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India For Work

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Feliciano, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Feliciano

    Feliciano New Member

    Im going to India in December this year to work in Pune, TATA Consulting company. Would like to know the cost of living in this city, whether it's dangerous, how much an apartment per month. My salary will be $ 550, I wonder if this will be enough for me to live peacefully in this town.

  2. Tanmaya

    Tanmaya Member

    TCS is a great company and Pune is an excellent place to live with good weather all year. There are lots of expats in Pune and I myself find the city to be safe even though I have only spent about two months there.

    You have not mentioned if that salary is per week or per month. If it is per month then it is not a lot.
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  3. Feliciano

    Feliciano New Member

  4. Tanmaya

    Tanmaya Member

    That is about 36000 Rs per month. Is that a full time job or is that some stipend or something on those lines?

    If I was you I wont move for that much money. With Rs10-15K going into rent you are hardly left with any money after food. I wont move for that much money but TCS is a great brand and people probably settle for a lesser salary looking at future prospects.
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  5. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    Pune is a wonderful city and it has pretty good weather throughout the year. It has a very cosmopolitan culture and there are also nice getaway spots for the weekends which are within city limits.

    That being said, since it is a pretty big city the cost of living in Pune is higher than average cost of living in rest of India. The monthly salary you have quoted is what a software engineer with very little experience would be drawing so you would have to set your expectations accordingly. You will probably have to end up sharing your apartment with a friend so you do not shell out a significant part of your salary towards rent itself.
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