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help in planning and travel route between Madhya Pradesh /Assam

Discussion in 'Madhya Pradesh' started by Ilan lankry, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Ilan lankry

    Ilan lankry New Member


    I request your help in planning and travel route between Madhya Pradesh /Assam area destinations-30-35 days in March.

    Read about the area and the targets but hard to arrange the travel between destinations.

    I travel in style backpacker, traveling in local buses/ trains and local food.

    Love to go to see and experience local life, see festivals, visiting temples, palaces and cities/markets

    I ask also recommend hikes in the beautiful and famous locations (from one day to a week).

    (Prefer to travel alone, so if need to hire Porter). Ask for names of tracks and a place where beginners and finishing. I will read and choose the places where i do.

    In order not to waste time I plan a flight farom new dlhi in priority to the last place arrangement and heading on Bohol and from there continue the planning (probably Calcutta).

    Earlier this year I traveled about 25 days in South India

    I would love to help the experts Forum.

    Thank you
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