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India to Malayasia.

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Naren, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Naren

    Naren New Member

    Hi I'm Naren Raj.
    Riding my Classic 350 to Malaysia with in next 60 days.
    60 days because I need to get ready physically as well as to complete officially procedures .

    Total Distance from Bangalore to Malaysia and back to Bangalore is approximately 13000KM
    and I'm covering another 2000KM inside Malaysia.

    Any suggestion and Safety precaution will be much appreciated.
    What are the documents I should carry??
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  2. Naren

    Naren New Member

    I have 2 different routes to Malaysia.
    AH45 and AH 47.

    BLR- Tripathi
    Tripathi- Vizag
    Vizag- Cuttack
    Cuttack- Kolkatta AH45 ENDS
    AH-1 from Kolkatta
    Kolkatta-Siliguri 450KM
    Guwahati 338KM
    Imphal to Mandalay 665KM
    Mandalay to Bogo 445KM
    Bogo to Ratchuri (thai)
    Ratchuri to Surat Thani 500KM
    Surat Thani to Malaysia 600KM

    And AH47 Route is via
    Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kanpur, Gorakhpur and Siliguri. But his route is with extra 500KM
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  3. Naren

    Naren New Member

    For the first three days, I hope I can cover 800KM every day easily, roads from Bangalore to Kolkata is good,
    I have traveled on road to Kolkata a few years back, so I hope the roads are even good now
    But from Kolkata to Siliguri I'm not sure about the condition of the road,
    If anyone can share the condition of would be greatly helpful.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Naren

    Naren New Member

    It’s been three weeks, I”m trying to contact my CEO & President of my Company to seek permission for overland trip, since I’m applying for a very long day I need to talk to boss not only with HR,

    My COO says by Tuesday he will try to fix. I’m excited and curious, and very eager to begin my journey,

    I'm very positive that I will get the permission, but I'm little worried about the rejection of my request.

    Meanwhile, i will get prepared with my checklist for the trip.

    If anything missing, suggest me.

    Tech & Gadgets.

    • Go-Pro Camera

    • GPS.

    • Laptop

    • Traveller Card, ATM & Credit Cards

    Travel & Safety Gears

    • Saddle Bag

    • Hand Gloves.

    • Helmet

    • Rain Coat.

    • Jacket

    • Tactical Glass.

    • Riding Boots & socks.

    • Cargo Pants, Jeans & T-shirt

    • Offline Maps.

    • Back Support Belt.

    • Tools Kit

    • Puncher Kit

    • Foot Pump

    • Jerry Can 25litrs

    • jerry can spout

    • Sun Glass

    • Spare Tubes

    • Brake Oil

    • Clutch Wire.

    • Brake Wire.

    • Spark Plug

    • Head Light Spare Bulbs

    • Oil Spray for the chain.

    • Brake Pads.

    Documents & Papers

    • Medical Insurance

    • Accidental Insurance.

    • Passport

    • International Driving Licence

    • Photos

    • Bike Documents.

    Medical Kit, Hand sanitizer & First Aid Kit.
  5. Naren

    Naren New Member

    I have been writing emails after emails to my directors.
    In the last conservation, one of the directors told me that he will talk to me on Tuesday second half.
    Today is the day, and I want to successful in convincing him for such a long holiday.

    I would not waste single minute after i get permission,
    Checklist, Bike, Myself, All Set,
    Packing, shopping Pending.

    "It is Illegal to postpone Road Trip"
    What do you say :)
  6. Naren

    Naren New Member

    Is it essential to have International Driving license to ride in Thailand and Malaysia?
  7. Traveleering

    Traveleering New Member

    You need national driving licencee issue by home country, most be valid for motorcycle and An International Driving Permit. The maximum time you can drive a bike legally on a IDP is 60 days on a Tourist Visa.
  8. Naren

    Naren New Member

    Thanks so much for the information,

    I applied for International Driving License, Hope i will get soon.
  9. Naren

    Naren New Member

    Do you have information on paper works and documents to carry.
    And do you think i should have carnet also.
  10. Naren

    Naren New Member

    is carnet de passage mandatory to apply for India to Malaysia overland trip?