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New Irctc Train Ticket Booking Rules Will Make Life Easier

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Admin, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    IRCTC has recently changed a lot of rules in favor of general public who used to be dependent on agents and touts for booking their seats because these touts would book a lot of seats in trains that go busy and then sell it to people for a higher price. IRCTC has introduced a new set of rules to prevent just that and make it easier for genuine travelers to book train tickets.

    Here is what has changed :

    • Between 8 am to 10 am only two tickets can be booked in a day using the same user ID. Earlier it used to be easy for touts to just log in and book lots of tickets at one go which obviously created an artificial shortage of tickets for genuine train travelers who used to shell out extra money buying the same tickets from touts.

    • Between 10 am to 12 noon we can only book two tickets per ID on a given day for Tatkal tickets. Earlier touts used to book lots of tickets and sell them in front of railway stations to passengers who turned up to see if there are last minute tickets available.

    • In addition to the above two rules there is now a restriction of maximum 6 tickets per month for one user ID. Earlier touts would just create an ID and had a free run which made life difficult for genuine travelers.

    • Between 8AM to 12PM the Quick book option will be disabled on IRCTC's website. This will help in preventing touts from gaming the system by using quick book option to book tickets quickly during those hours.

    • All train ticket agents will be banned from booking railway tickets during the first 30 minutes when the booking window opens early morning. Time between 8AM to 8:30AM will be allocated for general bookings, and from 10AM to 10:30AM and 11:00AM to 11:30AM for Tatkal booking in AC and NON-AC classes respectively.

    • While booking train tickets using a user ID on IRCTC website we can now only make one booking in one login session but this does not prevent you from booking an onward journey ticket or a return ticket from the same destination, between 8AM and 12PM. To make another booking a user will now be required to log out and then log back in to be able to make another booking. This will help prevent misuse of the booking system.

    • Between 8AM and 12PM, bookings will not be allowed using Ewallet or "cash cards".

    Indian Railways.jpg

    The above changes made by Indian railways for IRCTC web portal and booking system will surely make it easier for general public and genuine train travelers to book their tickets.

  2. Bayleaf

    Bayleaf New Member

    This is great news, thanks for sharing it.

    I haven't heard of a Tatkal ticket, and despite looking on Google I can't quite figure that out. Are they specially priced tickets?

  3. Tatkal means emergency. Some of the tickets are reserved for sale few days before the journey for people who want to buy tickets at the last moment. The rates keep increasing for these tickets as the date gets closer, just like air tickets
  4. The rules changes are just mere inconveniences for touts. If they are in the business of booking train tickets then they can surely make multiple accounts, since making an account is free. They can have multiple windows open, although admittedly it will slow them down a bit. Also for general public just 6 tickets a month can be problem; some people travel more regularly and they will need to book more than that
  5. xTinx

    xTinx Member

    I wonder how any of those new rules will actually make life easier for train travellers. If the rates keep changing just like plane tickets, then that would surely be a pain in the neck. You'd have to be on the lookout all the time just so you can buy tickets at a much lower price.