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How to check train running status?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Fiza, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Fiza

    Fiza New Member

    For the next 2-3 days, I will be on my toes, receiving some clients who would be arriving by train, and I will also be sending some clients back, so I need to be on the tab with the train timings.

    I want to know how to check train running status?

    Is there some application which I can download to keep myself updated?

    I guess there is a way to check the running status from a site, but I can not keep checking the laptop when on the move, and checking something like a website on a mobile phone is not very convenient.

    Please help in finding out the train running status.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Fiza! Welcome to the forum!

    There are many apps that can help you in tracking the running status of your train for the Indian Railways. So first, I'm going to list some apps that work for android devices:

    Android Apps for Tracking Train Running Status

    1. Official IRCTC Connect App - This is the official app of the IRCTC for android devices. Although it's mainly used for booking or cancelling train tickets, the app can also be used to track your upcoming journey or scheduled train. It actually updates you on upcoming train journeys. You can log into your IRCTC account through the app. If ever you don't have one, you can create a new account within the app itself.
    • Features - Ticket booking, ticket cancellation, searching for available trains and tracking train running status.
    2. Rail Yatri Indian Railways - This app has some normal features like checking of PNR status, time table for trains and alerts for stations/trains. It also includes some more features that you won't be able to find in other apps like a GPS train locator that can tell you your train's running time. It also provides information about other trains available closest to your station, route changes and crowd sourced information about railway stations.
    • Features - PNR status, train time table, GPS train locator, train's route changes, delays, cancellations and crowd sourced information about trains.
    3. Ixigo Indian Rail and Train - This is one of the most comprehensive apps for anything related to Indian Railways. With this app, you can search for trains by name or by number. You can also check for live train status and station status. Over 2,500 trains are available in the app, with complete information. The app also redirects you to the official app of the IRCTC for booking.
    • Features - Real time running train status, search for train schedules and availability, PNR status updates, routes for multiple trains, find convenient seats and search for trains between stations.
    There are some apps for apple devices as well:

    Apple Apps for Tracking Train Running Status

    1. Indian Railway PNR and IRCTC Information - This app is an all-in-one tool for everything related to the Indian Railways. For starters, you can book your ticket through this app. They have an express booking option that other apps don't have. The interface of the app is very user-friendly and easy to understand. You can also track the live running status of trains, along with their delays and expected arrival times.
    • Features - Search for trains, book tickets, obtain PNR information and status, get updates about news from the IRCTC, schedules of trains, seat availability for trains, live status of running trains and share information about the train to your friends.
    2. Indian Railway App - This app uses advanced location algorithm to calculate the ETA and distance of running trains. Aside from that, you can check seat availability, PNR status, train schedules and routes, diverted/cancelled/delayed trains and check for reserved/unreserved trains between stations. The app does use GPS though so battery life might be affected.
    • Features - Notifications on train status and update, PNR updates, live running status of trains, train schedules and checking of seat availability.
    3. Train Status - The interface of this app is very simple and easy to understand. It's a straightforward app that shows you the running status of trains. It shows the scheduled arrival, actual arrival, delay in arrival, scheduled departure, actual departure and delay in departure.
    • Features - Live train running status with delays and cancellations.
    Then here is an app that works for both devices:

    App for both Android and Apple Devices

    1. National Train Enquiry System or NTES - Aside from the app, this also has a website that you can visit. This features a live running status of trains. Each station is shown and the actual arrival, delay and departure is shown in the app. Like, if the train is 10 minutes late at a certain station, it's shown in the app directly. It also shows what time exactly the train arrived in the station. Train cancellations and diversions are also shown in the app.
    • Features - Live station/train status, train timetable, delays or cancellations in trains and manage your favourite trains.
    There you go. I hope this helps!

  3. AA99

    AA99 New Member

    You can easily check the running status of trains in India using various methods, including websites and mobile apps. Here's how you can do it:

    1. Official Website (Indian Railways):

    • The official Indian Railways website offers a "Train Running Status" feature.
    • Visit the website: Request Rejected
    • Enter the train number or name to get real-time information on the train's status, including its current location, expected arrival and departure times, and delays if any.
    2. Mobile Apps:

    • Several mobile apps provide train tracking services. Some popular ones include "NTES" (National Train Enquiry System) and "Where is My Train."
    • Download and install one of these apps from your mobile app store (e.g., Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS).
    • Enter the train number or name, and you'll get real-time information on the train's status.
    3. SMS Service:

    • You can also check train running status via SMS. Send an SMS in the following format to 139:
      • You will receive a reply with the train's current status.

    • 4. Call 139:
      • You can call 139 to get train running information through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.
      Using a mobile app, such as "Where is My Train," can be very convenient because it provides real-time updates and allows you to track multiple trains simultaneously. These apps often work offline as well, which can be useful when you have limited internet connectivity.

      By using one of these methods, you can stay updated on the running status of the trains you're receiving or sending off without the need for a laptop or constant website checking.