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Erode Travel Guide

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by Chahal, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Chahal

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    Erode is an incredibly scenic and traditional city in southern India situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. One of the prominent features of the city includes the Kaveri River, which flows through the district. Erode is rich in history and temple inscriptions indicate the prominent role played by the town as early as the tenth century. The name Erode is closely associated with a Chola temple and has a meaning of 'wet skull'. Despite a tough history being partially destroyed by Maratha, Mysore's Muslim rulers and the British army, the town quickly recovered due to fertile soils that have allowed the city to become an agricultural trade centre.

    The history of Erode is rather vast and gives a great insight into how the city has been nurtured to what it is today. During Hyder Ali's regime during the 18th century, Erode flourished with numerous places for people to live and with an approximate population of 1500. A fort also surrounded the city for protection from invasions whilst it also employed 4000 soldiers for reassurance. The land surrounding the city was enriched with coconut groves and fertile land whilst also being encircled by the River Cauvery and the Kalingarayan channel. Erode made real strides as a city, but all was halted by the wars of the Marathas, Mysore and also the invasion of the British. During these wars and in the aftermath, people left Erode, and it became deserted and it wasn't until the British restored the peace that people felt safe enough to return to the city. The city rapidly began to arise once again and within a few months, the city had a population of 2000 residents. The city was restored to how it was before the wars and more and more houses began to appear. The city of Erode also displays two very impressive temples, which visitors should strive to check out. The temples are dedicated to both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

    Within the state of Tamil Nadu, Erode is very publicly known as the second most vital city behind the capital Chennai. The reason of such importance is that the city is a major player in the exports industry due to the well structured and developed industrial set up whilst also having some of the best schools and universities in the region. To the people of Tamil Nadu, Erode is known as the 'Textile City' all thanks to its booming textiles industry. Being nestled in a prime cotton growing region, Erode has the resources to produce cotton and to then in turn manufacture textile goods and products which are then exported out of the region nationally and internationally. The products Erode is famous for producing includes that of towels, bed sheets and clothing. Textiles aren't the only industry in Erode, as it is also famous for being home to engineering and auto spare parts units whilst the city also has aspirations to become a specialist in the I.T sector.
    The primary language spoken in Erode is Tamil but English is widely spoken in the town and tourists and visitors will be able to more than make their way.

    Best time to visit Erode

    The best months to visit Erode are between October and March as this is when the weather will be at its most comfortable. Temperatures during these months average around 20 degrees Celsius, and this also means missing the scorching and humid summer months.

    Getting There

    For tourists visiting by plane, the closest airport is 80 km away in Coimbatore where internal flights from all around India and also some international flights arrive and leave frequently. Buses also run very frequently to and from the city, and there are a few options including state-run buses and with private companies. Trains are also a common mode of transport reaching around the whole state and also neighboring states.

    Must Do Activities

    GobichettiPalayam - Visiting and going on a tour of the iconic and scenic GobichettiPalayam cinema shooting spot is a must for all tourists and travelers in the region. It is a blissful piece of green-land with a picturesque mountain in the background and also has a divine lake and is a popular spot for film directors to shoot scenes.
    Shopping – Famous for its manufacturing and production of a variety of textile products, it is imperative for visitors to embark on a shopping trip to the famous textile markets. Here you will find items such as suits, shirts, bed sheets and curtains all for incredibly low prices. The things you buy here will make for the perfect souvenirs to take home to your friends and families.

    Tourist Attractions

    Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple – The Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known as Kooduthurai by the locals. The temple was built at the point of the Kaveri River and Bhavani River whilst it was also built at the point of the agaya gangai which is a water source beneath the ground. After being constructed, the temple was soon to be praised by Thirugnanasambandar and Arunagiriyar in ancient Tamil literature. The Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple is very much at the forefront of tourism in Erode and it is recognized as the number one visitor attraction. The temple has an extensive range of facilities including a hall which is used for social meetings, picturesque River Gardens, an elephant and also swim and bathing areas that are very popular in the summer heat. The interior of the temple is decorated with rock statues that represent the real beauty of the highly skilled stone carving while also representing local tradition and culture. Inside of the temple, visitors will also be able to see the Ambal statue that is a famous Hindu Goddess.

    Government Museum - The impressive and important Government Museum was founded in 1987 and opened to the public in the same year. It is a truly fascinating place and popular attractions include valuable exhibits such as the inscription of Kongu Chola, Tanjore paintings, hero stones from Bargur, manuscripts, geological objects, coins, Kodumanal antiques and other pre-historic items. It has botanical and zoological specimens on display too. The Museum is also widely known in India for its impressive collection of palm-leaf manuscripts and coins which are vast in variety and attract coin collectors from all over the world. A great way to spend a few hours looking at ancient artifacts, the Government Museum is a fascinating exploration for people of all backgrounds and ages.

    Vellode Birds Sanctuary - The Vellode Bird Sanctuary is located on a massive 200 acre stretch of land and lays roughly 8 miles from Erode in the village of Vellode. Based at an impressively large lake, the location is the perfect place to attract a whole array of birds to the sanctuary, with many being of a foreign origin, as well as a domestic one. A pleasant mix of national and international species of birds, it is a very calm and peaceful place flooded with the gentle whistles of over a thousand species of birds from all over the world. The most common species of birds include the very easily spotted ones such as Teals, Pintails and Pelicans. The lake and the surrounding area is inundated with specially constructed observatory towers for bird watchers to enjoy the perfect abode to view these incredible creatures. A few years ago, the state of Tamil Nadu recognized the real importance of the region and granted it protected area status to preserve its future.

    Thindal Murugan Temple - Roughly a 3 mile drive from Erode, the Thindal Murugan Temple is a very popular attraction to the visitors of the area. It is most certainly worth the short drive from the city, and when you arrive, you will be met with a spectacular and impressive ancient Hindu temple that is dedicated to Lord Murugan. Another remarkable feature of this temple is the golden chariot temple car that encircles around the temple allowing for you to explore every meter.


    In Erode city and the nearby locations, there are plenty of hotels and places of accommodation for travelers of all kinds and for all types of budgets. You can find many budget hotels with basic facilities whilst there are luxurious options available with the very best facilities. Recommended hotels are as follows;

    Hotel Iswariyaa

    Hotel Sivaranjani

    Brindavan Hotel

    Hotel Atrium

    Hotel J Marriott

    All recommended hotels can be accessed by their website's, where reservations and bookings can also be made.

    Must Try Cuisine

    The food of Erode is said to be authentic Tamil style cuisine with a small hint of other South Indian influences, namely an Andhra and Karnataka style of cooking. Compared to other regions in India, the food in Erode is very light but, of course, it is still traditionally very spicy which is a compliment to the tropical climate of the region. Rice is widely used and can be found in most local dishes and is grown in abundance in the state. Turmeric is also used in large quantities with Erode even being called the ‘Turmeric City’ of India.

    As far as a manufacturing city goes, Erode is a truly special place and a place highly valued in the state of Tamil Nadu. From it's impressive Kaveri River and breathtaking scenery, Erode is a place thriving from industry and an abundance of historical culture. Easy to get to and from with unique cuisine, Erode is a place not to be missed whilst visiting Tamil Nadu.