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Everyday India Instagram Account

Discussion in 'Travelogues' started by amelia88, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    One of the things that is getting me really excited for my Indian travel is the Instagram account with the username "everydayindia". I love that I feel like I'm getting a bit of a glimpse into Indian life behind the scenes, you know?

    I recommend checking it out if you're a user of Instagram and you want some pictures that will make you want to get on a plane right away and visit! It's really like a travel diary in picture form!

    Does anyone know of any other fun Instagram accounts about India or Indian Travel that they'd like to share?
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  2. tabby

    tabby Member

    Oh my, I'm probably the only person without an IG account, haha! But if I want to see and be inspired by anything India, I just go to Pinterest and hit "India" in the search button, and voila - I get my happy dose of India!
    Oh, just out of curiosity. Have you set a tentative date on when you will travel to India? Just excited to know of someone's dream coming true. :)

  3. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Tentatively it's looking like early 2017. A few things are standing in the way - time off work and just making sure I have enough cash. Also, a friend of mine just recently moved to Singapore for work and she's trying to get me to come and visit her there - but I actually think that might make my life easier, since I could visit my friend in Singapore for a week or so and then go onto India from there. It would certainly break up the flying, at least! :)
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  4. tabby

    tabby Member

    OH, wow! Early 2017 isn't too bad! Before you know it, it's time to pack the bags and fly out. Super excited for you. Singapore isn't too bad of an option as a jump off point. You can consider it your test travel, hehe! Singapore has a section called Little India. You can still enjoy your week of India while in Singapore then fly out for the real deal. But for some reason my mind is rushing that this can turn out to be a neat backpacking trip for you, hehe! Singapore - to Malaysia - to Thailand - to India! I know there's a train that can connect you to Malaysia from Singapore.
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  5. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @tabby that's an awesome idea, actually! I have been researching Singapore a little in recent weeks and I did see they have a Little India - I think that would absolutely be a smart idea to visit and I can get a little taste of India there! The backpacking trip through all those places has absolutely got my travel loving heart feeling super happy though!
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  6. tabby

    tabby Member

    Haha, I'm not even traveling and just thinking about your possible plan next year just makes my heart do a little happy dance. I just love it when people travel. I've had a taste of it in the past, unfortunately my employment circumstance has changed in the last couple of years and I had to adjust to the financial ramification. Travel was the one that got affected as it sadly fell on the "WANT" column. My brother's traveling to HK and Prague this June and July and I SOO want to come with him, but don't have the travel fund for it, haha!
    In any case, I'll just take vicarious pleasure at the thought of other people doing the very thing I love. Singapore is just a few hours from my country and I sure hope to visit it again. My last visit there in 2009 was rather quick. Funny because I just invited myself to the trip when I learned that my friend is going there solo. We flew the next day, I learned of the trip. Little did I know that his plan was to just accumulate passport stamps, haha. His South Korea visit was foiled when he was denied visa for lack of travel history. When we arrived in SG, I was shocked to learn that his plan was to jump to Malaysia for the 'stamps', to create travel history, haha. That's how I came to know there's a train connecting SG to Malaysia. Luckily, we missed the train by 15 minutes and I was able to explore SG. We couldn't afford to wait for the next train sched because we'll end up spending most of the trip inside a train traveling to Malaysia and SG. Had I known of my friend's plan, I could have advised him to not get a round-trip SG ticket, and instead get a return ticket from Malaysia instead. That way, we could have hit two countries in one trip. Oh well, fun times.
  7. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your recommendation! I'd be sure to check out that Instagram account by EverydayIndia. Here's a few more Instagram India travel accounts that I can recommend:
    • India Pictures
    • Smartruks
    • Chandan Khanna
    • George Koruth
    • Dayanita Singh
    • Siddharta Joshi
    Basically, these accounts focus on the sceneries in India. I do have other favourite accounts which focus on the food in India. And then, here's my favourite Indian blogger:
    • Shadows Galore
    I hope this has been helpful! Let me know if you would like the list of Indian foodie accounts.:)
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  8. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    @briannagodess that's an awesome, comprehensive list - thank you! And thank you for the blog recommendation too. I just looked it up, and there's some seriously amazing photography featured on there. Really impressive!

    Yes - I would love the foodie India accounts if you have them! Food is one of the things I look forward to most when I travel, so if you have some India-specific food Instagram accounts I would absolutely be interested in checking them out!
  9. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    You're very welcome! Here's some of the foodie accounts I was talking about:
    • Mumbai Foodie. The owner, Ronak, focuses on the best local cuisines in Mumbai.
    • The Gobble Diaries. This one is handled by Aashna and features mostly vegetarian Indian cuisines. However, from time to time, there's some pastries and baked goods that she uploads.
    • So Delhi. As the name suggests, this features dishes from Delhi. You'd be surprised just how many mouth-watering dishes are in there.
    • Shivesh17. Let me tell you, his desserts look so delicious. Sadly, I haven't even tried them, lol! But he creates these yummy desserts and at the same time, takes quite nice pictures as well.
    • Whisk Affair. A Bangalore-based foodie who makes super scrumptious looking Indian dishes.
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  10. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Amazing again! I'm checking them out now and I feel like I'm going to have to make a list of all the places I'll want to eat at. Again, the photography is awesome on these Instagram accounts too. I can't believe I hadn't thought to try and find foodie related Indian Instagram accounts - there's so much great inspiration on there for different dishes to try, fun restaurants, street foods - I think I'll be going through a ton of their pictures today and writing things down that will be "must try" things for me!
  11. Thank you for sharing this account! I am a visual learner, so I am looking at these pictures now, and really enjoying them.

    I really like the one of the dad and son in front of Imam Bara. The little boy looks just like his dad. :)

    Following this account for a unique look into India travel and everyday life.
  12. calicer1996

    calicer1996 New Member

    You are doing a tremendous job. I saw your pictures. They are very original and show India in a very different light. I like it. You introduced me to a whole different level of photography, thank you for that! Now I am going to look for other Instagrammers that do this.
  13. CWT91

    CWT91 New Member

    Hi folks!
    I am from Singapore! And I am planning to travel from Myanmar to India to Nepal and possibly Pakistan (if I can get the visa!!).
    But my trip for Myanmar & India is already confirmed since I got the visa for both countries!

    I am a solo traveller but always open to travelling with a few people!
    Check Out my IG where I upload some of my previous travel photos in Central Asia, Caucasus & Iran!

    IG: travellingchoo
  14. Casiox

    Casiox New Member

    I just checked it out and it definitely has a lot of interesting content, the pictures are really beautiful, I can see that India has a lot of beautiful places and landscapes, however, India should be considered as one of the principal vacation destination for most people from all around the world, it definitely is awesome, especially their culture and that sort of thing.
  15. Karthik

    Karthik New Member

    IndiaTravelForum.in has its own Instagram account too. I think they recently created it. Its under the name IndiaTravelForum.
  16. Kate Collins

    Kate Collins Member

    As per checking, there are only few posts, but still, thanks for sharing =)