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Places to Visit in Coorg

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by Power Ranger, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Power Ranger

    Power Ranger New Member

    We are planning to take a short break from work to spend a family holiday. The plan is to go to a nearby tourist destination so that too much time is not wasted on the journey itself. We want it to be a short trip (5-7 hours max) and spend most of the time exploring the tourist attractions in and around that place.

    Coorg is on top of our wish list as the probable destination. I always wanted to visit Coorg in the monsoon season to catch the waterfalls and mountain streams in full flaw. As the South-West monsoon has already started to make its presence felt, I think it will be a good time for Coorg trip.

    Now with the destination finalized, I am in need of inputs about the tourist attractions in Coorg. I would like the forum members to put together a list of places to visit in Coorg during our upcoming trip. We are interested in all kinds of things from nature to culture, adventure and everything else in-between.

    We plan to stay there for 3-4 days, so that we can have plenty of time to explore all the tourist attractions. So dear ITF members, please let me know what are the best places to visit in Coorg.

  2. Debapriya Deb

    Debapriya Deb Active Member

    Although Coorg can be visited throughout the year, monsoon is the time when the place looks lively with lush green surroundings.

    You will have ample time to explore Coorg in 4 days. There are many interesting places to visit and lots of activities to indulge in. Here's a summary of the most popular tourist places to visit in Coorg.

    1. Iruppu Falls - A wonderful spot surrounded by greenery where you can take a shower in the cascading waters. Formed by Lakshmana Teertha River - a tributary of Cauvery, milky white waters coming down from a height of 170 feet in two drops is a mesmerizing site. Located off Virajpet-Nagarhole highway, it is a place that can be accessed easily.

    2. Abbey Falls - Another famous waterfalls of Coorg. It is located inside a coffee plantation and the drive to the waterfalls through the winding roads is very scenic. Although you can't go to the bottom of the falls, there is a hanging bridge constructed right over the waters to give you a great view of the spectacle.

    3. Burude Falls - Also popular as Doodhmane Falls, it is another nice place to visit in Coorg. It is a five-step cascading waterfalls with a total height of around 150 feet. You need to trek for 5 KM from the nearest village (Hallkone) through a descending creek to reach at the foot of the falls.

    4. Talacauvery - The place from which Cauvery river originates. It is located in the Bramhagiri Hills ranges. The place is considered sacred and it attracts lots of pilgrims.

    5. Honnamana Kere - A beautiful lake set on the backdrop of charming natural landscapes. It is just 6 KM away from Somwarpet. The lake is a favorite hangout for honeymooners and romantic couples. It is also a very popular camping site in Coorg.

    6. Raja's Seat View Point - Offers breathtaking views of the Coorg valley. An excellent place to watch sunset. A park has been constructed near the view point where you can enjoy colorful musical fountain show in the evening.

    7. Madikeri Fort - Located at the heart of Madikeri town, this historic fort was built by King Mudduraja of Haleri Dynasty in the 17th century. There is a palace, a temple and a museum inside the fort complex.

    8. Namdroling Monastery - A Buddhist monastery with authentic Tibetan architecture located at Bylanakuppe.

    9. Nisargadhama - Nisargadhama is an island surrounded by the meandering streams of Cauvery river. A beautiful picnic spot. There is an elephant camp in the island where you can bath and feed the rescued elephants. It is also possible to take ride on a canoe/kayak at this place.

    10. Tadiandamol Peak - The highest peak in the state of Karnataka. A very popular trekking site.

    Here I have covered most of the Coorg tourist attractions in brief. For more details on places to visit in Coorg and other tourist activities like adventure sports (river rafting, microlite flying, camping, trekking etc), you can refer to this detailed Coorg Travel Guide.


  3. Prits

    Prits Member

    Certainly! Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a beautiful destination with a variety of attractions to explore. Most of the places to visit have been mentioned above but here are some additiional list of best places to visit in Coorg:
    1. Dubare Elephant Camp:
      • A unique experience where you can interact with elephants, watch them being bathed, and even participate in various activities.
    2. Talakaveri and Bhagamandala:
      • Talakaveri is the origin of the River Kaveri, and Bhagamandala is known for its confluence of three rivers. Both places are culturally significant and offer beautiful landscapes.
    3. Coffee Plantations:
      • Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations. Take a guided tour to learn about the coffee-making process and enjoy the scenic beauty.
    4. Omkareshwara Temple:
      • A historic Shiva temple known for its mix of Gothic and Islamic architecture.
    5. Bylakuppe:
      • The second-largest Tibetan settlement in India, Bylakuppe is known for its monasteries, handicrafts, and Tibetan culture.
    6. Harangi Dam:
      • A picturesque dam with lush green surroundings, perfect for a peaceful retreat.
    Enjoy your family holiday in Coorg!