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Places to visit in Secunderabad

Discussion in 'South India' started by RajeshAwasti, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. RajeshAwasti

    RajeshAwasti New Member

    I am going to Hyderabad and will be staying in Secunderabad. It's a place where I do not want to go, and the only way to keep myself busy and not get bored is to go and visit places in Secunderabad.

    I would like to find out what places to visit in Secunderabad and I am hoping there would be some good places to go and visit which would be covered for the duration of my stay there.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Bhaskaranaidu, Superfast and Adityamadhav)


    Secunderabad is considered as the Twin City of Hyderabad, as the two shares almost the same size and is located in proximity with one another. For a short while, both cities were also ruled over by the Nizams. But as history has dictated, Secunderabad was turned over to the British empire during the early 18th century. As such, despite the same geography and location, there are some differences between the two cities. The presence of the remnants of the past differ, while Hyderabad has many Qutub Shahi and Asaf Jahi structures, Secunderabad mainly has British colonial era structures. Christians and Anglo-Indians can also be found in dominant numbers in the city of Secunderabad, in contrast to the mainly Hindu and Islamic Telugu locals of Hyderabad. In a way, Secunderabad receives less of the limelight when it comes to tourist attractions as it doesn't have as many to offer like its twin city. But if you want to go a bit on the off the beaten track, then continue reading and find out what are the best attractions to visit when in Secunderabad.

    Places to Visit in Secunderabad

    • Secunderabad Clock Tower - Just about a kilometre away from the Secunderabad Railway Station is the Secunderabad Clock Tower. This is the main landmark of the city, built during the British rule in the early 19th century. The 120-feet Secunderabad Clock Tower was built to commemorate the achievements of the then Secunderabad Cantonment of the British in the city. It used to occupy a larger area but developments and encroachments around it lead to the lessening of the total space. It still exudes an old-world charm as the architecture is largely Victorian. The neutral hues of white, grey and brown are soothing to the eyes. The tower has four sides, each side having its own clock, though they don't work nowadays. At the bottom of the tower, there's a Martyr's Memorial dedicated to those who died during the height of the Telangana Movement. The Secunderabad Clock Tower has been a witness to the city's progress, from the colonial rule, until the creation of the state of Telangana, so it's truly worth a visit for the history buffs.
    Secunderabad Clock Tower.jpg
    Secunderabad Clock Tower (Image from Bhaskaranaidu)
    • Trimulgherry Fort - Trimulgherry is a suburban area in Secunderabad, about five kilometres away from the city centre. This is where the Trimulgherry Fort is located. It's hard to imagine the glory that the fort once held because it has now been converted into a military hospital. During its high time though, around the year 1867, the fort was the safe haven of the British soldiers during the days of the Indian Freedom Movement. With its six-metre high walls built of granite and stone, along with a deep moat, it served its purpose during that time. Nowadays, the fort showcases a good glimpse of the colonial past of the city, with its collection of ruined structures which once held barracks, stables and mess houses.
    • Trimulgherry Military Reformatory Jail - Now this attraction is a bit on the mysterious side because access to it is restricted by army personnel. Built during the British rule around the year 1858, this prison is sometimes compared to the Cellular Jail in Andaman Islands. In contrast though, the prisoners here are of the British soldiers who have done acts not in accordance with the British rule. Any form of escape from the prison is barred, like the presence of deep surrounding canals with crocodiles, or the way the cells have been designed that it doesn't allow for sunlight to reach the solitary rooms. On the third floor of the structure, there's the execution area, where prisoners with grave misconducts are hanged. As of now, the Indian Army has direct access to the jail and the present conditions of it are not accurate.
    • Rashtrapati Nilayam - Located in Bolarum, about nine kilometres away from Secunderabad, is one of the three presidential retreat houses in South India, the Rashtrapati Nilayam. The palace was established around 1860 by Asaf Jahi IV and served as the retreat house of the British leader. After independence, the retreat house then became one of the official retreat houses of the President of India. In 2011, the palace and its grounds were opened for tourism. The palace has a pure white facade and consists of a main one-storey building where the president usually stays. Interestingly, there's a separate wing where the dining area is located and it is connected to the kitchen by an underground tunnel. Just outside the palace is the beautiful Herbal Garden, housing a variety of medicinal plants such as lemon grass, citronella, sandalwood and geranium.
    • Saidanima Tomb - This tomb is also referred to in other names such as Sayedani Maa Tomb or Saidani Maa Ki Dargah. It is located at the eastern side of the Hussain Sagar, close to Tank Bund. Unfortunately, the Saidanima Tomb isn't as well maintained or cared for, unlike the Qutub Shahi Tomb Complex or the Paigah Tomb Complex. It's such a shame because the tomb has a unique architectural style, combining elements of Qutub Shahi, Mughal and Paigah dynasties. It is believed that it was Nawab Abdul Haq Diler Jung who built the tomb. It houses the grave of his mother, Hazrath Saidanima Saheba. The presence of the dome reflects the Qutub Shahi style of architecture, while the presence of the ornate designs indicate influences of the Mughal and Paigah dynasties.
    • Ujjaini Mahakali Temple - Located in the Subash Road of the General Bazaar area of Secunderabad is the Ujjaini Mahakali Temple. The temple was built around the 18th century and is believed to be over 190 years old already. According to local legends, the temple was built by Sri Suriti Appayya. A staunch devotee of Goddess Mahakali, his devotion began in Ujjain, where a temple for the deity was located. Upon his return to his hometown Secunderabad, he built a temple for the same deity, hence the name of the temple. It is believed that the idol here is a swayambhu one who appeared while the temple construction was ongoing. In itself, the temple is just small but it's rare to find it uncrowded. This is one of Secunderabad's busiest temples so you need to have lots of patience when visiting.
    Ujjaini Mahakali Temple.jpg
    Ujjaini Mahakali Temple (Image from Incredible India)
    • Sri Subrahmanaswamy Temple - Just three kilometres away from the Secunderabad Railway Station is the Sri Subrahmanaswamy Temple. Dedicated to Shiva and Parvati's offspring, Karthikeya, which goes by other names like Lord Subramanya or Lord Murugan, this is another must visit temple in the city. It is newer and doesn't have as many intricate carvings but it does serve its purpose and locals continually flock to the attraction. The temple is located upon a small hillock which requires a bit of a climb to reach. Not to worry as there's a lift facility for seniors or those with very small children. On the way to the main sanctum, there are small shrines dedicated to Shiva, Durga, Navagraha and Ganesha. The main sanctum holds an idol of Lord Subramanya, along with his consorts, Sri Valli and Sri Devasena.
    • All Saints Church - The All Saints Church is located in Trimulgherry in Secunderabad. The church was built in 1860 to serve as the main religious congregation of the British army. The church has an impressive Gothic architectural style and the facade is a muted peach. The presence of turrets and white borders give the church a very serene vibe. On the altar, there's a stained glass window showcasing Jesus carrying a cross. All these features were built by the British but recent restoration works done in 2013 had also helped in beautifying the appearance of the church. You can even participate in a mass as worship services are held weekly in the church.
    • St. Mary's Basilica - The St. Mary's Basilica is just four kilometres away from the Hussain Sagar. Just last year, the basilica celebrated its 175th year anniversary. It was completed during the British rule in 1850 but was only consecrated as a basilica years after. Just like the former church, the St. Mary's Basilica has a largely Gothic facade. The exteriors are a peachy pink in hue and there's also a replica of the statue of La Pieta, the original of which was built by Michelangelo Buonarroti and located in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican. The interiors are simpler though also present are the usual Station of the Cross images in the walls. The main altar has an image of St. Mary along a top stained glass window. On the outside of the basilica, there are shrines for the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Jude. The basilica has masses too as it still functions as a church in the city.
    • St. John's Church - Located to the eastern side of Secunderabad is the St. John's Church, established in 1813, making it the oldest church in the city. The church has a simple white facade with a Tuscan style of architecture. The interiors of the church are very simple though recent additions like the patterned tiles and modern fixtures make it a bit more contemporary. The unique teak wooden ceiling highlights the Tuscan influence in the church. On the altar, there's a stained glass depiction of the main patron of the church, St. John the Baptist.
    • Holy Trinity Church - Located close to the locality of Bolarum is the Holy Trinity Church. The church was built in 1847 and it was Queen Victoria who funded for its building. It has a largely Victorian era style of architecture and the pure white facade is quite stunning. The best part is that despite its old age, many of the original structures in the church like the pews, the organ and stained glass artworks are still as stunning as the first time they were installed in the premises. The pipe organ is one of the few functional organs in the state. For about 25 years, the pipe organ was played by Mohan Satyaraj, but it now stands solitary as the pipe organ player fell ill.
    • Ananda Buddha Vihara - The Ananda Buddha Vihara is located in Mahendra Hills in Secunderabad. Not many people know about this tourist attraction in the city. It involves a bit of climbing as it is located upon a hillock though not that difficult even for the little ones. The vihara is very simple, with just a statue of Anand Buddha. However, the location is very serene and the views from the hillock are quite picturesque. You can see the entire city of Secunderabad from the top.
    Nature & Wildlife
    • Shamirpet Deer Park - Shamirpet is a locality located at the outskirts of Secunderabad, about 23 kilometres away from the city centre. The Shamirpet Deer Park is located here which is home to a huge variety of deers like chitals and nilgais. It is a fairly small park and won't compare to the likes of other national parks or zoos. However, there are only a few wildlife areas in and around Secunderabad so wildlife lovers have limited choices, including this one. During winter, the park is also home to various species of birds as it is located near the Shamirpet Lake. Peacocks though are more common and can be easily seen even during summer season.
    • Sanjeevaiah Park - This park is located to the northeastern side of the Hussain Sagar, so closer to the city of Secunderabad than Hyderabad. It is located amidst the Necklace Road of the Hussain Sagar. As compared to the other parks in the vicinity, the Sanjeevaiah Park is less frequented and hence offers more serenity. It has a separate Rose Garden which looks very stunning when in full bloom in summer. The park is also home to hundreds of species of birds like coppersmith barbets, golden orioles, purple swamp hens and pied-crested cuckoos. Many insects and colourful butterflies can also be found within the park.
    Bird in Sanjeevaiah Park.jpg
    Bird in Sanjeevaiah Park (Image from Vidhya)

    • Aalankrita Resort - The Aalankrita Resort is located in Thumkunta Village in Shamirpet, about 18 kilometres to the north from the city centre of Secunderabad. This resort has a separate water park that guests can access. If ever you're in Secunderabad and don't want to venture into the south for the water parks, then this is a great choice. It won't be as crowded or as noisy and you or your loved ones can enjoy the relative privacy. The water park is just small but has an assortment of slides, buckets and water sprinklers that the little ones can enjoy. For the teens, there are also facilities for indoor games like console games and outdoor games like courts and grounds. The resort has accommodation options and dining options as well so you don't need to venture out.
    • Leonia Resort - Last on this list is the Leonia Resort, also located in Shamirpet in Secunderabad. The resort has a separate water park, named the Leo Splash. It has sections for adults and children, along with various slides and fun additions like water sprinklers. There's also special rain dance areas where the whole family can enjoy the fountains of water. Other sections like indoor games, outdoor games and a theatre are also available. For the adventure seekers, there are facilities for Go Karting, Paint Ball, Euro Bungee and the favourite, Artificial Water Surfing (Flow Rider). Leonia Resort is a good leisure destination that the whole family can enjoy, just to the north of Secunderabad.
    Surfing in Leonia.jpg
    Surfing in Leonia (Image from Leonia)


    Yes, this twin city who has always been under the shadow of Hyderabad, also has its fair share of attractions. A bit of heritage, where you can get a glimpse of the colonial past of the city. A bit of religious sites, where you can enjoy the spirituality and tranquility of these places. And just a few choices for adventure, from nature, to wildlife, to water bodies and to leisure places. Enjoy your stay in Secunderabad!