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Lufthansa online check in India

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Jeramy, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    I am from Germany and will be traveling to India with Lufthansa airlines. I am someone who uses online check-in services as it is convenient and easy.

    I would like to know if the same service of Lufthansa online check in India is available?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Jeramy, welcome to the forum!



    Online check-in allows passengers to print their very own boarding pass at home. It is very convenient, hassle-free and most of all, time-saving, enabling the passenger to have a more enjoyable trip with the airline. Lufthansa also offers the same facility for passengers, an online check-in that allows them to do a myriad of things other than printing their boarding pass at home. With Lufthansa's online check-in, you can avoid dreaded queues at the airport, select your preferred seats, upgrade to a higher class or even check-in another person with you. With such available facilities, all online, the passenger is now assured of a more comfortable journey from Germany to any other destination, like India.

    Lufthansa Online Check-In (Eligibility)

    In order to be eligible for the online check-in service, you must be under the following criteria. These are set by the Lufthansa management itself and there are some restrictions or rules that makes one eligible or not eligible for the online check-in service.

    1. To be eligible for the Lufthansa online check-in, you must not be a special needs passenger. For instance, those with disabilities or minors travelling unaccompanied by an adult are considered special needs passenger. They won't be eligible for the online check-in service because they would require some special assistance prior to boarding.

    2. To be eligible for the Lufthansa online check-in, your flight cannot be a codeshare one. So if you have booked a flight under codeshare, meaning another airline is operating it but it was under the Lufthansa flight number, you won't be allowed to check-in online via the Lufthansa airline.

    3. The Lufthansa online check-in is globally available except in some airports of some countries. Make sure you check for the following airports and if you come from one of them, then you cannot avail of the Lufthansa online check-in service.

    CountryAirport/s Not Eligible For Online Check-In
    FranceBastia Poretta Airport (BIA) and Montpellier Mediterranee Airport (MPL)
    IrelandIreland West Airport Knock (NOC)
    ItalyLamezia Terme Airport (SUF) and Perugia Airport (PEF)
    CroatiaPula Airport (PUY)
    HungaryHeviz Balaton Airport (SOB) and Debrecen International Airport (DEB)
    United KingdomCardiff Airport (CWL), Inverness Airport (INV) and Newquay Airport (NQY)
    PortugalMadeira Airport (FNC)
    SpainVigo Airport (VGO) and Jerez De La Frontera (XRY)

    Lufthansa Online Check-In (Features)


    There are many features and benefits of the Lufthansa online check-in. The first feature is that you can easily check-in with your flight as long as you have internet connection. With a mobile phone, laptop or tablet on hand, just go to the official website of Lufthansa and the process is fairly simple from there. You can even choose to print your boarding pass, have it sent to your email address or have it sent to your mobile via SMS. Even if you have baggage to check-in on the day of your flight, you can still avail of this service, so you won't need to queue as much as compared to the normal check-in procedure.

    You can also choose your preferred seat with the Lufthansa online check-in service. For choosing a seat free of charge, you need to wait at least 23 hours before your scheduled departure. Seats might have limited availability during this time though. You can also opt to choose a seat even before the allotted 23 hours before your scheduled departure. However, there would be some charges incurred when you choose your seats this way.

    If you're travelling with other family members or friends, you can also check them in online. Provided that you and the other passengers have the same flight of the same day and time, then you can proceed with checking them in online. This way, you can choose seats accordingly too, instead of having to endure the flight away from one another. You can check in as many passengers as long as you know their booking code or frequent flyer card.

    Other services such as changing your flight, upgrading your seat or even inputting your visa information for your destination can also be done on the online check-in service of Lufthansa. Even flight cancellations, by the airline, can be viewed from the online check-in service and recommended flights can also be shown.

    Lufthansa Online Check-In (Procedure)

    To avail of the online check-in service of Lufthansa, just follow the steps below. They are fairly easy and can be done on most smartphones and tablets so you won't need to get a hold of a computer or laptop at all.

    1. Go to the official India website of Lufthansa and scroll down a bit. On the Take Me To box, click on the Check-In tab. Alternatively, you can also just click on this link that would take you directly to the online check-in facility of Lufthansa for India.


    2. On the Lufthansa online check-in page, you can choose from four options, namely, inputting your frequent flyer card, inputting your booking reference, inputting your ticket number or inputting your Lufthansa vollcharter. Depending on which identification option you choose, you also need to input your details accordingly. For instance, for the frequent flyer option, you need to input your card number plus your last name. For the booking reference option, you need to include your booking reference number, last name and first name. For the ticket number option, just input your ticket number along with your last name and first name. For the Lufthansa vollcharter, just input your departure and arrival destinations, along with your flight number, last name and first name. Click on Confirm once you're done with inputting the information required.


    3. On the Lufthansa online check-in page, make sure the details of your flight are correct. You can choose your preferred seat, as long as you check in 23 hours or less before your scheduled departure, by clicking on the Change Seat button. On the right side of the page, you can see other options like Check-In Additional Passengers and Add Frequent Flyer Card. Once you're done with the details, click on the Issue Boarding Pass button.


    4. On the last page, you can choose from different options for obtaining your boarding pass. You can opt to print the boarding pass, have it sent to your email as a mobile boarding pass or have it sent to your mobile number as a text message boarding pass. Click on Continue once you have selected your preferred boarding pass form. Keep you boarding pass, whether you choose the printed boarding pass form, the mobile boarding pass form or the text message boarding pass form.


    5. Make sure you arrive at the airport at least an hour before your scheduled departure. If you only have carry-on baggage with you, with your boarding pass, you can directly reach the security gate and proceed to your designated gate. If you have check-in baggage with you, simply reach one of the self-service baggage check-in counters of the airport to have your bag checked in.


    Are you someone who gets frustrated with airport lines? Do you want to save your time and effort when flying from one destination to another via Lufthansa? Then try out their online check-n service instead. With online check-in, with the use of internet and a working mobile gadget, you can easily print your boarding pass or have it sent to your mobile phone. No hassles, no queueing and best of all, an easy process to go through, the Lufthansa online check-in is a traveller's best friend for a convenient air journey, starting right at the airport.

    I hope this helps!