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How to get US visa easily?

Discussion in 'Visa and Passport' started by Gulati, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Gulati

    Gulati New Member

    I am soon going to be applying for a US visa, and before putting my application forward, I want to know if there is any way how to get US visa easily?

    Are there any additional documents which I should submit to make the application better for a visa approval?

    I do wish to get a visa in the first instance rather having to reapply and pay fees again.

  2. djtravels

    djtravels Member

    What's the purpose of travel? Its not about easy or difficult, but about your purpose and whether you can convince the people who'll interview you that you're actually going there for the stated purpose.

    If tourism is the purpose, its not hard. But, you need to know where you'll be going. And you need to show enough funds for the duration of the trip.

    If you're going as a student, make sure you have sufficient funds. If you've gotten into the top schools, they won't actually check your funding docs.

    If you're going through an employer, it depends on the kind of visa you're getting. There is a lottery system (or was when I last checked), which means you may or may not get a visa. Also, if you have crossed that hurdle and have been called for an interview, they'll likely ask you about your job profile, and will want to know why an American can't do what you're being sent to do. This is usually easy if you have the professional background and if you've an employer or client who wants you there.

    Indians are generally welcome unless they have an unconvincing story/background or improper funding or if they don't act with confidence.

  3. Blue Betta

    Blue Betta New Member

    DJ makes a really good point about different needs based on what you're getting the visa for. In my own experience, it always helps to have too much information than too little. Also, are you renewing a visa, or are you applying for a new one? And if you are re-applying, is this in a fairly short amount of time, such as a year or two? They might have quite a bit of your information that you need already.
    Tourism visas are pretty easy. It helps if you know where you will be staying (including the address) and have that information available. Student visas are a bit easier, and you will want all your school information, including financial information. Try to bring original documents, and not copies, if you can. Employment visas... this is a little touchy, but I would say you will want to apply for yours as soon as possible. I know that some people advertise certain services to expedite this process, but it probably isn't a good idea to take advantage of those, for a lot of reasons.
  4. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    There are two types of US visas that you can apply for, namely: a non-immigrant visa and an immigrant visa. I'm assuming that you're going to be applying for the non-immigrant visa, which also has other subtypes, like has been mentioned by other members. These are the tourist visa, work visa, student visa and many more. Again, I'm assuming that you're going to be applying for a tourist visa.

    What you first need to do is make sure that you have completed all the required documents for the visa. This is the crucial part of the application process. If you miss only one requirement, you risk having your visa denied already. So in advance, make sure you have the following requirements:
    • A passport valid for travel for the United States, with at least six months of validity and blank pages
    • A duly completed DS 160 form
    • Copies of your older passports (if any)
    • A printed copy of your appointment letter
    • Proof of income like pay slips
    • Business ownership proof or property ownership proof
    • Authentic tax payment proofs
    • Criminal and court records
    • Your itinerary and reason for visiting the US
    • If you're employed, a letter from your employer detailing your position in the company, your salary, your previous vacations, etc.
    • If you're visiting a relative, photocopy of their green card, valid visa or other information about them
    • If you're not working yet, bring proof of financial support from parents like a monthly bank account statement
    So once you have gathered all these documents, you can then start your application process. Here are the steps you need to take for this:
    • Complete the DS 160 form in the US Consular Electronic Application Centre website. Read everything carefully and answer slowly to avoid obtaining mistakes. Once you click submit, you cannot make any changes from the application anymore. Select which visa type is appropriate for you as well.
    • Once you have completed the form, you now need to pay the visa fees. You would be prompted to create a profile and from there, choose which mode of payment is best for you.
    • After paying the visa fees, you would need to log into the profile you created and schedule the appointments. You need two appointments: one for the Visa Application Center for the taking of biometrics and the other for the Embassy or Consulate interview. The appointment for the Visa Application Centre must be scheduled prior to the Embassy interview.
    • You need these information for scheduling the appointments: Your passport number, your receipt for the visa fee and the 10-digit barcode number from the DS 160 form.
    • Once you have scheduled the appointments, you are then set for the biometrics and interview. Print the copy of your confirmation letter and bring this on the day of your interview and biometrics.
    For the biometric appointment, you only need to bring your passport, DS 160 confirmation page and appointment confirmation page. All the other documents can be brought during the Embassy interview.

    Here are some tips to ensure that you obtain that US visa:
    • Arrive early, at least 15 minutes before your schedule. This way, you can get through security and all the other processing counters with more time to spare before your interview.
    • Wear something formal or at least look decent. But it's always better to assume the interview as a business meeting so wear clothes for the meeting accordingly. This can be a tie for men or a formal dress for women.
    • If you can speak English fluently, then it's better to speak English so that you can tell the officer exactly what you want to tell him. But if you're not that good with English, you can opt for an interpreter which can help you relay your message to the officer.
    • If you have proof of visiting other countries, like your previous passports, then bring it. If the officer can see that you do travel a lot and come back home, then your visa application might be approved more easily.
    • Be honest and speak clearly. Be concise with your answers and don't beat around the bush. These officers are knowledgeable and experienced with their jobs so they do know how to judge applicants accordingly.
    • You need to prove that you have the capacity to pay for this trip so they would ask about your current occupation and the salary you're making. So be prepared for that and it helps if you do have proof that you can pay for this trip.
    I would say that it's better to apply for a US visa if you have visited other countries. This way, they would know that travelling is a part of your life and that you won't be overstaying in the US.

    I hope this helps! Good luck.:)
  5. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    In the Philippines, a US visa is a precious commodity. Just the filing of the application form would cost you $100 already not to mention that you have to line in a long queue when you are scheduled for interview. To be honest, I also want to visit the US sometimes because all my siblings are legal residents there. But I am turned off with the process of getting a visa.

    PS. I had an approved immigration petition in 2007 which I did not pursue. Since 2011, I have been traveling to Asian countries often like 3 to 6 times in a year. A travel agent said that I am very qualified to get a US visa.
  6. pravish

    pravish Member

    One of the key points to getting a US visa is to be honest at the time of your interview. You should have fulfilled all the necessary documents that have been requested for the said application and have sufficient liquid assets or funds in your account to show that it can support your stay for the entire duration of your visit. The purpose of the visit should be clear. During your interview at the Embassy they are trying to verify the following things:
    If your purpose of the visit is matched to that mentioned in your form.
    If you are a potential immigrant, trying to get access to the United States
    If you have intentions of marrying a US citizen for citizenship. If you want to go and work there illegally without a proper visa. If you want to go there and carry out unlawful activities. If you have sufficient funds to cover your stay and a compelling reason to come back to your country.

    Therefore you can convince the interviewer you do not have such intentions, then I see no way your Visa can be denied. Good luck.