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Fort Cochin Travel Guide

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by ChaiNashta, Sep 5, 2015.

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    India is a big country with several states. Among the most famous states present in this country the name of Kerala is very prominent. It is believed that Kerala is a historical state with so many prominent events and places. This state has been a favorite place for the Europeans and local rulers. It is said that Kerala has served the Portuguese, Dutch and British people in past.

    Discover the momentous Fort Kochi. Feel easy, exhale deep and wear the cotton and use the soft shoes. All these things are required to enjoy this special town in India. With the passage of time, this town has gained special popularity in the country. National as well as international travelers visit this place in order to view the historical points, locations and memories.

    City of Kochi is famous for the special environment. There are so many places as a tourist’s attraction but the name of Fort Cochin has no comparison. This fort is present in one of the most popular Indian states known as Kerala. This city is present in the southwest of mainland Kochi. It is also known as West Kochi or Old Kochi. Because of the high water availability around the city, this area was used for the fishing. Ancient theorists suggest that there were so many ponds and water lakes for the fishing. The town of Kochi was famous for the fishing.

    Fort Cochin and Portuguese:

    In 1503, the Portuguese came here and they named it Fort Cochin. Rajah of this city was interested to develop commercial relations with the Europeans. In order to sustain his commercial desires he allowed the Portuguese forces to stay and develop another Fort known as Fort Emanuel in front of the water. This fort was developed to save the commercial interests. On the other hand, the Portuguese were also interested to stay here because of the suppleness of food and other basic things. They developed a church as a permanent construction in 1516. Today, this church is popular as St Francis Church. For the next 160 years, this fort was a strong position of the Portuguese army and people.

    Fort Cochin and Dutch:

    In 1663, the Dutch army attacked the Fort Cochin. They destroyed each and everything present in this fort especially the Catholic convents. This time was critical for the local people of this area. However, the Dutch administration realized that it is important to keep the fort and its buildings in a good condition. They started to redevelop the buildings in order to maintain the peace. The fort remained in the possession of Dutch army for next 112 years.

    British government:

    In 1795, British army got the control of Fort Cochin. This is the reason why this city is called superior because there are buildings constructed by the Portuguese, Dutch and British architects. You can find the impressive building styles in this city. Today, the Fort Cochin is famous for the ideal location, atmosphere and traveling facilities.

    Things to Do:

    The Fort Cochin offers places and activities of interest for everyone. Kids, couples and friends, anyone can have numerous activities in this area. The people who are looking forward to enjoy the best time in this city should consider following names.


    Hiking is one of the most interesting things to do in this city. There are special arrangements made by the local tourism board for the people who love hill climbing. Hiking has emerged as an interesting activity because of the pure air and pollution free atmosphere.


    This place is considered best for the fishing and swimming. However, local administration has limited the places for the swimming because of alligators reported by tourists. Swimming in a pleasant environment will definitely give you a new life and enjoyment. Don’t forget to bring the special nets or fishing rods in order to capture the fresh water fishes.


    Couples and families are encouraged to spend nights around the backwater. Camping is a favorite activity for the people. Capture the fishes and prepare tasty dishes far from the noises of min city.It is recommended to inform the local police before you choose any place for the camping. Actually, it is necessary to get immediate emergency service in case of any trouble.

    Elephant ride:

    Don’t forget to enjoy this amazing activity. It is important if you want to see the royal pleasure. There are special places where you can ride an elephant. This activity is very pleasant for the kids.

    Massage centers:

    There are so many massage centers approved by the local tourism board. Visit these massage centers in order to get rid of physical extraction. Experts are present to offer unique body massage service. This facility is not expensive.

    Things/Places to See:

    As mentioned above, there are so many things to see in this city. The Fort Cochin is considered as a place where three civilizations were dominant in different periods of time. This has a prominent impact on the culture, society and living style of the city. Those who are interested to visit this Fort should not forget to see the following place.

    • Church of South India:

    It is believed that Vasco da Gama was buried in this city. The location or place where he was buried is still present today. The historian claims that Europeans took the dead body after several years. However, the place where he was buried is known as Church of South India. This is a special place for the visitors.

    • Santa Cruz Basilica:

    This is another important place that must be visited. It is recommended to find the place in order to enjoy the memorable time in India. The travelers are suggested to see the amazing architect and building designs.

    • Indo Portuguese Museum:
    After the independence of India in 1947, the Portuguese government invited Indian government to develop a museum where historical monuments and other important items will be kept for the display. This was a great idea for the mutual friendship. This museum offers numerous interesting items and memories for the display.

    • Chinese Fishing Nets:
    The fishing nets were really very famous in this area. It is believed that fishing was a major source of income for the people of this city. Use of Chinese fishing nets was common in the ancient times. A collection of memorable fishing net is present in this city.

    • Promenade with Fresh Sea Breeze:
    This place has been established and maintained for the European visitors. Today, this place provides an amazing view of the beach. Don’t forget to visit this beach with your friends and family.

    • Dutch Cemetery:
    This is a memorable construction work by the Dutch people. This cemetery was developed in the times of 15th century.

    • Southern Naval Command Maritime Museum:
    This museum is good for the people who love to see the naval equipment and tools. This museum is controlled by the Southern Naval Command.

    • Cochin Thirumala Devaswom Temple:
    Visiting this temple will definitely give you a feeling of emotion. This temple is famous for the mysterious architect.

    • Sree Gopalakrishna Devaswom Temple:
    This is the single Daivajna Brahmintemple in this city as well as Kerala state. Visiting this temple helps the people to get more spiritual benefits.

    • St. Francis Church:
    Those who are interested to discover the interesting places should not ignore the church of St Francis. This church was developed by the Portuguese when they first arrived in India.

    • Bishop's House:
    This house is famous for the ancient architect. This building is very old but it seems fresh and new in current age.

    • Fort Emmanuel:
    This fort was developed by the Portuguese. The fort was developed to defend the waterfront. This fort was very special for the Rajah of Fort Cochin.

    • Jewish Synagogue:
    It is famous because it is the only synagogue present in the India. This place is very special for the Jewish people around the world.

    • Mattancherry Palace:
    Find the impressive living style of the historical Rajah of Fort Cochin. This palace was developed with the cooperation of Portuguese government in 15th century.

    • Jain Temple:
    For the people who like the Jain religion, it is important to see the Jain temple. This temple is present in the mid of Fort Cochin.

    Places to Eat and Drink:

    In fact, the tourism board has developed a culture of hospitality in this city. The travelers are no longer required to be worried about the foods and drinks. There are so many important hotels, restaurants and food streets in this city. Here are some popular names given below.

    Enkey restaurant:

    This restaurant is famous for the fast food. It offers a variety of European and American foods. It is also possible to get the continental foods and drinks in this restaurant. Most of the travel agencies and groups prefer to hire the services of this restaurant for its high quality dining service.

    Gate Way Inn:

    When visiting the Fort Cochin, it is important to visit the Gate Way Inn. This restaurant is a food chain. The branch present in Fort Cochin is popular because of the historical events. There are so many stories associated with the Gate Way Inn. It is believed that Portuguese and British army used this food street for the dining purposes. Today, this street is modern and stylish according to the current requirements.

    Baywatch beach homes:

    As a matter of fact, it is a big group providing food and drinks as well as housing facilities to the tourists. By using the service of this group, it is possible for the tourists to find the luxury housing in front of the beach. Enjoy the deluxe housing plan with tasty foods and cool drinks. You will definitely find this accommodation perfect for the family purpose.

    Kottavathil restaurant:

    This is an amazing restaurant providing the local foods and drinks. People looking forward to identify the famous foods and drinks at Fort Cochin should not forget to visit this restaurant. This restaurant has been visited by the popular personalities including the politicians, film actresses and actors.

    Fort Cochin resort, Villa Maya, Fort Cochin food Street and hotel Midhuna International are some attractive places to visit.

    Best time to visit and weather:

    According to the local administration, the spring season is the most suitable time for the foreign travelers. No doubt, the Fort Cochin is heavily visited by the travelers from all parts of India throughout the year but it is necessary to consider the best season to visit it. This place is present in the south of India that’s why it is important to visit before or after the monsoon. The monsoon rains are very destructive in this area. Those who are interested to visit the Fort Cochin in monsoon time should consider the early or pre-monsoon season.

    Monsoon Rejuvenation Program:

    This is a new plan introduced by the local travel authority. It has been observed that travelers were interested to enjoy the season of rains in this beautiful area. In order to honor the desires of local and international tourists the Monsoon Rejuvenation Program was started. This program starts in the June and ends in August. It is recommended to book your trip according to this plan if you want to take real pleasure of life in monsoon time.

    High season to visit Fort Cochin:

    As a matter of fact, previous travel records show that September to May is the most important time to visit this fort. Most of the local and international tourists visit the Fort Cochin during these months. Favorable environment is the most valuable option for the people.


    The Fort Cochin offers numerous exciting places for the accommodation. It is recommended to choose the best hotel after checking the rents. People with families, couples and friends should consider the living environment before booking a hotel.

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