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How To Reach Marine Drive?

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by KumarChab, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. KumarChab

    KumarChab New Member

    I have joined this forum to simply find out how one can reach Marine Drive?

    I will soon be going to Mumbai for a short stay and I want to visit the famous places there. I don't know where I will stay in Mumbai, so please give details like the nearest train station or bus station to Marine Drive.

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    You can reach Marine Drive by train, bus or taxi.

    By Train
    You need to reach Marine Lines train station when you come out of the station Marine Drive is at a distance of 2km from there. You can easily get an auto from outside the station to reach Marine Drive.

    By Bus
    There are two buses which go to Marine Drive, bus number 108 and bus number 123. As you said you don't know where you would be traveling from you will need to find out which bus route would be most suitable for you.

    By Taxi
    Getting a taxi is easy just let the taxi company know you want to go to Marine Drive. This is probably the easiest and convenient way of reaching Marine Drive.

  3. Prits

    Prits Member

    Marine Drive is a prominent and iconic location in Mumbai, known for its picturesque views and vibrant atmosphere. To reach Marine Drive, you can consider various modes of transportation:

    Nearest Train Stations:
    1. Churchgate Station:
      • Churchgate is the nearest railway station to Marine Drive.
      • It is a major station on the Western Line of Mumbai's suburban railway network.
    2. Charni Road Station:
      • Charni Road is also close to Marine Drive and can be a convenient option.
      • It is on the Western Line as well.
    Nearest Bus Stations:
    1. Marine Lines Bus Station:
      • Marine Lines is a bus station located near Marine Drive.
      • Buses connect various parts of the city, making it accessible.
    2. Churchgate Bus Depot:
      • Churchgate has a bus depot that connects to different areas of Mumbai.
    Other Transportation Options:
    1. Taxi/Cab:
      • Taxis and cabs are readily available in Mumbai. You can hire one to reach Marine Drive.
    2. Auto-Rickshaw:
      • Auto-rickshaws are another mode of local transportation for short distances.
    Points to Note:
    • Local Trains: Mumbai's local trains are a convenient mode of transport, especially if you're staying in different parts of the city. Western Line local trains pass through Churchgate Station.

    • Traffic Conditions: Mumbai is known for traffic, so plan your travel time accordingly.

    • Walking: Depending on your location in Mumbai, you might even consider walking to Marine Drive if you're staying nearby.
    Additional Tips:
    • Accommodation Choice: If possible, consider staying in a hotel or accommodation close to Marine Drive or with easy access to the Western Line of the local train network.

    • Evening Visit: Marine Drive is particularly beautiful in the evening. Consider planning your visit during sunset.

    • Local Guidance: Feel free to ask locals for directions or recommendations. Mumbai residents are generally helpful.
    Marine Drive is a well-known landmark, and it's relatively easy to reach from different parts of Mumbai. Depending on your accommodation location, you can choose the most convenient mode of transportation. Enjoy your visit to Mumbai and Marine Drive!