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Peacocks In India

Discussion in 'Wildlife and National Parks' started by Rocky, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky New Member

    Many of you must be aware that peacocks are the national bird of India and you will find them in every city and area. They are usually found in abundance in the bird and wildlife sanctuaries. There are quite a few species of birds that are found in India but the peacock is the most common bird.

  2. Dina

    Dina New Member

    I love peacocks because they are so colorful and do a dance that is great to watch. I intend to do some bird watching when I am in India and hope that I will be able to see some rare birds while I am there.

  3. M.Nayak

    M.Nayak Member

    There are many bird sanctuaries in Rajasthan,Peacocks can be seen in many places of Rajasthan,mainly in a place called Shekhawati (Jhunjhnu District of Rajasthan),and Jaisalmer.The world famous bird sanctuary is called the GHANA Keoladeo in a district of Bharatpur,on the way to Agra (TAJMAHAL),from Jaipur.
  4. Voyager

    Voyager New Member

    I would like to spot some rare birds as I am a photographer and look for images that are bound to be popular with my clients. Unfortunately, peacocks are not rare and I have hundreds of photographs of peacocks that I have taken since the time I started using a camera.
  5. Kira

    Kira Guest

    The only time I have seen a peacock is in the zoo. I do look forward to seeing them unfurl those beautiful tails. It's only the male that has all the color. Right?
  6. Ted

    Ted New Member

    I love peacocks, but I don't know much about them. Also, I had no idea they were the national bird of India. That's really interesting.
  7. Neve

    Neve New Member

    Peacocks are such beautiful and colorful birds. Are you allowed to interact with them or touch them if you visit one of the wildlife sanctuaries?
  8. Rita P

    Rita P New Member

    I collect peacock feathers to adorn my house with decorations and buy them in the local market. I am in awe of peacocks especially when they dance which is a sight worth watching. Peacocks are very common in India and are also very popular.
  9. barbara

    barbara New Member

    Peacocks are majestic looking birds and I'd love to see them when I go to India.. I read somewhere, I think it was on BBC news, that Goa was considering classifying the bird as a nuisance. That because there were so many of the birds and they were destroying crops and causing damage, they need to be culled.
  10. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there!

    The peacock or the pavo cristatus is the national bird of India. First and foremost, it's a symbol of grace, because of the rhythm of its gait. It's also a symbol of beauty, with its colourful feathers and decorations. The Indian peacock is specifically the national bird of India. It is also known as the peafowl.

    What is the story behind choosing the peacock as the national bird of India? Well, the mayura or the peacock is believed to have been created from the feathers of Garuda. Garuda is a mythical bird in Hindu mythology and also the carrier of Lord Vishnu. The peacock is referred to several times in Hindu mythology. The mayura or peacock was depicted to have killed a snake in its bird form, which is supposed to be a symbol of the cycle of time.

    Other gods and goddesses are also connected with the mayura. Like Goddess Kaumari, who has the mayura as her conveyance. God Kartikeya also has the mayura as his conveyance. Lord Krishna has peacock feathers in his head.

    Legend also has it that mayuras once had dull feathers. In the battle of Lord Indra and Ravana, a peacock spread its wings to protect the Lord Indra. As this was able to save Lord Indra, the God made the peacock feathers iridescent and beautiful. You might also spot scenarios of the Lord Indra sitting in a peacock throne.

    It's also not unusual to see Hindus having peacock feathers in their home. This is due to the belief that peacock feathers bring wealth and prosperity to the house. As it is, the peacock is also identified with Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.

    As you can see, the peacock has its part in Hindu mythology. It has long been a part of the religion and that's why it's inevitable to choose it as the national bird of India. The culture of India is very colourful and don't you think it's just fitting for the peacock to be chosen as its national bird? It signifies the different colourful traditions and cultures of the country.

    It's a rare phenomenon but the male peacocks are more beautiful than the female peacocks. The whole of its body measures 2.3 metres and the train is about 1.4 to 1.6 metres. The train alone accounts for more than 60% of the body of the peacock. Each feather of the train is marked by an ocellus or eye-spot. The female peacock lacks the train seen in the male counterpart. Because of their huge numbers, they are not particularly in the endangered classification of animals.

    Hunting for peacocks was once done in India. Due to religious sentiments and parliamentary statutes, peacock hunting is banned now. Under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, the peacocks are protected from poaching and illegal hunting.

    Here are some of the sanctuaries in India that you would be able to see peacocks:
    • Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Kaziranga National Park
    • Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Thattekad Bird Sanctuary
    • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuaries
    • Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
    Of course, it's not rare to see them in other regions outside of the sanctuaries as well. I hope this helps!
  11. Karan

    Karan Member

    While it's true that peacocks are a common sight in India, your statement about them being the most common bird in the country isn't entirely accurate. India boasts a rich and diverse bird population, with many species found throughout the subcontinent.

    Here's a breakdown of your points:

    • Peacock as the National Bird: You're absolutely right! The Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) was officially designated as the National Bird of India in 1963.

    • Reasons for choosing the Peacock:

      • Cultural Significance: Peacocks hold deep symbolic meaning in Indian culture, associated with beauty, grace, and auspiciousness. They are featured in various myths and legends, often depicted alongside deities like Lord Kartikeya (Murugan).
      • Widespread Distribution: Peacocks are found across most of India, making them a recognizable symbol throughout the nation.
      • Visual Appeal: Their vibrant colors and stunning plumage make them a visually striking and easily identifiable bird.
    • Bird Diversity in India: While peacocks are certainly a common sight, India is home to a vast array of bird species. Some notable examples include:

      • The Great Indian Bustard (National Bird of Pakistan)
      • The Bengal Florican
      • The Hornbill family
      • Numerous parrot species
      • Songbirds like the Indian Robin and the Black Drongo
    It's important to remember that the peacock, while a beloved and significant bird in India, represents just one part of the country's incredibly diverse avian population.