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Periyar Travel Guide

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by ChaiNashta, Sep 6, 2015.

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    India is a country of numerous states and cities. It has got an amazing geographical significance because of the diversified regions and areas. The Indian state Kerala is one of the most popular and attractive places for the tourists. This state offers a great level or source of enjoyment for the local as well as international visitors. As a matter of fact, the Kerala state is popular from the ancient times. It has been selected by numerous European nations during the 15th century because of pleasant and favorable atmosphere.

    Today, Kerala state presents dozens of cities, villages, and other places for the promotion of tourism in the region. The name of Periyar is very famous in this matter. In fact, it is not an area or city but it is a river. According to the national historians and writers, this river is among the biggest rivers of country. The Periyar River is biggest one in Kerala making it more important for the local flora and fauna. With the passage of time, this river has gained special attention and recognition in the country. According to the national records, this river is playing a vital role in the progress and development of the Kerala state and vicinities.

    Importance of Periyar River:

    As mentioned above, this river is among the biggest rivers of country and the first major river in Kerala. This river has a significant involvement in the development of this state as well as the major towns. The river is very important for the life in this region. There some points showing the significance of this river for the national and provincial interests.

    Idduki Dam:

    First of all, the Indian Government has developed a big dam here for the electricity production. This dam is responsible for the electricity supply to Kerala and its major towns. In order to overcome the issue of electricity shortfall, this dam is playing a vital role.

    Source of drinking water:

    The river is very important for the people because it provides drinking water. According to the national records, Kerala and its major towns get the drinking water directly from the Periyar River. It makes it very important for the life in region.

    Irrigation water:

    Kerala is a state where agriculture is a main source of income. This river is providing irrigation water through several channels. In this way, this river captures the backbone of Kerala’s economy and agriculture.


    This river is one of the most important sources of food for the local people. Fishing is a dominant occupation in the major towns where this river is present. On the other hand, more than 25 % industrial options are present just because of this important river. All these reasons have forced the people to name the Periyar as a “Lifeline of Kerala.”

    Things to do:

    Remember, the Periyar is not just a river or collection of drinking water. It is also a main attraction for the people in India. This river is considered Nile of Kerala. The reasons and factors mentioned above explain the things very clearly. It is no doubt a Nile of Kerala. There are so many things to do for the incoming visitors. People visiting the Periyar should not forget to enjoy all these things in order to see the real pleasure.

    Periyar Tiger Reserve:

    Don’t forget to visit the special Periyar Tiger Reserve. This is a special place where the government of Kerala keeps tigers. No doubt, it is a natural reserve but specialists have been appointed to monitor the activities and movements of tigers in the area. In order to avoid the accidents, Periyar Tiger Reserve has been given a safety fence. In this way, the tigers will remain away from the visitors. However, there are special tours organized by the local administration for the people who love to see tigers in nature.

    Periyar University:

    No doubt, it is a place that is used for the academic purposes but it is an attraction for the tourists. The building of this university is really special matching with the local atmosphere and environment. This university is visited by thousands of people every year.

    Spice garden:

    This garden is famous as spice garden because of the major spice growing. People in this area grow spices imported to several countries. This area is also famous for the tea production. Tea plantation is a common occupation for the local people. The tourists can try the mixtures of different spices. Special dishes are prepared such as Nehari and Biryani with the help of local spices.

    Periyar wildlife sanctuary:

    This is a big area allocated by the local administration for the promotion of flora and fauna. This sanctuary is about 777 sq km with an artificial lake (26 q km). This artificial lake was developed by the British government in 1895. There are tours and trips organized by the tourism authority. It is better to hire a tour guide in order to enjoy your time.

    Connemara tea factory:

    This is 75 years old factory in this area. This factory is producing tea products for the local and international markets. Don’t forget to visit this special factor in order to taste the hot tea. This tea factor is known for the ideal products. People purchase special tea packets from this factory.

    High-range spices:

    Most of the people like to eat the fresh wheat bread with the high-range spices. A special paste of spices is prepared and is easily available in the valley. You will also find the ayurvedic herbs in this area. It is easy to find the special herbs for the control or cure of different infections. Doctors and Ayurveda specialists visit the Periyar valley to find precious herbs and plants.


    As a matter of fact, the Periyar is famous for the fishing. This river crosses from several areas supplying a great source of fish. Catching fishes from this river gives a real pleasure. Most of the tourists prefer to catch fishes by using fishing rods. Netting is not allowed without a license. Those who don’t have fishing materials should contact with the local shops. All types of items are easily available.

    Periyar cruise:

    Just like the royal luxury cruises, the Periyar cruise is one of the most attractive options for the visitors. This cruise is operated by the local administration. The visitors are given a chance to see hidden corners and parts of the areas present with the river bank. This cruise is really an amazing opportunity for the kids, families and groups of friends.

    Things/Places to see:

    Remember, the Periyar is not a city that’s why most of the things or activities present there are same. You have to focus on the planning required to visit different areas in this region. There are so many beautiful valleys around this river. It would be better to visit other national attractions present close to the Periyar.

    Eloor-Edayar Region:

    This region is famous for the ancient art. The tourists like to visit this valley because of the special beauty. There are houses made up of wood showing the glance of jungle life. This valley is very popular in the region. It is among the ancient civilizations present close to the bank of Periyar.

    Cardamom Hills Plateau:

    This valley is given more attention by the tourists. It is believed that Cardamom valley is very easy to access. Unlike other places close to Periyar, this valley has well developed structures and roads. You will definitely enjoy a great time with your friends and family there.

    Idukki Dam:

    This dam is the major electricity supplier in this state. The total power production capacity of this dam is 780 MW. Recently, the government has opened a new park close to this dam. Now it is open for the public.

    Idukki sub-plateau:

    This area is famous for the dam. After the construction of Idukki dam, a new shape of area has emerged. This shape is really pleasant to view. Visiting the sub-plateau would be the best experience for you.

    High range Plateau:

    This is a sequence of highlands. There are several mountains giving a splendid view. These mountains cover the entire area. The Periyar River passes from the several ghats covered by these mountains. High range plateau is also famous for the cool environment.

    Lower Periyar valley:

    This part of the Periyar valley is known for the agricultural purposes. You can see the tea plantation and spice gardens in this valley. There are shops from where you can purchase these spices at low costs.

    Kochi harbor:

    This harbor is present close to the Periyar River. Tourists have to cover a distance of 14 km from the main Periyar valley to see this harbor. The Kochi harbor is very famous because of the Portuguese, British and Dutch constructions.

    Midlands and lowlands:

    There are so many fishing areas present in the lowlands. The people who love to find the best points to capture the fishes should consider the midlands and lowlands. Boats, fishing rods and other materials are easily available there.

    Places to eat and drink:

    Are you finding suitable eating places? There are so many places, shops, and restaurants present in this area. No doubt, majority of the well-developed restaurants or food streets are limited to the populated areas but it is also possible to get foods and drinks from the local Dhaba points. Some important options present in Periyar are as given below.

    Hotel Periyar:

    This hotel is traditional. It is not difficult to find the luxury and modern hotels in this area but it is recommended to try the traditional options. This will ensure a real time pleasure in a natural environment. You can try the special foods and drinks prepared by the local people.

    Thekkadey wild corridor:

    This corridor has been established in order to give a tough time to the tourists. Don’t be worried about the tough time. You will find it adventurous to find the local biryani and Badami sharbat. The most significant point is the dining with natural animals. This corridor is a passage of tigers and other animals present in this area. A protected fence is present to avoid any accident.

    Periyar nest resort:

    This resort is a great food street for the visitors. No doubt, it is a resort providing accommodation services but it also offers the fast foods. You can purchase all types of fast foods and drinks from this resort. Special dishes for the kids are prepared by using the local products.

    Special hot tea:

    Would you like to taste the real tea? Don’t forget to visit the teashops in order to refresh your mind. There is a factory present in this area where you can buy and taste the special tea products.

    Periyar food valley:

    A small village has been turned into Food Street. Tourists can find numerous types of foods in this village. Don’t forget to type spicy Bar B Q. Fish dishes are also present.

    Best time to visit and weather:

    The Periyar River valley is open in all seasons. There is no need to be worried about the traveling facilities. The tourists are suggested to visit this valley after the monsoon season. Actually, traveling becomes more difficult in high rainy season that’s why care is important. January to May and September to December are the best months to visit the Periyar.

    The weather of this valley is moderate. Presence of high mountains and green lands all around keeps the environment pleasant. The highest temperature recorded in this valley is 28 centigrade. Rains are common in this area that’s why moisture level remains above 75 % in most of the periods. Visitors must keep umbrella or raincoat in order to avoid the heavy rainfall.


    Several interesting accommodation facilities are present in Periyar valley. Most of the people prefer to rent a local home in order to enjoy the village life. Those who want to book a resort or room in the famous hotels should remember the given names.

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    5. Hotel Tiger Roars.