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How to reach Juhu beach

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Misha, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Misha

    Misha New Member

    My friends and I will be arriving at Dadar bus stand in the early hours of the morning. We will not have much luggage with us and what we have decided is that it would be great to see the sunrise at Juhu beach and just sit there for some time. During the day we are assuming that it would get very busy.

    As we would be new in the area, we need some help in finding out how to reach Juhu beach from Dadar bus stand?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Misha! Welcome to the forum!

    So first of all, Dadar Bus Stand is about 12 kms away from Juhu Beach. There are different ways of reaching Juhu Beach from the Dadar Bus Stand:

    1. By Train - Mumbai's Suburban Railway has lines serving the Mumbai Metropolitan area. Trains typically run from 4:00 am to 1:00 am, sometimes even up to 2:30 am, daily. They also have a line connecting the Dadar to Vile Parle, which is just 3 kms away from the Juhu Beach. Dadar Bus Stand is just 450 metres away from Dadar Railway Station, so you can easily walk to reach it. You can also hire an auto to take you to the railway station from the bus stand. A typical schedule for an hour in a train for Vile Parle Railway Station is as follows:
    • 10:01 am, 10:04 am, 10:07 am, 10:10 am, 10:16 am, 10:22 am, 10:25 am, 10:28 am, 10:31 am, 10:35 am, 10:38 am, 10:48 am, 10:51 am, 10:54 am and 10:57 am.
    As you can see, trains are very frequent so you can easily ride one especially during off-peak hours. Then, from the Vile Parle Railway Station, you can ride an auto to reach the Juhu Beach which is just a few minutes away.

    2. By Bus - There are also two buses plying from Dadar to Juhu Beach. These buses are operated by Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport or simply known as BEST. Here are the two buses plying this route:
    • Bus No. 56 - The route for this one is: Worli Village > Prabhadevi > Shardashram > Veer Kotwal Udyan (Plaza) > Mahim > Mohd Rafi Chowk > Bandra Talkies > Pali Hill Khar Danda > Santacruz Police Station > Juhu Koliwada > JVPD Bus Stn > Versova Link Road > Four Bungalows > 7 Bungalows > Machhalimar > Versova.
    • Bus No. 80 Ltd. - The route for this one is: Kamla Nehru Park > Walkeshwar > Chowpatti > Kemps Corner > Breach Candy > Haji Ali > Planetarium > Worli Naka > Ambika Mill > Phoenix Mill > Parel ST Depot > Dadar Station (W) > Plaza > Mahim > Bandra Stn (W) > Khar Station (W) > Santacruz Police Stn > Juhu Beach > JVPD.
    I highlighted the bus stopovers in Dadar. The first bus stops at Veer Kotwan Udyan, which is about 700 metres from the Dadar Bus Stand. You can just walk to reach it. The second bus stops at the Dadar Bus Stand so you won't have a problem with it. You can just wait at the bus stand for it.

    Here are the timings:
    • Bus No. 58 - 08:51, 09:02, 09:14, 09:37, 09:48, 10:00, 10:23, 10:34, 10:46, 11:09, 11:20, 11:32, 11:55, 12:16, 12:37, 12:58, 13:19, 13:40, 14:01, 14:22, 14:43, 15:04, 15:46, 16:07, 16:28, 16:38, 16:49, 17:10, 17:20, 17:31, 17:52, 18:02, 18:13, 18:34, 18:44, 18:55 and 19:15.
    • Bus No. 80 Ltd. - 06:30, 06:54, 07:18, 07:42, 08:06, 08:30, 08:55, 09:20, 09:35, 09:49, 10:17, 10:46, 11:14, 11:43, 12:11, 12:40, 13:09, 13:37, 14:06, 14:34, 15:03, 15:31, 15:45, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30 and 20:05.
    However, these bus timings are from the original station only. So arrival at the Dadar Bus Station or in Dadar might be a bit more late than these timings.

    3. By Taxi - You can also ride a taxi from the Dadar Bus Stand to the Juhu Beach. The distance isn't that long anyway and you can split the fare within your group members. Fare would be between Rs. 123 to Rs. 240, it really depends on the rush during that day.

    I hope this helps.:)

  3. Prits

    Prits Member

    To reach Juhu Beach from Dadar bus stand, you have a few transportation options, and it's best to consider the most convenient mode of travel for your group. Here's how you can get to Juhu Beach:

    By Taxi or Auto Rickshaw:

    • The most convenient way to reach Juhu Beach is by hiring a taxi or an auto-rickshaw. You can easily find these near Dadar bus stand. Simply tell the driver you want to go to Juhu Beach, and they will take you there. It's a relatively short ride, and you'll get there quickly, especially in the early morning when there's less traffic.
    By Train:

    • You can also take a suburban train from Dadar to Vile Parle, which is the nearest railway station to Juhu Beach. From Vile Parle, Juhu Beach is a short taxi or auto-rickshaw ride away. Trains are a cost-effective option, but they may not be as convenient if you have a lot of luggage.
    By BEST Bus:

    • The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) bus service is another option. You can catch a bus heading in the direction of Juhu Beach from a nearby bus stop. While it's an economical choice, bus services may not be as frequent in the early hours of the morning.
    Since you mentioned you don't have much luggage, a taxi or auto-rickshaw might be the most comfortable and convenient way to get to Juhu Beach, allowing you to enjoy the sunrise and a peaceful morning at the beach. Just make sure to agree on the fare with the driver before starting the journey, and consider taking a prepaid taxi or using ride-sharing apps for a hassle-free experience. Enjoy your visit to Juhu Beach!