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Driving From India to China

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Vickky, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Vickky

    Vickky New Member

    I am very fond of road trips and have often traveled to distant places by taking breaks in between. I think it is a good way to explore the country, and you can easily see the changes between each state while driving which can not be seen or experienced by taking a flight or traveling by train or bus.

    I would now like to go beyond borders, and I would love driving from India to China. I don't know whether this is allowed or not, so I need as much information as possible from where I would cross the border to the documents and permits required.

    Would I come across any problems when entering China and is it safe to travel?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum!

    First of all, there's no direct route that you can access to go to China from India. Unfortunately, this hasn't been possible for a long while now due to the India-China war. There are other routes you can take though. Here they are:

    • India > Nepal > China. From Coimbatore, you would need to go to Kathmandu in Nepal. Then you'd need to go to the Tibetan Town of Zhangmu which can be found on the border of Nepal and China. You would need to apply for a visa as early as eight months before your trip for this to work. You would need a Chinese visa to enter the China border. Then, you'd have to obtain special driving permits as well. Alternatively, you can opt for a travel agency to help you with the documents, although it can be more expensive.
    • India > Myanmar > China. You would have to go to Moreh, then to Tamu in Myanmar. Then, in Muse in Myanmar, you can cross the border to Ruili which is located in China's Yunnan Province. You would need to apply at least a month before your trip. But there's an accompanying guide and vehicle already once you take this route. If you want to take your own vehicle, you would need to obtain a special permit for this.
    So there you go... It's safe with these routes as long as you've obtained all the necessary permits. Be prepared for long hours of riding and even waiting to be able to pass through China. They can be quite strict with allowing tourists to enter their country via these routes.

    I hope this helps!
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  3. Bonzer

    Bonzer New Member

    China does allow tourists coming from India. However, you need a Chinese Visa. You may first go to Nepal to which you may not need a visa as India maintains an open border with Nepal.

    Many Indian tourists who go to Tibet to visit Mansarovar, a sacred lake for Hindus have to seek permission from the Chinese government. It's a wonderful location surrounded by hills, valleys, and snow-laden mountains. You'll get an experience of your lifetime. Planning the trip and procuring all required equipment prior to your visit will go a long way in making your trip a memorable one.
  4. Eminrac

    Eminrac New Member

    About how long do you think it would take to drive from India to China? The longest drive I have ever taken was from Los Angeles to Sacramento, about 8 hours, and even that was quite a challenge of patience for me, haha.
  5. Bonzer

    Bonzer New Member

    Bro, you are dealing with treacherous mountains here. High ridge passes, deep valleys and harsh weather (Temperatures can dip to sub-zero celsius) are the order of the day. Take my word, it's not as easy as a land cruise from LA to Sacramento. It indeed is adventurous tourism.

    Well, one of the direct ways is to back off to Pakistan and get onto the Karakoram highway to travel to Xinjiang province of China. Let me know your originating and termination points to give you an accurate info.

    If you are patient, however, you can own unerasable memories and savor picturesque locations.