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Places to visit in Dubai

Discussion in 'UAE' started by Mahika, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Mahika

    Mahika New Member

    Earlier in my thread about the distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, those who read about it must know I will be going Dubai.

    Although my friends know about some of the places we would like to visit, we would like to get some more information about the places to visit in Dubai.

    There is this desert place where during the day you're in an SUV and your driving on the desert, and at night you can see dancers and have dinner there...I would like to know where this place is and what's it called.

  2. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    Some of the places to visit in Dubai include:

    Burj Khalifa - 160 story skyscraper

    The Dubai Mall - The largest mall in the world by the area it is in

    Walk Wadi Water Park - A popular water park and which would be a bit different and appropriate for the hot days

    Ski Dubai - An indoor ski center where you can perform all the skiing sports

    The Dubai Fountain - A very large water fountain which lasts for 30 minutes, water shoots out according to the lighting and music showcased

    Dubai Museum - Set in a 18th-century building, you are able to see the history and culture of Dubai

    The drive in the desert in an SUV is called dune bashing. This is organised by many travel agencies and sometimes the hotel you stay at organizes them as well.
    You can either opt for just the dune bashing or get a package which would include the belly dancing and dinner along with many other things.

    The cost can be anything from Rs5000 for the tour.
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  3. Prakriti

    Prakriti New Member

    Even the Ibn Battuta mall is the worth the visit.
  4. Deven

    Deven Member

    Some other places I would like to add when visiting Dubai are as follows:

    Dubai Dolphinarium - A live show of dolphins and whales, where you can also interact with them as well.

    Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo - This is located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, and is a popular place visited by tourists.

    Palm Jumeirah - These are the famous artificial islands which have a number of high-end apartments, hotels and restaurants and lots of food trucks. An ideal place to be at in the evenings.