guide to be speaking good English
    - I would certainly prefer a cruise but not hiking in the mountains
    -If the 5 star hotel comfort is expensive would prefer a cheaper but comfortable hotel
    -The duration would depend on that cruise

    I have reversed the order of answering your questions for convenience sake.
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  3. JoakimW

    JoakimW New Member

    Thanks for your answer iamawriter!

    I guess I'm in a similar situation as the travel agency you had plans to come here with. But the information you gave is much appreciated.

  4. Londoner

    Londoner New Member

    I'm of an Indian origin living in London, and absolutely love Scandinavia, well Sweden to be more precise. I've been to Sweden many many times, sadly last time I was there was fair few years ago. Now I grew up in London, and my views will be very different from someone from India, but here's my input from travellers I met travelling to London from India.

    Scandinavia is definitely magical and enchanting and a beautiful part of the World but not first region many would think about visiting. Indian who travel do prefer English spoken by their guide, they themselves are fluent. Scandinavia is an expensive part of the World, and that will puts visitors from India off travelling to this part of the World and not many Indian travellers travel backpacking outside of India. I do see a trend from young Indian travellers traveling who visits London visiting cities like Stockholm for short break, or a weekend.
  5. Gori Bride

    Gori Bride Member

    I haven't seen much interest in Scandinavian countries, Switzerland seems to be people's first choice (when it comes to Europe) and I am guessing it is because of the 80's and 90's bollywood movies.
  6. Londoner

    Londoner New Member

    So so true. Bollywood is the same reason Scotland has become so popular with Indian tourists. Visit Scotland has even created Bollywood Scotland logo and a Bollywood trails for Indian visitors.