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Man vs Wild - Munnar edition ;)

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by frank_tarifa, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. frank_tarifa

    frank_tarifa New Member

    Hi, i want to go jungle treking on a long multiple day camping trip; around, to, or from Munnar.
    I want to do this alone.
    Do you guys know, any routes, source of information, tips....?

    Thank youuuu

  2. Trix

    Trix New Member

    There are plenty of jungle trekking places in Munnar itself where you can trek, camp and explore. I am not too clear of what exactly you are looking for but I have listed the ones where you can go and you can decide which one is most appropriate for you.

    Chokramudi Trek
    This is a place where the trek gets difficult as you climb up, it starts with shola walk, the grass stroll and eventually to the challenging terrain. There is a place to stay there which is near the base camp.

    Idukki Trek
    This trek is pretty easy going and it also provides you with some excellent views of tea plantations and cinnamon plantations. The only negative point about this trek according to your requirements is that the trek is for about four to five hours.

    Kannan Devan Hills
    This is a difficult trek but with lots of beauty and nature and a variety of wildlife to see along the way. There is a spot for camping on the way, again this trek is not for a long duration but for about 5 hours.