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Places to visit in Bhopal

Discussion in 'Madhya Pradesh' started by Pawan, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Pawan

    Pawan New Member

    I am taking my wife, parents and in-laws to Bhopal for a 3-day trip. It will be everyone's first trip to Bhopal.
    We plan to hire a car when we reach Bhopal to see places there. We want the trip to be good, and not waste time seeing useless places due to only being there for three days.

    To make the trip good, I would like to get some details of places to visit in Bhopal, this way I will find out that nothing important is missed out, and we don't waste time going to useless sites.

  2. kapilankar

    kapilankar New Member

    There are quite a few places in Bhopal and nearby areas. Most of them are historical monuments. Tell us what interests you and will be glad to pin-point places.
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  3. Pawan

    Pawan New Member

    Historical places are something which we are all interested in. Temples are also something which the parents and in-laws would love to see, especially any famous and historical ones.

    Museums are something else which we would all like to see, to be honest, the more, the better.

    We all are fond of nature, so seeing some lakes or dams would be of interest too.

    Other than that if there is something you think is worth visiting please do mention that.
  4. kapilankar

    kapilankar New Member


    Bhopal has an old town section from the Sultanate era. Some beautiful old buildings dot this area. The Taj-ul-Masajid is Asia's second largest mosque and is simply hugeeee!

    Bhopal has three museums. The state museum has historical artefacts and is more oriented towards a history buff. I liked it. The tribal museum is simply super! It provides an insight to tribal life in the region. Kids would have fun here. The third museum is an open museum, very good to see and roam, but very vast.

    Outside Bhopal, head to Sanchi for the famous stupa. Vidisha is closeby and has Udaygiri caves, Heliodorus pillar and Bija Mandal.

    On the other side, you have Bhimbhetka cave temples and Bhojgiri Temple (huge, but unfinished). Both are worth a shot.

    These would keep you occupied easily for three days. There's also Van Vihar - a sort of a zoo in Bhopal. Go there early morning and take a cycle ride. Very refreshing!
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