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How To Reach Tirupati From Renigunta

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Why this Kolaveri, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Why this Kolaveri

    Why this Kolaveri New Member

    Hello every one at India travel forum, I have a few queries about my upcoming trip to Tirupati in May. I have booked by tickets and hotels and everything but I am not sure about how to get to Tirupati from Renigunta. I would like to know what transport options do I have and if possible the time it would take and the cost. I do not have anything but a small backpack that I carry with me on my trips so keeping that in mind if you could suggest something.

  2. Talking Monkey

    Talking Monkey New Member

    You have not mentioned where you want to go in Tirupati and from where at Renigunta. I am guessing that you will be arriving by train at Renigubta junction and want to go to Tirupati temple so here are your options :

    Renigunta to Tirupati by train :

    Fron Renigunta junction to Tirupati there is a train every 15-20 mins and it only takes 15 mins. You can buy your ticket from Renigunta junction railway station itself even without reservation as the journey is short and even if you miss a train or two you would know there are more coming as the run all day and night.

    Renigunta to Tirupati by taxi or auto rikshaw:

    Distance from Renigunta to Tirupati is only 10 kilometres and you can find a taxi or auto rickshaw outside the railway station or bus stand and it would cost you 150-300rs for an auto rikshaw depending upon your bargaining skills and a little more for a taxi. Taxis can be found outside the station and they are coloured yellow on top so you know what to look for.

    How to reach Tirupati from Renigunta by BUS:

    You can get a APSRTC bus which ply between Renigunta and Tirupati frequently. APSRTC buses times are also aligned with all major train arrivals at Renigunta junction so you would find a bus waiting outside as you get out of the station. These APSRTC buses also got to Tirumala temple not just Tirupati if thats where you plan to go.

    Please let me know if I have left something out. I like your id "Why this Kolaveri" That song was really catchy.