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Fishing In India

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Joanne, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Joanne

    Joanne New Member

    Is there anywhere in India I can take a 1-day deep sea fishing trip. I love to fish and have fished around the world. I'd be interesting in going out on a chartered boat for the day.

  2. Andre

    Andre New Member

    Now that would be fun. I wonder if India has the same rules and guidelines as Thailand. When I fished in Thailand we released our catch. Nobody was allowed to take their fish home or eat it.

  3. Yes fishing is a very popular hobby in India. For coastal fishing you can go to Kerala or Goa. In most other places you can fish in the rivers and lakes. But at most places to conserve fish population individuals are expected to do only catch and release fishing, and that too only with a license.
  4. Daira

    Daira New Member

    This is an interesting idea and something that my husband would love to do while we're there. How much do licenses cost? Is there such a thing as a one-day license for a tourist?
  5. GinaMax

    GinaMax Member

    I have a question to add here. Where I live in the US we can not eat the fish from the waters because our water is so polluted. We have to go buy fish raised or brought in. Is it safe to eat the fish that you catch in India?
  6. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    Rivers and lakes have very high mercury levels and other heavy metals as well. Not safe atall. It is just that there is not much awareness. Bring a bottle of cod liver softgels with you for the time you spend in India if you want your daily fix of DHA. For essential aminos chicken and lamb are safe to the best of my knowledge and eggs aren't bad either.
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  7. James Rider

    James Rider New Member

    Kerala is one of the best place in India for fishing and boating.
  8. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    I wish that we would have had the opportunity to go fishing when we were over there. To be honest I did not even really consider it or think that it was an option, but you know what they say - hindsight is always 20/20. I am usually not the most adventurous person out there but this sounds like it would be a lot of fun.
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  9. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    Yes, this should be very possible. I do not know the best places, but my research into Goa shows they have many people providing this service. The waters are great there, as well. You should be able to fish, enjoy beaches, and have an excellent time.