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Places To Visit In August In India

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by LTSAND, Aug 9, 2023.


    LTSAND New Member

    During the summertime, I didn't get a chance to take my family out anywhere. Generally, you have the hot spot destinations during the summertime, and it would be the first time that I would be going on holiday somewhere in August. Taking into consideration the monsoon season, I would like some suggestions on places to visit in August in India.

  2. Prits

    Prits Member

    Jammu Kashmir - When visiting Kashmir in the month of August it is the best time for the Great Lakes Trek. It is a beginner-friendly trek and worth going to. Seeing snow-capped mountains is also an advantage due to the clear skies, and of course Dal Lake.

    Uttarakhand - In Uttarakhand, going to the Valley of Flowers is a must. You will go through some breathtaking landscapes, that are also mentioned as UNESCO Heritage sites.

    Madhya Pradesh - If planning of going to Madhya Pradesh then your place of visit is Khajuraho, to see the beauty of ancient Hindu and Jain Temples


  3. Deven

    Deven Member

    You can also visit:

    Maharastra - Western Ghats, these ghats look lush green in the rainy season. You can also enjoy short treks and hikes in the Sahyadris.

    Karnataka - Agumbe is one place to visit in Karnataka. It's a beautiful place in the western ghats, in the Shimoga district. And if you are a 90's kid then this is the dream destination for you, this is the location for Malgudi Days.
  4. Karan

    Karan Member

    Looking at the current weather conditions, I would highly recommend that everyone avoid going to hilly areas due to the adverse weather conditions, and also the bad road conditions. Keep safe and only visit the flat lands. Although during the time of August you are bound to experience quite a bit of humidity.
  5. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Firstly, I can entirely understand your situation. Summer can be a hectic time, and many often find it challenging to coordinate a family outing. August in India, though characterized by the monsoon season, is truly a magical time to explore some of the country's stunning destinations. The rains render landscapes lush and rejuvenate many areas, making them even more picturesque.

    1. Kerala - God’s Own Country

    While Kerala receives its fair share of rainfall in August, it's also when the state is at its most enchanting. The backwaters and lakes become full and mirror the vibrant greenery around them. The monsoon is culturally significant in Kerala, with the famous Snake Boat Races and Onam festival happening during this time.

    • Alleppey: Best known for its houseboats, cruising through the backwaters in Alleppey is an experience like no other. The gentle pitter-patter of rain on the roof of the houseboat, combined with delicious Kerala cuisine, makes for a relaxing retreat.

    • Munnar: This hill station becomes a verdant paradise in August. You'll witness sprawling tea gardens, misty hills, and a plethora of waterfalls.
    Approximate Budget: Starting from ₹8,000-₹25,000 per night for a decent houseboat or hotel.

    2. Rajasthan - A Desert Retreat

    Monsoons in Rajasthan are nothing short of poetic. The arid desert landscape comes alive with green pastures and a pleasant drop in temperature.

    • Udaipur: Known as the 'City of Lakes', Udaipur is particularly beautiful during the monsoon. The lakes fill up, and the palaces and havelis reflect majestically in the waters. A boat ride in Lake Pichola is highly recommended.

    • Bundi: This lesser-known destination boasts stunning architecture, step wells, and a magnificent fort. The rain adds a unique charm to its ancient walls and alleys.
    Approximate Budget: ₹3,000-₹15,000 per night, depending on hotel luxury.

    3. Goa - Monsoon Magic

    Contrary to popular belief that Goa is a destination for sun and sand, Goa during the monsoons is a treat. The beaches might be a bit rough, but the interior parts of Goa brim with greenery and serenity.

    • Dudhsagar Waterfalls: This multi-tiered waterfall becomes robust and even more spectacular during the monsoon.

    • Spice Plantations: These are lush in August, and many offer guided tours, giving you insights into the cultivation and processing of various spices.
    Approximate Budget: ₹2,000-₹20,000 per night, depending on location and hotel luxury.

    4. Meghalaya - Abode of Clouds

    Meghalaya, particularly during the monsoon, is a destination that will leave you spellbound. Cherrapunji and Mawsynram, two of the wettest places on earth, are located here.

    • Living Root Bridges: These are unique to Meghalaya. They're bridges naturally formed from the roots of trees, and the monsoon brings them alive with greenery and streams flowing beneath.

    • Mawlynnong: Voted as the cleanest village in Asia, it's a serene place to experience Khasi culture and the simple pleasures of rain.
    Approximate Budget: ₹3,000-₹10,000 per night, depending on location and hotel type.

    5. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

    Orchha is a historical gem. The town boasts grand temples, palaces, and cenotaphs. The Betwa River flows by Orchha, and during the monsoon, it looks incredibly scenic with the historical structures on its bank.

    Approximate Budget: ₹2,500-₹8,000 per night, based on hotel choice.

    6. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

    Accessible only from late July to September, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a vibrant and splendid national park in North India. Monsoons make thousands of flowers bloom, covering the valley in a mesmerizing carpet of colors.

    Approximate Budget: ₹1,500-₹5,000 per night in nearby areas, as there's no stay option inside the valley.

    Tips for Monsoon Travel in India:

    1. Stay Prepared: Always pack a good quality raincoat, umbrellas, and waterproof bags. Waterproof footwear is also advisable.

    2. Check Accessibility: Some areas, especially in hilly regions, might be prone to landslides during heavy rainfall. Always check for travel advisories and local news.

    3. Seek Local Food: The monsoon season brings some unique local delicacies in various regions. For instance, 'Pakoras' and 'Chai' are monsoon favorites in many parts of the country.
    In conclusion, while August brings with it the monsoon season, it also offers unique and rejuvenating travel experiences across India. The destinations mentioned above promise both adventure and relaxation amidst stunning landscapes. I hope this guide assists you in making an informed decision and that you have a memorable trip!