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Dubai festival

Discussion in 'UAE' started by Pri23, Apr 17, 2023.

  1. Pri23

    Pri23 New Member

    There is a Dubai festival every year, can someone please let me know what exactly this festival is and when it is held.

  2. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    Dubai hosts a number of several festivals throughout the year to celebrate its culture, heritage, and diverse communities. As there is no specific festival that you are mentioning, I have listed the popular festivals in Dubai which include:

    1. Dubai Shopping Festival: This is one of the biggest shopping festivals in the world, held annually during the months of December and January. It features discounts, promotions, and entertainment activities across shopping malls, markets, and tourist destinations in Dubai.

    2. Dubai Food Festival: This festival celebrates the city's culinary scene and is held annually in February or March. It includes food-related events, promotions, and special menus offered by restaurants, cafes, and food trucks across the city.

    3. Dubai International Film Festival: This festival showcases the best of local and international cinema and is held annually in December. It features film screenings, industry discussions, and red-carpet events.

    4. Dubai Jazz Festival: This festival celebrates the genre of jazz music and is held annually in February. It features performances by renowned jazz musicians from around the world.

    5. Dubai Summer Surprises: This festival is held annually during the months of June and July and features entertainment events, promotions, and discounts across shopping malls, hotels, and tourist attractions in Dubai.