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Places to visit in Chennai in one day

Discussion in 'Tamil Nadu' started by Chimaya, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Chimaya

    Chimaya New Member

    I am going towards Chennai in August and I would only be there for one day. As well as getting the work done which I am going for I would also like to visit some places in Chennai.

    Due to the short time, I would be in Chennai I need some advice and know what places to visit in Chennai in one day?

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    You have not mentioned what your interests are, so I am providing you with a list of all the places that you can visit in Chennai for one day and you can choose which ones to visit according to your interest.

    Beaches in Chennai

    The two beaches which are in Chennai are Marina Beach and Elliot's Beach.

    Marina Beach - This is India's largest beach, and it is very popular with tourists and locals. The beach is famous for the stunning views of sunrise and sunset. The beach has many food stalls and beach sports which you can take part in.

    Elliot's Beach - Elliot's Beach is also known as Besant Nagar Beach. This beach is quite the opposite of Marina Beach as it is very less crowded as compared to Marina Beach. It is an ideal place to just sit and relax. Also at the south side of the beach is the popular Ashta Lakshmi Temple and also the Velanganni Church.

    Monuments and Historical Places

    HigginBothams - HigginBothams is the oldest book store in India which is on Mount Road For book lovers, this is one place they must visit when in Chennai. The bookstore was opened in 1844.

    MGR Memorial - MGR Memorial as the name says is a memorial monument. It is located on Marina Beach. The monument was build in the memory of the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MG Ramachandran and of recent, the body of late J.Jayalalithaa has also been buried there.

    Kannagi Statue - The statue is located at near Marina Beach and it has been there to show the pride of Tamil, as Kannagi was a woman to took revenge on the King for the wrongful death of her husband.

    Statue of Triumph of Labour - This statue is also located near Marina Beach and it represents the labor class and the hard work they do.

    Valluvar Kottam - Valluvar Kottam is a famous monument in Chenna which was completed in 1976. The monument was built in the remembrance of the philosopher and poet Thiruvalluvar. There is great detail and architecture work crafted on the monument which is worth seeing.

    Sri Parthasarathy Temple - This is a temple is very old since the 8th century and it's a temple of the Hindu god Krishna.

    Kapaleeswarar Temple - Another very popular Hindu temple in Chennai is the Kapaleeswarar Temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. This is one of the oldest temples in Chennai with beautiful details of architecture and sculptures on the pillars, therefore is a must visit.

    Santhome Basilica Church - This is a Roman Catholic church. It is a 16th-century church and has been built where Saint Thomas has been put to rest. There is also a museum with the church which is should be visited as well.

    Madras Museum - The Madras museum provides everything you need to know about the history and culture of the location of Egmore in Chennai. The museum holds the largest number of Roman antiques. It is the the second oldest museum in India.

    Vellankani Shrine