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How To Get Visa for Europe?

Discussion in 'Visa and Passport' started by Ananth, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Ananth

    Ananth New Member

    I am Ananth from Delhi, I wish to go traveling to France, Italy, and Germany which are all in Europe.

    I would like to get some guidance on how to get a visa for Europe? I am not too sure whether I have to go to just one embassy or all three?

    Please mention the procedures, documents that would be required and any other necessary information.

  2. Dhruv

    Dhruv Member

    The visa for travelling to Europe is called a Schengen Visa. A Schengen Visa is provided by all the European countries, which means the visa is valid for all the countries within Europe. When applying you would have to mention which countries you would be visiting.

    There is detailed thread about applying for a Schengen Visa on the forum, which would give you information like where you need to apply, the documents required and the procedure of applying for the visa.

  3. Karan

    Karan Member

    Certainly, Ananth! Here's a general guide on obtaining a Schengen visa for traveling to France, Italy, and Germany:

    Schengen Visa for Europe:
    1. Determine the Main Destination:
      • Identify the Schengen country where you plan to spend the most time. If the duration is equal, choose the country of first entry.
    2. Embassy/Consulate Selection:
      • Apply for the Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of the country you've identified as the main destination.
    General Procedures:
    1. Visa Type:
      • Schengen visas are typically short-stay visas for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Choose the appropriate visa type based on your travel purpose (tourism, business, etc.).
    2. Application Form:
      • Obtain and fill out the Schengen visa application form. This can usually be downloaded from the official website of the embassy or consulate where you plan to apply.
    3. Appointment Booking:
      • Schedule an appointment with the embassy or consulate. Some countries allow online appointment booking.
    4. Document Checklist:
      • Prepare a set of required documents, including:
        • Passport with at least two blank pages and valid for at least three months beyond the intended departure date.
        • Visa application form.
        • Passport-sized photos.
        • Flight reservation.
        • Accommodation reservation or invitation letter from a host.
        • Travel itinerary.
        • Travel insurance covering at least €30,000 of medical expenses.
        • Proof of financial means (bank statements, sponsorship letter, etc.).
    5. Biometrics:
      • Attend the appointment to submit biometric data (fingerprints).
    6. Visa Fee:
      • Pay the non-refundable visa fee. The amount varies by country.
    Specifics for Each Country:
    • The French Embassy or Consulate in Delhi would handle your application.
    • Website: France-Visas
    Additional Tips:
    • Apply in Advance:
      • Apply for the visa well in advance of your planned travel date. Processing times can vary.
    • Consistency:
      • Ensure consistency in the details provided across all documents.
    • Check Embassy Websites:
      • Regularly check the official websites of the respective embassies or consulates for any updates or changes in procedures.
    • Travel Itinerary:
      • Provide a detailed travel itinerary with confirmed reservations for flights, accommodations, and other relevant details.
    Please note that this is a general guide, and specific requirements may vary. Always refer to the official websites of the respective embassies or consulates for the most accurate and up-to-date information.